Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday Ten, The Photo Edition

1. After I ate all that Chunky Monkey on Sunday night, this is how I felt. Actually this is how I felt most of yesterday too:

2. Remember the fresh coconut cake I mentioned? It’s the most requested birthday cake in my family. I have the first birthday and usually request it first so then the others pick something else. This year because of my grand 50th I didn’t have it. But here’s a picture of me on my birthday last year with what was left. I seriously could have just buried my fork and face in that cake and inhaled, it’s that good.

3. What a nice surprise to come home yesterday and find my gorgeous handmade bag that I won from Leslie!

4. We’ve been having Texas-style heat and humidity around these parts lately. Unusual for where I live because we normally get the sea breeze. Yesterday I took to looking at this picture taken last summer of my brother holding his baby girl:

5. Speaking of Texas, I had the opportunity to actually speak to Shelley yesterday. After that conversation, I decided that getting to San Antonio can no longer be on my wish list. It has to be moved to my Bucket List because Shelley and I need to camp out in a hotel for a weekend and get our talk on!

6. Speaking of the heat, it was 80 degrees in my garage this morning. Unfortunately that’s where my treadmill is. Unfortunately, today was a speedwork day for me (8 x 400 5K pace, 8 x 400 rest pace) and I had to use my treadmill. I turned a fan on full blast and went for it. By the end of the 45 minutes I looked like I’d run through a sprinkler. Still, I’d rather look like that than this anyday, which is how I look at end of a winter run:

7. After my run and shower, this is how my right ankle & foot looked.

The thing with 2 wooden ends is my Pampered Chef rolling pin. I use it in place of a foam roller when I feel something acting up in my legs. About a week ago I started having an issue with a tendon that goes right by my ankle bone and wraps under the foot. I’m not messing around because 4 years ago that same tendon got so bad I couldn’t run for 6 weeks! Now after every run it’s roll, ice, ibuprofen.

8. Here I am running my fourth marathon in 2008. I was running away from my family at mile 23 and blowing them kisses telling them I’d see them at the end:

9. After I completed that marathon, I got this, because I finally felt like I was a “real” runner:

10. What have you done or what will you do today to make yourself proud?


  1. You only felt like a real runner after FOUR marathons? Holy crap. I think anybody that does one and keeps running deserves a huge tatoo where the whole world can see and pay homage. FOUR?

    You're awesome. Isn't Leslie the sweetest ever? I was so excited too! I called my mom and talked to her about it for 1/2 hour!

    Bye bye runner lady. I think you're completely able to handle this tendon thing. Look how responsible you are! WooT. Awesomeness. ;)

  2. I have to agree with the first commenter...4 marathons? I'd have to consider a tattoo design with a 26.2 followed by hash marks ticking off each one...when will you get your slash to cross over the 4 hashes?

  3. I chose to make myself feel like that kitten lately, too. But that it a gorgeous picture of cake, um, I meant you! Seriously, I can understand the love of a good, nostalgic recipe. Years of yumminess go into those. And after 4? FOUR? I guess I'm easily deluded - I felt like a runner after I could run ONE mile without stopping ;-)

    Again, I think there should be a Blogger Ladies with Attitude Summit in Texas this fall/winter. It would be a B.L.A.S.T!

  4. Ma'am... I loved every bit of today's post! By the way, you're BEAUTIFUL!!! Now...4 marathons....HOLY MOLY. I am still trying to muster up the strength to train for my second. YEA....knowing what's ahead is not conducive to having a second marathon under my belt. UGH...

  5. It was so great talking with you yesterday! I am all for a visit, summit - Roxie's idea is awesome - whatever...it was wonderful to just fall into talking right away. Shows how well we get to know each other through blogging!

    I'm liking Kyle's idea of you getting hash mark tattoos...you were a runner LONG before that 4th marathon! Cool tat, though, and I love the picture - how can you look so good after running 23 miles?!?

    That picture of your brother's baby and the ice cream is so cute...as is the one of you and the cake...you look so happy!

    Fun post - I love these Tuesday Tens!

    Oh, and to answer your question - FIVE MILES - I am proud and sore!

  6. Glad to hear that the rolling thing helps the ankle! Thanks to pampered chef!

  7. Girl, if you EVER come to San Antonio, let me know. I'd love to meet you and Shelly. I live about 15 min. outside of SA and was born and raised there.

  8. Loved reading this post Helen! For the record, I could not leave a comment on yesterday's post after trying several times throughout the day - hopefully this one sticks!

    I want a Shelley and Helen meet up! Too bad I live in Chicago :(

    I got my Leslie bag today too - I think my daughter will love it!

  9. Loved your photos. I enjoy blogs that have pictures. Makes the reading more interesting.smile.

  10. Love the Coffee table book version fo Tuesday Ten. You looked pretty good finishing that marathon - no paramedics in the picture. My daughter finished running her first marathon in 2008 looking fresh as a daisy! She was also high as a kite from the achievement, and rightfully so. You're amazing, Helen.

  11. Your Tuesday posts are fun! And San Antonio is a fun city. I'm about 90 miles north. Wow! You looked good for mile 23! You're amazing! Someday, I'll be a runner! Maybe not a marathoner though!


  12. Dang, woman, I don't look that good running 23 FEET.

    4 marathons is incredibly impressive. I had no idea!

  13. OMG! I love that tat!!! I am not a tat person at all, but that is the first one I have EVER seen and would actually fantasize about putting on my body.
    Your campout with Shelley sounds awesome!!!!