Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Ten

1. Laurie, if you’re going to leave me a comment about being in your dream, you need to at least email me and tell me what you were dreaming about!

2. Do you watch Glee? I just love it although every time I watch,  I’m so glad I’m not in the midst of high school angst anymore. That show gave me a new saying a couple weeks ago – watch out for it on your blog comments soon: Holy Lady Ga Ga! Yes, I just wrote V-C-R. Still have 4 of them and use them!

3. One of the businesses owned by my boss is a garage. There’s also a vehicle accessory store. After Mr. Helen got his truck, I bought him mud flaps as his birthday gift. He couldn’t manage to get them on without taking the tires off so he asked me if I would check into having our guys install them. (I get a great employee discount). Last Thursday, I dropped the truck off and there was no one around to give me a ride back to my office. As I was dressed down because of EMS week vehicle washing, I decided to walk back. So, I got a 1.25 mile walk on my non-exercise day. I love unexpected exercise!

4. I am excited that we are going to get a vacation this year! Just when I thought hope was lost, and while it’s not to our second “home” in St. Martin, I managed to find us a cottage on Cape Cod. We love the Cape and are looking forward to it! Vacations are good for the soul even if they’re not good for the waistline.

5. Last week I wrote about feeling thinner. I should have used the word lighter, maybe. In any case, that feeling was fleeting. This week I have been feeling heavier even though I haven’t done one thing different. Which just goes to show that we should not rest our laurels on our feelings.

6. There’s a HUGE difference between these two statements: “I can’t have…” &  “I don’t want…” I working at being the latter sort of girl.

7. Mr. Helen came upstairs this morning and informed me our scale has completely died. He tried everything but it won’t work. He weighs about 185 and when he stepped on it it said he weighed 215!! He changed the battery and then it just said ERR. I knew something was wrong with that stupid scale!

8. Prior to this revelation, my scale dying is just the sort of thing that would put me over the edge. The thought of starting over and what if I weigh MORE and so on and so forth. Now, I simply don’t care. Whatever the new scale reads, it will read, and I will go on from there.

9. I cleaned my closet out this past weekend. I do it every year around Memorial Day. It’s the perfect time because we are transitioning seasons so the winter stuff goes away and out comes the summer. My goal was not to keep things that didn’t fit. I only partially succeeded. I gave away all the 2, 4, 6 sizes. Yes, I had totes with those sizes which is just ridiculous. I kept a few things that will fit if I can just lose 10 pounds. Everything else, I’m wearing. They are either size 10, 12, or 14 but I wouldn’t know because once I get over an 8, I cut tags out. I want to wear clothes that fit and not have my happiness defined by the size. How ironic is it that I don’t cut tags out of 8’s or lower? What sort of messed up definition is that?!

10. Which leads me to ask: Do you allow yourself to be defined by your clothing size? If not, how do you define who you are at the core of your being?


  1. You are one prize of a wife, giving mudflaps for a birthday present! I bet it was just what the mister wanted, but it tickled me.

    The errant scale - aarrgghh. Good that you're not letting it totally play with your head. That kind of thing has the power to do that with me.

    I don't think I allow myself to be defined by a clothing size, but it definitely factors into how I feel on any given day. When a pair of size 14 pants fits, I feel a whole lot more buoyant and outgoing than if my 16s are tight.

    The question beyond clothes size is pretty profound and powerful. I have a sort of nebulous concept of a Higher Power that is life energy, love, peace and service at the the core. On a good day, I define myself as a manifestation of that energy souce. Some days I'm more a manifestation of its exact opposite.

  2. I do care about the size of the pants. After being only able to shop at the plus size store for several years, fitting into pants off the rack at Target makes me feel good. I don't think it defines me, but is more of a representation of the progress I am making.

  3. I hope I never start caring about the size of my pants! I did when they were size 24! But now I'm just so thankful that they're at 16 but it doesn't define me. It just makes me smile! And feel normal!

    Also, where do you stay in Cape Cod? I love that other place you put up! Makes me REALLY want to go on vacation!! We have a lake trip coming up so at least there's something to look forward to!

  4. No ma'am! I do not define myself by my pants size; however, I do tend to define myself based on the stupid number on the scale. I am getting better about this..so...no worries! I try, each day, to define myself by my relationship with Christ. I attempt to look at myself the way that he does! It really does help me take the dang focus off of me and back on Him. It's ironic..wink, wink, that when my heart is in the right place, my cravings stop and I have self control. Imagine that!!!

  5. Hooray for vacation! One thing I have not mentioned on the blog is that my hubs lost his job in January - and while he's getting unemployment, its nowhere near what he was making, so no vacation for us - we'll have to improvise in our back yard!

    I was trying to find nice shorts to put on over the weekend - I pulled out seven pair, none of them fit. They were all size 10's and 12's - and in my mind I know I am a 14, but thought "well maybe they'll fit!"

    Ugh! Off to walk in 90 degree weather - maybe that will melt some fat!

  6. You have the Sunshine Award on my blog come get it!

  7. Crappy scale! I am not a fan!
    Funny thing about cutting the sizes out of your clothes-my daughter had a friend in HS that did that. She was slightly bigger than my daughter but always wanted to know what size my daughter wore so she could say her clothes were 1 size smaller(which of course they weren't) I always thought that was a very mean thing to do to your friend.


  8. You are wonderful. Did you ever just step back from the blog and notice that? You are persistent, persevering and hopeful.

    So inspiring Helen. Just your whole demeanor.

  9. One time years ago I had to buy a size 18 dress for a holiday party and it was the biggest size I had ever purchased so I cut the tag out of it before taking it to the cleaners!

  10. ok this all makes me wanna ask you (its on topic but OFF with regards to fitness :)) SHOULD I WATCH GLEE? :)

    Ive almost purchased it from itunes a million times...yet have thus far resisted.

  11. Uhm, I am just seeing this...and, I wish I could remember about my dream. I am guessing if I am this blank then it wasn't all hot and messy. Bummer!!