Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's All About Satisfaction

By the time I got home last night I only had around 500 calories to spend on food for the rest of the day.  I know this sounds like a lot but the way I tend to eat, I generally eat around 700 or so between dinner and my "dessert" whatever that may be.

I was tired so I had to think quick on my feet because Mr. Helen wasn't around and that can be dangerous for me.  It's quite easy for me to say the heck with it and eat my way into overload. There's nobody there to watch and see what I'm doing, right?

I opened the freezer to grab some ice and saw these:

I get these at BJ's which is a warehouse style club.  They are awesome because they are big, i.e., enough to satisfy me, and have only 110 calories, 3g fat and 7 g fiber per wrap! Normally I wouldn't buy anything that has 12 in a package, but I discovered that these freeze exceptionally well.  Pull one out and around 5 minutes later it is thawed and ready to use.  As soon as I saw them I knew I would make my Pesto-Caprese Pizza. I had beautiful tomatoes and had just made a batch of fresh pesto from the basil growing on my patio.  Besides, just one pizza satisfies me and, shamefully, I could have a glass of wine with it and still be within my calorie allotment for the day.

Preheat your oven to 425.  Lay the wrap on a cookie sheet.  Spread 1 1/2 Tablespoons of pesto over the wrap.  Sprinkle with 1/4-1/3 cup shredded part skim mozzarella cheese.  Slice a tomato thinly then cut the slices in quarters and layer over the cheese.  Sprinkle a little salt on the tomatoes.  It will look like this:

Put the pizza in the oven and cook for 7-10 minutes until the edges of the pizza are crispy, the bottom lightly browned and the cheese is gooey and yummy.  If I want the cheese browner on top I leave it in longer.  When it comes out it will look like this:

Tell me, what's not to love?  A pizza that brings together all the fresh goodness of summer! Plus, the whole thing is 325 calories, 19g fat, 23g carbs, 23g protein, 8g fiber.

I know the fat sounds high but you have to remember that pesto is made with olive oil and is a good fat.  So it's not a bad thing to have occasionally.

Often, when I have more calories to spend I will make this as a side dish - and cook it on the grill rack -  and have a piece of grilled chicken or fish or steak with it.  It's a nice changeup from rice, potatoes, or pasta. I've even taken the ingredients to work and done it up in the toaster oven.

With my glass of white wine, my whole dinner was 445 calories - right on time!

After I had that, I didn't want another thing, because I was really and truly satisfied.  I've said it before:  there are things that I just won't eat or substitute because I get absolutely no pleasure from it, then eating begins to feel like a chore and that is a very slippery slope for me.  For me to be successful, I have to take the time to figure out what will satisfy me - even or maybe especially when I'm tired.  Last night 400 calories of salad just wouldn't have done it.  Being gentle, listening instead of rushing to stuff my face, taking good care, are all part of my building blocks towards success.

 "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out."
Robert Collier


  1. Sold! That looks yummy. I have seen those wraps, but never thought about making your caprese pizza.

    The mindset is what matters here and you are doing so well. Satisfaction is where it's at.

    I love the quote. So very true.

  2. I have made these often, none as pretty as yours, but often. As a trained chef, I would add one thing that do. Pop the rollup in the oven for 2 minutes first, to crisp the middle. I have a Pizza Cutter I bought at Wal-Mart, and make 8 squares from the Pie... So tasty...

  3. Everything about this looks and sounds yummy! I'm adding this to my arsenal! I can get Joseph's Lavash bread here and that sounds just like what you have and they are huge!
    I like the idea of chicken on the side but I might just chop it and toss it on top! I'm a 1 dish meal kinda girl! lol! And a glass of wine! Sah-weet!
    You still have a great attitude! It's contagious! Thanks!


  4. Holy hell that looks good! And the funny thing is, for those 325 calories you could have had a Lean Cuisine frozen make an excellent case for preparing your own meals!

  5. Looks delicious, Helen, better than most pizzeria pizza.

    One comment...for your husband's gotta think up a tougher name for him than Mr. Helen.

  6. That looks really tasty. I've been using FF whole wheat tortillas but even they are 130 calories. My biggest issue with them is that they stick together after being frozen even after I've thawed them out...its like the freezer fuses them together. I'll have to check these out.

  7. I can't tell if it is a wrap like a tortilla or more bready like pizza crust. It looks amazing!
    I've been thinking about you all week. I am glad you are home and settling in. I was wondering how the service went and how your talk was.
    Where do you live? I had no idea you were close to La Guardia.
    Glad you are back, I'm having a super sad day (not like yours, of course) as my friend is moving and it just sucks. I can't even imagine your loss as I feel so heavy right now.

  8. I'm so glad I found your blog!! And I had to laugh at your comment that you don't do well when Mr. Helen isn't around. That has been one of my biggest problems as well. When Mr. Karen isn't around (especially if he's out of town for several days) it's like time stands still and I lose my structure. I used to binge terribly! But I've come a long way in the past year.

    I've seen those Roll-Ups at the store but haven't purchased them yet. They're going on my list!

  9. yummmmmmy! That pizza looked a lot better then the Digorno one I had yesterday. :)

  10. That does look like summer on a plate! Great job Helen! I am the same way when my husband used to go on business trips, my thought was "no one will know!" Hee hee!

  11. That looks awesome! Great post Helen. By taking time to make something spectacular, you came in below your calor budget anyway!

  12. That loos delicious! I'll be scribbling THAT down on the grocery list for this week. Yum! Thanks for the reminder on some seriously good eats.

  13. That looks so scrumptious! I think I have seen these wraps at my Wal-mart bakery section and wasn't sure what to do with them because they are very large and oblong in shape. Now I know what to do with them and I am glad they freeze well. Thanks for posting this! Happy Healthy Eating!

  14. I need to know how to make pesto. I suppose I can google it. Anyways...that dinner looks YUMMY!!! I can't wait to try it!! By the way, I think this post hit the nail on the head. The reason that I go over calories...which isn't all that because the meals I consume before the 'eat everything in sight feeling' isn't satisfying. You are sooooo right!!! Thank you, thank, you for that insight!!!

  15. I love when something comes together quick like that! We eat tortillas like they are coming out of style! The pizza looks awesome and even better that you were able to enjoy it with a glass of wine!

  16. Oh that looks good, could you come over and cook for me? I have not had pizza for a while and it sure does sound good.

  17. You've really made a delicious and mouth watering pizza there.

    I really like:

    "For me to be successful, I have to take the time to figure out what will satisfy me - even or maybe especially when I'm tired."


  18. OOOH LOVE!!!
    and so would the currentlycaloriewatching hubby.


  19. Thanks for reminding me about that! That sounds perfect!