Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Ten, The (Semi) Traveling Addition

1.  First some surprise good news.  As you know I love my challenges and in addition to Biz' 101 Days of Summer Challenge, I have been taking part in Exquisite Christine's My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge.  This challenge focuses specifically on weight loss and exercise minutes.  Each week the top losers and exercisers are inducted into the Hall of Fame.  I got in for weight loss for week 6!! Here's my pretty badge:

Yay me!  I am proud of that.

2.  My daughter travels all over the US for her job.  While she was home I remarked at how much she was running.  She replied, "Well I don't have any desire to race, but you taught me that running is exercise you can do almost anywhere."  I'm proud of that too.

3. I ran another 4 miles for Pam on Saturday morning prior to her memorial service. When she could no longer run, her favorite walk was a 2 mile path along the River Raisin. When we visited in 2008 she and I had taken that walk together. It was a joy to run it for her.

4.  When I go on vacation, I don't track food or plan exercise.  My reason for doing this was reiterated during our quick non-vacation trip to Michigan.  When you travel and you're in charge of your food choices, it's still not always easy.  When you're not in charge of your food, it's impossible.  That's why I believe this whole heartedly:  Do the best you can in the situation you're in.
5.  Why do people wait until the flight attendants get into the aisle with the drink and snack cart then try to get up and go by them to the restroom? 
6.  Airline travel pretty much sucks these days.  Even if you have direct flights.  It's so much hoopla.  While I am glad for the extra security, I still don't understand how putting liquids, gels, etc, in a QUART ziplock bag is going to protect me.  My father-in-law had put his travel sized shaving cream and toothpaste in a gallon bag and they made him dispose of it.
7.  Just as I got into the security line at La Guardia, a gentleman stepped in between me and my husband and daughter.  I noticed he had a bottle of water in his hand.  I figured he was going to drink it before he got to the machines.  He did not.  My daughter said the security people freaked out and swooped in like the man was carrying an open bomb.
8.  When we arrived in Michigan, one of my SIL asked if I had any hand cream.  I reached into my purse and pulled out the 2 oz. tube I had in there then laughed because I had gone through security without it being in any sort of bag at all.
9.  One of our traveling companions took a liquid cigarette lighter and matches through security in her pocket.
10.  It's true, there is no place like home.  Especially when it's not a trip you wanted to take.  I am so glad to be back in the land of the living - and Blogland!  Even though it means cooking, cleaning, and a return to work, there's nothing like your own space, your own food, your own schedule. 


  1. Glad your back Helen! And I agree about airport security. I had my husband's suitcase with me, and since I don't travel by plane too often, didn't know the "quart" size bag. They hassled me about that - when I got home, in a side pocket there was a large size tube of toothpaste and mouth wash, and they didn't even detect it!

    I am all for getting back into a routine - I got up and did 30 day shred this morning before work - woot! :D

  2. Welcome back! There is nothing like the normalcy of home, especially after everything that you've been going through lately.

    Congrats on the weight-loss award - very cool! And I appreciate your attitude about eating while traveling...you do the best that you can and that's good enough! Love what your daughter said about running - doesn't it just warm your soul when you realize that your child took something you said to heart? They really DO listen to us! :)

  3. Lots of good insight in your post about air travel! I much prefer to drive these days.

    I also liked your statement,"Do the best you can in the situation you're in." My hubby pointed out to me years ago that I can't live in a bubble of healthy living I have to go outside of it in the real world and make the best choices given the situation.

  4. Home sweet home! Congrats again on the spot you earned for Week 6!

  5. Welcome home, Helen. Missed you.

  6. Thanks for the book and the note!!! You're right; it's just what I needed. I am totally incorporating some of that into my routine! By the way, I like posts where I learn more about you!!! Very fun :)

  7. Don't even get me started on airports. I have seen a tremendous change in the last few years. Enough so that I am about ready to give up flying.

  8. Welcome back! I love the observation your daughter made about running. So true!


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