Saturday, July 24, 2010

Almost Speechless

Lots going on in my part of the world.  Thursday night on the way home from work some bozo backed into me then drove away - woo hoo.  Car is now at body shop and I'm driving a rental.

Mr. Helen had oral surgery on Friday.  We found out Thursday night that his insurance wouldn't cover anything except the extraction because the tooth wasn't broken from an accident.  $1000 out of our pocket - woo hoo. 

I spent the entire day yesterday dealing with his anesthesia drugged butt... never seen anything like it as he bascially never came out of it entirely until this morning.  Plus I was in the midst of trying to deal with my car accident issues.  My stress level was probably around a thousand percent by 9 p.m. when I went to bed.

Today I ran, and I needed it.

5:45 a.m. - 78 degrees - 97% humidity
Air Quality Alert: Dangerous Ozone, Don't Attempt Breathing
11.6 miles in the books.

Mile 1:  Sun coming up

Mile 2 - Big Sunflowers!

Mile 3.5 - Sun coming up over the Cove - All the way at the end is "my" beach.

Mile 4.5 - World Famous Eugene O'Neill Theater
Many Broadway bound plays are developed and show here first.

Mile 5 - Harkness Park
One of the reasons I take this route is because there are porta potties in this park, just in case...

Mile 6 - Another sunrise shot

Mile 7.5 - Americana Furniture Barn
Furniture store that has been in business in our area since the 1920's

Mile 9
"The Duck Pond", located in the town next to mine
Those are water displays right in the middle.

Mile 10 - the high school where Mr. Helen and Little Helen graduated from

Mile 11.6
Home, Sweet Home where the Ice Bath is!

Hope you're all having a great weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear about your car, and the unexpected $1000 for the mister's dental work. Do not get me started on health and dental insurance. Seriously.

    Gorgeous pictures from your very impressive run. Was it hard to do 11+miles without breathing? :) I think you've earned a spot on the couch, watching movies and reading, in air conditioning, for the rest of the day.

    BTW, the duck pond and the cove are my favorite pictures - just beautiful. You have a lovely place to exercise.

  2. What a crappy day but I love those pictures. Your little blue house is adorable. I loved the pond with the water in the middle too. Way to

  3. Oh I sure hope that gorgeous run helped to destress you!

  4. Oh my goodness, you have been through the blender! But what a run and what a beautiful home you have. It is so home and wonderful. I can see how you fell in love with it.

    I hope your ice bath did all it's magic. Gorgeous pictures.

  5. That's an impressive run with pictures every step of the way. You should work for Google Street View :p

  6. Sorry about your car Helen! Good thing is that you are okay - that's all that matters!

    My husband needed a root canal - we don't have dental insurance and we had to shell out $1800 before the doctor would even think about starting the surgery.

    What a gorgeous run!!! Way to get your stress out with a run and not a pile of pancakes like I probably would have!


  7. Sorry to hear about the car. Thankfully you weren't hurt. Too bad you had to deal with a groggy, intoxicated husband after that. I bet it made it easier on him though. :-)

  8. I enjoyed the seeing all of the beautiful scenery that you experienced on your run. Hey, a run with port-o-potties available is a great run. :) I like your house!

  9. So sorry about your stress, love the drugged anesthesia butt label or whatever you said. And, your run, YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Do you carry your iphone with you as you run and take pix? Do you stop or just click away?

  10. Man I have been there with the money stuff and sadly my WAIT WHATWHAT? was oral surgery too.

    so impressed STILL that you channel your frazzle to the run and not the fridge...


  11. That stinks about the car and your hubby, I sometimes think what the heck does dental insurance cover anyway?!? Great job on your run though, I loved the pictures you took!

  12. So sorry to hear about the string of bad luck! I loved getting a peek into your running route. Talk about a beautiful way to exercise, you have the best route!

  13. You wouldn't have been able to drag me away from that cove! What a pretty run!

  14. Wow...that is quite a are one of my running idols!