Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Ten

Are you shocked when one of the “big” bloggers comments on your blog? I always am. Not because I don’t think I’m worthy – after all they’re just people like the rest of us. But because I wonder where they get the time what with all their own comments and all.

Speaking of comments, I’ve gotten some anonymous ones lately that made me wonder about the personal issues of the commenter. I mean it was obvious they don’t follow me regularly by what they said and they almost seemed to project their problem onto me.

I want to be a gardener but I’m not. Recently we bought an azalea to hide an ugly meter that is in the front of our house. My method is dig the hole, fertilize then pray. Because I do not have the special touch.

Speaking of not gardening, this year I’m trying a Topsy Turvy to grow my tomatoes. We don’t really have a big enough space for a true garden but I always try to grow a few things in some pots on the patio. Stay tuned for pictures.

1 ounce of cheese is not very much. I mean, it’s ok if it’s a slice on a sandwich but say, grated on a casserole? Not very much. But maybe I only feel that way because I love cheese.

Up until now I’ve had only 1 thing I have to stay away from because I feel out of control. I have now had to make it two things because of Edy’s (Dreyers if you’re west of the Mississippi) Slow Churned Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream. There’s a graham cracker swirl in it that makes me lose control. It’s banished forever unless I can get it in a portion controlled size.

Cheez-Its are the other food. But they’re only semi-banned because sometimes I can have them and other times I can eat a 10 oz. box in a sitting. So I don’t have them for the most part. Except that I put them in my homemade Chex Mix that I only make at Christmas. Funny, because I have no problem with the Chex Mix. Biz’ brother Charlie would appreciate this.

I have until May 16th to decide if I’m going to do the John J. Kelley Ocean Beach Run. It is an 11.6 mile FREE race in our area named after our local Boston Marathon Winner. Here’s the thing: it’s always on the first Saturday in August which usually means blistering heat and humidity and the Worst. Race. Time. Ever. Not a race to expect a personal best, even though some have managed it. I love it because it’s free, it starts and ends at a beach and I have a special place in my heart for Mr. Kelley (which is a whole other story; remind me to tell you sometime). Why May 16th? Because I would train for it using a 12 week half marathon training plan and believe it or not, May 16th is 12 weeks out from August 7th.

May 16-August 7 = 12 weeks. Sigh. Summer is way too short for a summer loving girl like me. Not to mention that when I got up this morning our temperatures were below normal. 32. That’s not below normal, that’s freaking freezing.

And finally, here’s a thought to ponder:

We generally change ourselves for one of two reasons: inspiration or desperation. If you don't like where you are, change it!
You're not a tree.
(Jim Rohn)


  1. I pretty much follow your method of gardening. It usually works for me. :D
    I don't have much luck with the edibles though.
    Cheeeeeese ... I can't keep it in the house. That and peanut butter. Forget ice cream ... any flavour. That has to be banned too. If I have any, I have to go out for a scoop.
    I say sign up for the race. If this weather we're having now is any indication it should only be about 70 ish by then. lol
    Right now it's 45˚F and rainy here in Windsor, ON. Really blah.

    Have a great day, Helen!

  2. Love the quote! I always find it exciting when one of the more established big name health bloggers leave a comment on my page.

  3. What a fun and chatty ten today! I think I'll address one item at a time: Yes, I'm shocked when a power blogger comments - like Lyn from Escape From Obesity, Jack Sh*t, and Diane come to mind. I haven't had too many random comments from Anons but when I have they've seemed pretty normal. The one that always makes me chuckle is the Chinese person where I can't understand what they say. I always wonder if they're calling me a horse's ass. Love gardening but not as into it as I used to be. Dig, feed, pray sounds like my method too.
    Ditto - an ounce of cheese is like crumbs in my book. Graham cracker swirls in ice cream send me to Nirvana! So do peanut butter swirls. Cheez-Its = mass consumption by Leslie. Banned from the house. Since the race is free, can you do it and walk if it gets too oppressive? That's what I would do. Sounds too fun to miss, and you're a good runner. The quote is great, and in keeping with what I'm going to write about today! I actually took clandestine notes at my morning AA meeting to help inform my post.

  4. I love that quote at the end! I might steal it :)

    you are preaching to the choir about Edy's Strawberry Cheesecake. i want to eat an entire half gallon right now and it's 9am :( Im proud of you for staying away, though! Very impressive :)

  5. My list of banned-from-the-house foods is ginormous. All chips, crackers (even saltines), salty-crunch things, peanut butter, all baked goods, ice cream, chocolate of any kind - seriously - I have no real control on this kind of stuff, so it's either ban it or regret it. I much prefer to make the decision when it's easy. If I don't have it, I generally won't go to the store specifically to get it.

    I've got a pretty decent green thumb, but no where to use it these days. I miss that a bit - or specifically, miss having fresh herbs right out my back door. I don't even have a proper window sill to grow on these days.

    Love the quote and love the race - go for it. You can make the final decision later on in the summer.

    Speaking of comments - thank you for yours. You are always insightful and supportive.

  6. What a great post. First that quote is awesome, thank you for sharing it.

    I am a new blogger so I am thrilled if anyone posts on my blog! I have not yet been the receiver of anonymous comments but I have seen them on other blogs and I wonder what is going on with that person.

    I have certain foods that are easier not to start eating than to stop eating so I no longer try to eat a small amount, I just avoid them.

  7. I love the quote, too! I can't really have tempting foods around, especially cereals, chips, and certain candies. So I try to keep the house pretty temptation-free when I'm eating healthy, which my kids don't seem to appreciate one bit ;-)

    I completely agree about summer being too short!

  8. This whole post gives me much to ponder.....
    I'm with you on the cheese. All the nonsense about "non-fat" and limiting the amount you can have makes me crazy! I love cheese! The only thing I won't eat it on is chocolate! Cheese is on my "no-fly list".
    Ok, Helen, I complain about our winters when we are 30 degrees and people north of Dallas call me out as a wimp! (which I am when it comes to cold weather!) So here goes with your summer heat! - I live in an oven so ask me what our temperature is on August 7 and suddenly you will feel like maybe it's not that hot where you are! lol!
    My vote is do the race! You will kick some more a$$ there!


  9. I think about the time Miz fit commented I kvetched.
    She sells t shirts with her own personal logo...the only one bigger I think would be if richard simmons stopped by or jillian micheals.
    As for anonymous commenters...I don't allow them. Nothing pisses me off more than anonymous comments. Negative ones. If you have something to say, say it.
    Don't hide.

  10. I'll be back - have some prior post reading to do :)

  11. good luck with the LHA... i'll be right there with ya!! :)

  12. I loved every bit of your blog! If I were you, I would run the FREE race for SURE!!!! Right now I am debating whether or not I should run another marathon with the hubby. 85 bucks is just a lot...you know?

  13. Can't wait to find out how you like the topsy turvy. We grow tomatoes in the garden every year, but frankly, it's exhausting. Would love to try something new. Oh--and cheese-its? They are EVIL.

  14. Run the race. It sounds beautiful: beach, heat, and something you believe in. It doesn't have to be the best time in terms of your actual speed... just the best time in terms of enjoyment.

    Oh, and I really love that quote you ended with.

    and your comment about the "big bloggers"... I know how excited I was when I got my first comment from Carla (Miz Fit)! and I always get a kick out of hearing from Jack Sh*t, who has that certain something when it comes to blogging that I wish I could bottle and sell.

  15. I'm a dig, plop, and pray gardener too. My mom is always fussing at me about not watering and tending. I just tell her if they want to live at my house they better fend for themselves. :) Great post!

  16. Whenever I get a comment from a "big name" blogger I feel like I've made it, lol! I stopped allowing anonymous comments after I got a bunch of spam on really old posts. I do get the Chinese ones...think they are selling s-e-x, oh my!

    I think you should do that race - and I want to hear more about Mr. Kelley. I'm doing a 10K in July (in California - I'm not crazy enough to do that here in Texas, lol!) - it's a wharf-to-wharf and sounds similar to that race, although shorter, thank god!

    Every year my mother bugs me to grow tomatoes since our weather is so conducive for them, and every year I don't. Perhaps this is the year! Good luck with yours!

  17. Like the others, I love seeing comments from the big name bloggers, but more than that, I love seeing comments that make me feel like something I am doing is helping someone else succeed - even if it is my own lack of success.

    Regarding the Topsy Turvy, I have one word of advice: be sure you put it over grass, dirt, or some other area that doesn't radiate heat. My aunt put hers on her concrete driveway and it cooked the tomatoes. :-)

  18. Although this is not one of the 10, I have to tell you I laughed when you told Shelley that you want to be her when you grow up.
    I have more trouble with Goldfish than Cheez Its. And, yup on the big bloggers, and I'm a newbie.
    I HATE gardening! So, there....oh, and what is 11.6 or whatever that race number is? It's a weird amount of miles. I am showing my ignorance here.