Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday Ten

1. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Go straight to Debbie’s place and congratulate her on her 100 pound weight loss mark!!!!

2. Headline I saw when I opened my browser the other day: “Would you pay $180 for a bird-poo facial?” NO WAY. Would you?

3. One of my favorite lunches last week: fresh green beans that I had cooked with smoked turkey, smothered in hot sauce with a side of my red potato salad. Perfect amount of protein, fiber, and carbs to power me through my Thai Boxing classes.

4. Dave asked me to speak at both of Pam’s memorials about what it takes to get through a distance race. Because she had endured her race against cancer for 8 years. He told me that Pam was always so proud of my running and admired that I had not only tackled running but had taken on the marathon distance as a late-in-life runner. I couldn’t be more honored because she was a tremendous athlete – as an adult, she actually got a hole in one in a golf tournament one time!

5. We’re just two weeks away from 2010 being half over. I looked at my goals from January 1st and now I’m depressed. Why is it the older I get, the more I want to accomplish but time seems to go by faster?

6. Why is it that my THIRTY YEAR OLD turns into a child when she returns home? I can tell exactly where she’s been in the house based upon the stuff strewn around. When she was younger I would collect the stuff and make her do chores to get it back. But what on earth can I do now except ignore it and remember it’s only for 3 more days.

7. I’ve been considering weighing myself several times a week, instead of just once. I would keep my “official” weigh in day but I’m wondering if it would encourage me to stay the course. Plus, you know I recently acquired my fancy new scale that shows not only weight but also body fat percentage and hydration level. I think my fear is if I have an up-tick day and I’ve been doing well, I’ll get discouraged and it will all go to hell in a hand basket.

8. My doctor’s visit went so bad last night I can’t even begin to tell you. And I won’t because honestly, you probably have your own issues you’re trying to deal with.

9. I will share with you that she wants me to go on a 1000 calorie/day eating plan for 2 weeks. I told her that I’d think about it but not right now, this week or next. I have other things I need to get through before I’m dealing with that. Because I do think it will be an ordeal.

10. This morning half asleep and sipping coffee before my run, a voice over came on the TV saying “This is very important information for people age 50 & over.” At first I started to drift into my own world and wait for the news to come back on. Then I thought, “Holy Crap! That’s me!”


  1. I went straight to her blog and congratulated her, thanks for introducing us! Uh - no to the facial. I'm surprised that a dr. would tell you to only eat 1000 calories for 2 weeks. I've heard that you shouldn't go under 1200 minimum. At 1000 calories, you'll be HUNGRY. I'm hungry if I go 1200 for too many days. I have mixed feelings about the scale thing. I tend to weigh myself every day, first thing in the morning and then I analyze why it is different. I'm up like a pound and 1/2 from 2 days ago and I don't know why, so you get over analytical if you do it too often.

  2. My first thoughts about all this is the 1000 calorie a day thing. Seriously? If that Dr is trying to tell you your metabolism is screwed up, then how in the world is starving yourself going to fix that? Sheesh! I'm not a fan of starvation, at any age for any reason!

    Don't beat yourself up so much for being 50! It's just another example of you successfully competing in a marathon!

    As much as we love our kids, it's a good thing when they have a place of their own!


  3. Does this doc really KNOW anything? Does her reasoning make any sort of sense or she is just spouting old nonsense? I would be very wary of doing this, even for two weeks. I think most of us yo-yo people know the danger of low calories. Proceed with caution.

  4. Wow 1000 calories a day sounds drastic! You sure don't need that kind of pressure on you this week.

    I love being 50 and soon I will turn 51.

    My young adult children still live at home and sometimes I think they still act like they are 12!

  5. Thanks for the shout out!! I really appreciate all the comments you have left on my blog & the support you've shown me!!

    As for the bird poo facial....YUCK!!! I don't care what kind of benefits it's supposed to bring, I couldn't bring myself to put poo of any kind on my face!!

    Your favorite lunch sounds yummy!!

    I covet your scales!! However, I can't weigh myself all the time or it turns into an ugly obsession with me! Ask my husband....I've been known to use and abuse my scales when they don't cooperate with me!

    I have been losing weight on 1200 calories. My doctor thought it was necessary for me to get the weight off faster due to all my health issues. I think 1000 calories even for a week is way too low. I would be starving!!

    Thanks again!!! You rock!!

  6. 1000 calories isn't nearly enough with the activity you do. You'd run out of steam very quickly. Send the Dr. for a Bird Poo Facial :)

    And as for the child - mine is turning 30 in September and she still LIVES at home. I can understand where you are coming from!

    Have a wonderful day Helen and thoughts with you for tomorrow!

  7. First of all, love the new blog layout!! It's so much easier to read for me.

    1000 calories?? I would definitely get a second opinion on that, thyroid problem or not.

    If I could lend you my neat freak daughter for a weekend, just let me know!

    Haven't heard from Hannah since Saturday - hope she emails me soon!

  8. I have one thing to say: Get a second opinion!


  9. I love the blog layout too!

    1000 calories? That's unlike anything I've evah heard of before. I would do your own research and either go back or take it to someone else. :) Good luck.

    She probably won't miss it. Collect if for her and hold it hostage for a dinner date. I'm thirty. That's what I would do to me.

  10. I hope you have a great day today. I know that you have a tough week ahead of you so be kind to yourself!

    I'm so curious as to why your Dr. thinks 1000 calories is a good number for you for any extended period of time. Seems so low!

  11. If you find out the answer about how an adult child regresses upon a visit home, please let me know. FWIW, I did the same thing you are doing - let it go, it's only for a few days...but geez!

    Ricky Bobby told me my split times today - thank you so much for your help!!!

    Speaking at the funeral will be hard but you will say the right things - that is a real honor.

    Thanks for the heads up about Debbie's success - I clicked over there and then came back here.

    Could my comments be any more disjointed and random?

    Oh - 1000 calories a day??? WTF??? You are tall - I was barely surviving when I tried that, and I'm under 5'2" - and I couldn't have done it when I was working out as hard as I do now. Maybe your doc and my old doc (the one who wanted me to weigh 115) went to the same school. DUMB. Sorry the visit was bad - share about it if you want to - this is what your blog is for. Plus you know we all have your back!

  12. Doctors shmoctors. Don't you think you know your body beter than someone who sees you a few times a year?
    I would be honored to hear your speech. Post it if you feel moved.

  13. That doc is off base. Did she give you rationale for such a drastic calorie intake? More important, were you able to get a referral for an endocrinologist? That "Rx" sounds crazy and unsound to me.

    The grown kid thing? I really should post picture of my den with 2 20somethings at home. There are cords, wires, computers and lots of huge shoes all over the place. If my daughter was here it would be 3 times worse. My MIL calls this the "return to womb" syndrome! I say bring a broom to the womb!

    What an honor to be able to speak at those services. I'm sure it's nervewracking, but you'll do a great job, and how incredible to know she thought so highly of you.

    As far as the 50 and over demographic...wait until you're in the 55 and over! IT's the highest one listed on everything! Fuck! I'm in it.

  14. I'm not a doctor...but that sounds low :)

    and when I was losing weight I weighed daily to keep on track. Now I still weigh a few times a week to stay accountable.

  15. number 8

    or you can.
    if you want.
    but we're here---the royal we.


  16. That's me too! Well, in a few weeks. :D

    The *right* calorie levels are different for all of us. One size doesn't fit all.
    And that goes for the opposite opinion of eating MORE to lose weight. Not all of us can do that and lose.
    My own opinion is that you can eat lower calories IF you space your meals out 2-3 hours and eat a ton of veggies and moderate fruit to fill up.
    My endo told me that the one thing that people who live a long time have in common is that they consume less calories than most.
    Lab rats, monkeys etc in studies have proven that those that consume 2/3 of a *normal* diet outlive the others and also live more healthily.

  17. 1000 calories for a RUNNER? Does your doctor know that you are active? I'm not a doctor, just a nursing student, but that sounds somewhere between crazy and insane. Bug your doctor until she gives you a referral to an endocronologist, who SPECIALIZES in what you're dealing with.