Monday, May 17, 2010

No More Guilt.

It was just a GAW-JUS weekend around these here parts - couldn't have asked for better weather.  My whole mood/being felt lifted and my energy levels were crazy high.  So nice to be able to exercise outdoors!

Speaking of exercise, I decided to start the half marathon training plan!  I won't have to make a decision about the race for another 6 weeks or so but I figured what the heck.  The plan started yesterday with a "rest" day - lol!  Actually strengthening stretching is what I'm supposed to be doing on Sunday so doing one of my yoga workouts will be just the trick.  Today I ran 5K in 34 minutes which shows me I've got lots of room for improvement, even though that's not a terrible time for an easy run.  The biggest difference for me. i.e. training vs. just running, will be the addition of speedwork back into my repetoire.  As much as I dislike the treadmill, I do like it for speedwork because you set the speed and it forces that tempo.  Not quite as easy to do that when running outside. It's supposed to rain tomorrow anyway so I'll be on the mill doing 400s.

I posted a little something last Friday about being "afraid" of foods due to years of dieting.  In other words, one diet or another that I've used has told me that certain foods are "bad."  In my mid-life I am finding myself feeling very rebellious about this and a teensy bit annoyed.  Because this isn't a situation where I've eaten too many cookies and thus am getting a sugar rush or so much sugar it's storing on my body as fat.  These foods are not processed foods, they are simple whole foods.  Here some of the foods I've been afraid of and have added back into my diet in moderation of course.  I refuse to feel guilty about eating these things any more!

Eggs - this is the food I mentioned on Friday.  I had heard too much fat, too much cholesterol etc., etc., until I had gotten to the point where simple eggs became a forbidden food.  When I started putting them back into my diet 3 years ago, I tried to do so sensibly.  I try very hard not to overeat them and I buy the eggs that are high in Omega 3 fats.  I do use egg whites only sometimes but guess what?  Egg yolks are not evil.

Fruit Juice - real 100% all natural unsweetened juice I'm what talking about here.  This is not anything I even overindulge in.  I occasionally like to have a 4 oz glass with a breakfast sandwich,  but years of diets have told me that the fruit is better than just the juice.  Which is probably true overall. But for goodness sake how bad is it for me to have 4 oz. of juice once a week or so?  Besides, I decided the other day that while I really like Grapefruit Juice, I'm not super fond of grapefruit itself.  I'm going to have 4 oz. of grapefruit juice when I want it!

Fats - any kind.  Olive oil, Canola Oil, Peanut Oil, Butter, Peanut Butter to name a few. Ah, you see, you can't eat this stuff if you're on a low fat diet.  There were days when I dipped my fork into vinegar only and then grabbed some lettuce with it.  I don't have anything against that if it's what you LIKE, but see, I didn't like it.  I was scared of the fat that fats would cause.

Nuts - I realize that were anyone to eat huge handfulls of nuts, it would not be a good thing.  Really, nothing is good for you if you overdo it!  And I LIKE nuts.  I like them enough that I count out the half ounce or 12 nuts or whatever.  They're good and they're good for you.  Besides, sometimes you feel like a nut...

Cheese - While I do still take it very easy with full fat cheese, the invention of cheeses made with skim or low fat milks reintroduced this wonderful dairy back into my life.  In my humble opinion, Cabot and Sargento make some of the best reduced fat cheese on the market.  They have lots of flavor, melt well, and just taste good. Mmmmm cheese.

So, those are some things that I have been enjoying recently after years of forbidding them. When I first started having some of these things, I actually felt guilty.  How silly of me!  How about you?  Have you added some good wholesome foods back into your diet that you previously excluded?


  1. MILK! when i was on weight watchers, i avoided milk when possible... it was just too high in points to 'waste' on a drink... but seriously? i LOVE milk!! i could drink gallons of it... and it's good for you... so lately i've been drinking a small glass in the morning and another at dinner... small amounts of it can't possibly be that bad... AND i always opt for skim, anyways... i really think we can't completely avoid certain foods... all whole foods have some sort of benefit, even if they are high in fats such as nuts... i don't know, tho, i'm not an expert in it all :)

  2. I hear you on the guilt thing for sure. I guess I still have fruit juice on my list, but totally agree that moderation is the key.

    I guess I try and make everything I eat count for something. Nothing empty, nothing added to a dish that really doesn't belong their or bring serious flavor, texture, etc. to the party.

    I'm far from perfect at this, but that is what I'm striving for.

    Very exciting news about your training. I tried speed drills recently, but don't have a TM and a very rolling terrain, so it is difficult to isolate speed drills from hill training. I'm a slow-poke so need to do something!

  3. Hurray! You're at least training for the half! I'm inspired by that! And now you're pushing me back to the "I want a treadmill" zone!
    I get so tired of all the info out there about "good" food and "bad" food. Ever notice how "bad" food suddenly changes into "good" food? Eggs, fats etc. I'm done listening to reports about food. I think it has contributed to my perception of it and my weight struggle. My pallete has changed and I rarely even want the fried, sugary things I used to eat and now mainly want the whole, good foods. I will enjoy "bad" food occasionally. Is there really such a thing as a "bad" food? All things in moderation.


  4. well, back when I tried different 'diets' I went through a period of avoiding fat...then I did atkins and avoided carbs.
    I always thought that egg thing was a bunch of complete crap.
    I ate eggs nearly daily as a kid and I was skinny as a rail. There are actually enzymes in egg whites that neutralize any fat in the egg yolk.
    I eat them three to four days a week. two or three at a time with one piece of whole grain toast with no butter. Things I will always avoid like the plague, white flour and white sugar. Those things cause my arthritis to flare.
    I don't know alot about them, but I think they could end up being the worst things for you. So I try to limit them.

  5. I'm kind of with you when it comes to the eggs. The media has engrained it into our subconsious that they are so horrible for you. I never completely gave them up, just kind of avoided them.

    For sure, I will NEVER, for ANY reason give up my chocolate milk. Even in my weight watcher days, i'd still drink my CM...not as much as I use to, but i had to have some every a.m.

  6. I have added carbs back! For awhile, I wasn't eating nearly the amount of carbs that I should. So...hooray for whole wheat bread, pasta, etc!!!

  7. I'm glad you're training for the half...why not! I had a major DUH! moment when you said that the best way to do speed training was on a treadmill. Of course, but I'd never have thought that.

    I'm with you on all the previously guilt-ridden foods. I love eggs - and I usually will have one whole egg and 2 whites if I scramble them. I've never had an issue with cholesterol by some miracle. Also nuts - I eat an ounce of nuts, usually walnuts, most days. And cheese - I agree that Sargento has great reduced fat cheeses. Their lite colby-jack string cheese is great! I'll have to try Cabot.

  8. That's the glory and gorgeous beauty of intuitive eating, Helen, whoohoo and good for you!

    I've never disallowed myself anything I want, except chocolate. (Not counting the gluten intolerance, because clearly my body does NOT WANT gluten, so that's easy.)

    And this last year or so I'm learning to enjoy chocolate guilt-free, when I eat high-quality (super-expensive ... sigh) 70% dark chocolate. It is so concentrated and so special, one or two blocks are all that's needed for a long time.

    Isn't it absolutely fantastic to be released from the tyranny of culinary shouldn'ts? Enjoy every moment!

  9. Are we on the same wavelength or what? Ooh, that food guilt - it's good to say goodbye to it! (Although I still have a hard time with pure fruit juices - but glad that you are drinking some and ENJOYING it!)

    I'm planning on doing a half in November - guess I should start paying attention to this "training" thing, right?

  10. Thank you for the kind words on my blog girl. I love eggs and eat them almost every day! They help lower cholesterol and are super healthy and they mix into any dish so easily! Nuts and healthy fats- also so good. :) I love that you're letting the guilt go! I need to be better about this...

    I'm excited to read more of your blog!

  11. Is cheesecake wholesome? (well, I haven't added it back, permanently.) I had eggs for breakfast today. The first eggs in a long time. I tend to use eggs whites. Still so much dieting leads to this sort of forbidden behavior doesn't it?
    I put the other book in the mail today. It went out. Media mail. I can't remember the title but it's not anything earth shattering.

  12. Congrats on the half-marathon training! You are one motivated lady!

    I definitely am with you 100% on letting go of the food guilt. But I still can't trust myself around nuts--no matter how healthy they are!

  13. I love nuts and 2% fat cheese. I have nuts at least every day. Check out this article: