Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tales from the Scale

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I ended up ordering a new scale, which arrived yesterday - in the nick of time -  because I wanted one that would give me more information than just weight.  While I know the body fat measurements done through electrical impedence are not as accurate as other measures, I still wanted an idea.  The scale I ordered gives weight, body fat percentage and water percentage.  It also appealed to me because it has an "athletic" mode for super fit people.  While that is not me - yet - it is Mr. Helen.  Or at least that's what I thought.  I have always known that his body fat is low simply because you can't really "pinch an inch" anywhere on him but he's not skinny - the man is 5'10" and weighs 185ish.  

Let me just say that if you need an ego boost or to not feel like bird doo doo on the ground, DO NOT set the scale up and weigh/measure your Very Fit Husband first.  He jumped on - at the end of the day - with his gym shorts on, and the scale said 185.6.  OK so maybe he's 184 nekkid in the morning.  Then it flashed his body fat percentage - 11.2Are you freaking kidding me?  Get on that again!  11.2Again!  11.2.

So, so SO UNFAIR!  This man eats butter by the Tablespoon full, he eats a GIANT bowl of ice cream every single night!!  If I let him, his main food groups would consist of hamburgers, brats, chicken wings, spaghetti with sausage and meatballs and pizza for goodness sake!!!

Decide now:  laugh or weep hysterically.  Because you know darn well your reading isn't gonna be pretty.  The plain truth is, you can't fight genetics and honey, let me tell you, I ain't got 'em.

I knew I had to face the music but decided I'm not going to even check the body fat thing until I lose around 5 pounds.  I don't want to feel any worse than I already do.  So my weigh in this morning was an adventure because the new scale flashes the weight.  So there I was feet on taking photos furiously trying to get one that would show the number. This required around a dozen shots and me getting off and on twice because, of course, every time I'd shoot, I'd get the blank screen then it would flash.  OY!  Anway, here you go:

 Which would be a 5.4 pound GAIN from my last weigh in two weeks ago.  That is absolutely ridiculous because there is NO WAY I overate 19,600 calories!  There is also no way it's water weight.  This is simply "Different Scale Syndrome."  What it does mean is that I have to treat this like a new start for my challenges, which sort of sucks but I'm not going to let it rock my world.

Speaking of Challenges, I have joined with around 25 other bloggers to take part in Biz' 101 Days of Summer Challenge.  This challenge started Memorial Day and goes through Labor Day.  It's very cool because not only did participants pick their own goals, but can change them even weekly!

My goals for that challenge are:

Track food, even on my relaxing day.  The reason is because my second goal is
Consume no more than 11,200 calories over a 7 day period
Burn at least 2500 calories through exercise

Entire Challenge:
 I'd like to lose (at least) 8 pounds and do one road race!

That's a nice mix of short and long term goals, I think.

By the way, have you entered my GIVEAWAY?


  1. Great goals! My goals are just to keep TRACK of my calories! I do so good that way. Keep it up!

    Stinks on the scale, I have that kind of scale too, it tells you EVERYTHING! When I got mine, it was the other way around, I lost 2 lbs just buy getting a new scale. Mine matches my doctor more now so I think it's right.

  2. Men and their body fat - stinks is right...
    And new scales - weight is ALWAYS different. Isn't it fun taking pictures when standing on those types - I too have to keep getting on and off, putting the camera down and picking it up and aiming before it disappears again.

    My numbers are up today but I don't think it's 100% right but what can ya do - that's what the dumb thing says and I have to move on from it!

    Great goals you've set in your other challenge!

  3. Wow! I'm not gonna lie to you. That scale scares me a little. LOL! I have a husband like yours, and I can totally relate. Healthy, fit, eats whatever he wants, no food issues. Blah, blah, blah. I want to kill him sometimes. You have my empathy, sister!

  4. I feel ya - my exhusband was a rail who could and would eat anything that wasn't nailed down. He would be scrounging in the cabinet for something else to eat even before I would get the dinner dishes washed!

    Life sometimes is not fair!

  5. A new scale is always a challenge isn't it? I don't trust the body fat reading on mine it fluctuates so much from day to day I don't know how it could possibly be accurate.

    Women are suppose to have more fat than men,please don't compare yourself to him! Easier said than done,I know, I have been there.

    I have two thin men in my household and I have weighed more than both of them in the past even though they are over 6 feet tall! UGH!

    You have great goals and challenges. Go for it!

  6. I just blogged this morning about my findings on the scale with my body fat...So sad about it:(

  7. I'm going to be needing a new scale one of these days, but your story makes me think now's not the time! I can do the whole Body Comp thing at my gym, which I've been thinking of restarting. I was doing that last summer monthly in a program I joined, but the gym severed their contract with the franchise of the program and I haven't done the body comp thing since. I'm in process of setting up with a trainer and expect that a baseline reading of the whole 9 yards will be part!

    Love "new scale syndrome".

  8. That's a bummer about the new scale being different but it will be really great to track all that stuff. You'll lose those "extra 5 lbs" soon enough. ;-) You'll definitely lose the 8 lbs during the challenge. I'll be rooting for you!

  9. Have I entered your giveaway?? Yes ma'am!!! I appreciate you...just thought you should know! You are always so honest and humorous! Love it!! Can't wait to see the progress that you will have over the next 101 days!!!

  10. Youch! Stupid scale! I'm convinced that scales are sent to us from the depths of hell to provoke us to commit mortal sins as a response to their evil displays.

  11. Ohhhhhhhh men! Don't you hate it? Don't stress the scale, things can only get better from here! Good luck in your other challenge!!

  12. Great goals for the new challenge. :D I love looking at my weekly cals in/ cals burned too!

    Sorry that scales can differ so much. That's why they are just considered a comparison tool. :S And you have to compare the readings off one scale . . . I hate going in to the doctor's scale for that reason. I mean first off, I am usually weighing after a meal and fully clothed! Of course there will be at least a 5 lb difference, despite calibration! Grr!

  13. New scales need to be broken in. Or just broken! I have one of those husbands that eats Hershey's Kisses with almonds by the bagfull with no gains. I've hated him since we met! Hang in there! I know you didn't gain last week!


  14. Yep, not fricken fair at all! My college roommate was a size 0, and she could wolf down a 14 inch pizza all by herself and never exercised!

    Oh well, I wouldn't worry about the actual number on the scale just yet. Don't get too upset and just move on from here. Hugs!

    So excited about our challenge - I had a kick ass workout because I knew you guys were virtually cheering me on to go faster! :D

  15. Do NOT get me started on husbands and scales, lol!

    Thanks for your advice on the Garmin - I was leaning toward the 205 but after hearing from you and so many others, I'm thinking the 305 might be the one.

  16. To make YOU feel better ... my scale reads my bodyfat at 50-ish %!!!!
    I'm half fat for gawd's sake.
    He might be able to eat that way and be slim but do his numbers reflect health? If they're healthy ranges then ... I hate him! LOL
    Tanita's are supposed to be really great scales. Congrats on your new acquisition. Despite the rotten gain on this one.
    I had to laugh at your taking pics over and over to get the number. I have to take a few too. Only us bloggers, eh? lol
    Helen, I hope you're having a great day and feel good about yourself! ♡

  17. Eek I need a new scale too hopefully mine won't show a gain.
    Its so unfair about men and there eating habits and weights! ugh!
    I mentioned your give away on my blog post today just though I'd let you know plus I joined Biz's challenge as well.

  18. You are pretty darn funny. I'd just shoot the man and marry a fatter guy (I got one of those!)
    My gym has one of those fancy scales that the trainer put me on one time, OY!
    I saw you threw an OY in, I LOVE it! I've only seen it on my thus far.

  19. Ugh my husband is the same way. Bags of chips, bars of chocolate, burgers and more...and he's thin. Not much fat at all. Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe it.

    I need to buy a new scale too. They're just so damn expensive here!

  20. It's all been said. :(

    I heart you.


  21. Rule number one - never watch another person weigh, nor should you allow them to watch you weigh. :-)