Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Unrelated Things

Did you know that this week is National EMS Week? National EMS Week honors and recognizes the life-saving efforts and devotion of those who respond to medical emergencies. One of the businesses my boss owns is an ambulance company. Actually it’s one of the largest in our area. The office staff always tries to do some special things for our EMTs and Paramedics so this morning, I came in to work at 6:30 to wash the incoming ambulances! Hey it was good for me too ‘cause I got to flex my hours and wear jeans! Anyway, if you see an emergency crew this week, even if they’re just driving by, say a little thank you.


Yesterday POD wrote a hysterical blog about wearing her pants inside out: Because I am a good blogging friend, I thought I’d share my embarrassment story with you:

I get up very early in the morning to run: 4ish AM most days. I lay my running clothes/gear out so that when I get up all I have to do is throw it on. I can’t stand having to think that early! One morning I got up and pulled on my running shorts and suddenly felt my thighs rubbing together. Both inner seams had popped. So I went to the plastic tote where I keep my stuff and grabbed another pair of shorts and threw them on. Went downstairs, had my cup ‘o joe and headed out the door (usually 4:30-4:45ish). Keep in mind, it’s almost always still dark when I head out but soon gets light. That day, I had used a route that gives me a downhill finish. But that finish lasts for a good ½ mile. As I was flying down the hill suddenly, in my peripheral vision, I kept seeing flashes of white. It bothered me so much I stopped dead to see what it was and discovered my running shorts on inside out. As it happened, the ones I grabbed had a white gusset that lined the inside of both legs. Yes folks, I had been flashing my white all over town during that 5 miler. I’m sure I gave some early morning drivers a good laugh.


The 2 cents I put in on yesterday’s blog about The Biggest Loser probably generated a lot of passion from you people! Shelley mentioned the previous contestants weight gain, (something that we talked about all day at work), did you notice? It’s sad really. While I have never expected any of them to remain at the so very skinny place they put themselves to win, some of that weight gain was quite noticeable! Sione shocked me with how much he had put back on. With this season’s contestants, I am quite honestly concerned for both Koli and Daris. Neither one of them seems to have dealt with the emotional side of things they need to. Koli couldn’t even stay put for the 30 days – he ran away so he wouldn't have to deal with the reality at home. Biz had a good idea too: she thinks Daris chose Ashley but Ashley chose Michael and now Daris is thinking that even after he lost all that weight he still can’t get the girl. (Corletta, since you're our resident psychologist, jump in here anytime!)  Isn't it something how if the underlying issues of what made you overeat in the first place don't get dealt with you find yourself right back where you started!


  1. your shorts story was funny.

  2. You're a nut!! My blog today is actually about the show!! You're right, you can't just fix the outer without spending just as mush time, if not more, on the inner!!! I refuse to be thin a miserable.'s for slowly inching down, but dealing with my junk!!!

  3. OMG, Helen. That shorts story is hilarious!

  4. Oh my that was a funny story!

    I just wrote a post about my old coping habits coming back when I wasn't paying attention. If we don't deal with the emotional parts of the weight issue it won't be a permanent change. I finally get this after a life time of fighting my weight challenges.

  5. Love the short story! I haven't watched TBL so can't comment on any of it. I just never sit down to watch tv this days...
    I liked your idea in the comment today to me about telling them I'm being careful for bloodwork - except these guys and I are not only co-workers, we are friends as well. They'd then ask me what the bloodwork was for :) I'll just tell them I can't drink and that will be it. It's ME I'm worried about :)

  6. It's never about what it's about. You can knock the weight off in 10 weeks, - 100 + lbs but the person will definitely struggle, just like someone in AA. Food, booze or drug addiction is all the same. We do it because there's the "hole to fill" and we have to figure out how to fill the hole without using.

    Folks who lose weight still have to work with the emotional stuff. It's a constant issue.
    Not that you asked me.

    Loved your short story! I bet there's a lot of interesting clothes being worn in the dark on early mornings on runners and walkers. I'm in a trance still and it's just after 11am.

  7. You are just too hilarious! I love your posts and your comments.

    Wow, you might really be onto something there with the whole Daris, Ashley, Michael thing. I didn't even think of that but that very well could be it. Ashley and Michael sure looked like they were pretty close. I could be wrong on this but I think that is the first time I have seen, on the actual show, a contestant call another contestant to talk and to ask them to run together. I know that there have been hookups from the show but I don't ever remember them actually showing something like that.

    Poor Daris. He has come so very far and it just breaks my heart to see him struggling so much. He does have a long way to go with his emotions. I do worry about him.

    I think that Koli just does not get it yet. I believe he ended up getting too much into the game and winning. When they do that many times they end up gaining the weight later.

    I can not wait for this next weeks show. The season finale is always my favorite. I also think Jillian's new show looks pretty interesting.

  8. Love your gussets!

    If I'd been driving by, I wouldn't have known the difference! Well I might have wondered what-the-dickens but I wouldn't have known WHAT it was.

    I think sustainability is HUGE. Bigger in fact than losing mass. My mind has to be able to keep up with it.

  9. Thanks for sharing the shorts story. Made me giggle. xoxox

  10. Ha - I laughed out loud at your shorts story! I was surprised to see Sione too - he almost looks like he's gained it all back! Yep, until you get to the root of why you use food for comfort, you'll never keep the weight off.

    I am so happy tomorrow is Friday, but I wish it were today so I could sleep in tomorrow!

  11. Pants on the ground! lol! You flasher!
    I thought the same thing about Darus liking Ashley but Ashley liked Michael. What Darus said to Ashley at her weigh-in was so sweet and heart felt. I dunno. I wasn't a Michael fan. He's such a cry-baby!


  12. I just bought a new book, "Women Food and God" by Geneen Roth that someone said was really good. I read 2 of her other books in college. I think the Biggest Loser peeps may need to read it (men too!).

  13. Now I want to wear my running shorts inside out to be like the cool kids!

    This coming Tuesday's BL will be very interesting - I wonder if there has been another hook up besides Sam and Stephanie? And if so, did Daris pour his heart out to Ashley? Did she reject our sweet boy in favor of Michael? Why do I have to turn everything into a soap opera? Tune in tomorrow...;)

  14. Okay Helen, that story is pretty funny. I bet few people noticed though.

  15. cracked up at the story and yet by the time I finished your blog I was back musing the Biggest Loser.
    Im torn about the show.
    it does do a lot of good IMO but does do a LOT OF DISSERVICE IMO as well.

    a lot.


  16. Helen-
    I think you were in my dream. How weird is that?
    Some may say I spend too much time on this blog stuff? I'd like to say it is working, internally :)