Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Ten

I’ve been given an award from Fitcetera and I’ve also decided to take part in a summer long challenge. Stay tuned for that exciting news tomorrow! (I know the suspense is killing you.)

Lately, I’ve noticed an upswing of really nasty, vehement comments on some blogs I read. If someone’s writing is upsetting you that much, STOP READING.

My baby brother and his wife lost their entire apartment during the flooding we had here at the end of March. They lived in the basement of her childhood home. Last October, they planned their first couple only getaway since their pregnancy and subsequent birth of their daughter who is now 1. He had a business trip and they were able to add on to make an inexpensive getaway. They were supposed to leave next week. Where? The Opryland Hotel in Nashville. He says next vacation – Sahara Desert.

Shelley thinks I’m a bada$$ because she thinks I ran to my belt promotion Friday night. If you've ever read one of her Wednesday Workout updates, you'd understand why that is very flattering! Well, I’m pretty tough but I didn’t run that night Shelley, I ran the next morning to my last Biggest Loser session at the dojo. Same dojo, different event.

Speaking of my Saturday morning run: it was hot, sunny, humid, and 70 degrees yet somehow I managed to run that 6 miles at a 10:35 pace. And it felt easy. Has me thinking about doing a 10K. Of course it will only take 1 bad run to remind me that need to wait until I’m closer to goal weight before getting back into racing again.

When I was running more than I am now, I used to “run” errands all the time – I’d run to Blockbuster to return a video or run to the lab to get my blood work done.  Because, you see, to be a better runner, you have to run.

I’ve rediscovered my love of GNU bars. They’re all natural and made with 6 whole grains. My favorite is the Banana Walnut bar. It’s a perfect late afternoon-before Thai Boxing snack – 140 calories, 4 grams fat, 4 grams protein and a whopping 12 grams of fiber.

If you haven’t seen the movie, The Blind Side, please do. It’s simply wonderful.

This is a quote by Bikram Choudhury that I read in Oprah magazine that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. So much so that I put it on my fridge.: "It's never too late, you're never too bad, never too old, never too sick to start from scratch and begin again," Whenever I read it I add in “never too fat.”

Receiving my Purple Belt in Muay Thai – which puts me in the next level, has had me thinking a lot about taking other things in my life to the next level. And the hard work it takes to do that. Not sure if I’m ready but at least I’m thinking...

What are you thinking about?


  1. Woo-Hoo for your Purple Belt, running to your session and being so dang tough. I'm trying to get ready to LEAVIN' ON A JET PLANE. Oh. I mean, I'm picking up my mom today...

  2. I forgot about your purple belt. Think of my purple clematis vine blooming in your honor!

    I'll have to check out GNU bars - never heard of them! Also I have yet to see The Blind Side! It's next on my list, thanks to you reminding me of it.

    I love that quote too - it reminds me of something I hear in AA a lot - "It's NEVER too late to start your day over." Wow - My shitty mood doesn't have to dictate a shitty day! That's good news. And it's up to me. Love your 'ten' today!

  3. I like those Gnu bars too. Oh yes everyone needs to see the movie The Blind Side. What a great story.

    Thank you for sharing that quote, I love it. I have found that inspirational quotes can be very helpful in lifting my spirits and changing my attitude.

    I am thinking about dropping the next 5 pounds and ramping up my weight work out to improve more on my bat wings!

  4. I couldn't agree more - when I have a great run I think of running a race longer than a 5k, then I have a shitty run and talk myself out of it!

    Congrats on your purple belt! And yes, Shelley's work-outs put me to shame - she's so hard core! :D

    Happy Tuesday Helen!

  5. That quote is fantastic! I'm going to add it to my vision board! LOVE it.

    Congrats on the award and much deserved I might add, your blog goes great with a morning coffee.

    I can't wait till tomorrow either, everyone is doing cool announcements tomorrow, i'm going to have to book some serious blog time!

  6. Congrats on another well deserved blog award! I think you're a bad-a$$ because, well, you're just a bad-a$$! I stop by over at your blog when I want to get a good kick in the pants about my workouts! Ms Purplebelt!
    I like your quote too. No excuses!


  7. Just watched the Blind Side last week. Pretty good. Sandra Bullock totally stole every scene she was in but still not sure it was an oscar-worthy performance.

  8. I think I am going to steal that quote - thanks for sharing. Congratulations on the Purple Belt. That is impressive! Anxious to see what your next challenge will be :-D

  9. I'm thinking that THIS time is THE time I finally do it because my attitude has shifted to that of lifestyle change and not DIET ... finally. For real.

    I haven't seen GNU bars up here, haven't watched the Blind Side (yet) and I also love the quote you quoted. :)
    It's never too late until you're under the dirt, that's for sure. It's nice knowing we can have a do-over anytime we're ready to make the change.

    Have a great night!

  10. Congrats on the purple belt. And on being a bada$$. And on committing to joining us for LHA! :D

    Good, good quote. I'm thinking I would look hot in purple. I should totally find a class!

  11. Girl, you should totally run a 10K - you just did! And that time is great!!! I've read about people who literally "run" errands and find that fascinating. I can't imagine doing it - but now that you've put that thought into my head, I could run to Sam's Club or the mall...hmmm...

    And even if it was a different dojo, you are still a bada$$!

    Great quote, especially with your addition.