Monday, July 19, 2010


It has been years and years since I had a "staycation" - meaning a whole week off where I stayed home and wasn't off to the Caribbean or some other fabulous destination. Years ago, I routinely took them but had a child that needed attention so the weeks were always full and busy. 

Last week, because I had a week's worth of vacation to burn since we did not make our (sort of) annual Caribbean trip, I was home.   Thing is, there wasn't a lot of money to be spent because we will be going away in August so are trying to save our pennies for that.  So, even though I live in a beautiful area near the ocean with plenty of things to be done, things needed to be free or cheap. Which makes plans a bit weather dependent.

I have a resident's season pass to the beach so I could come and go as I pleased.  My only cost would be the fuel to drive the 5 miles.  Monday-Thursday we had absolutely crap weather.  It was either overcast or threatening thunder storms.  The gross weather eventually cancelled out every single semi plan:  New York City for the day, taking the ferry to Block Island, picnicing at our local winery. 

By Thursday I was in complete frustration and ready to scream mode.  Instead I started scrubbing and cleaning and whipped my house into shape, discovering that we were cohabiting with quite a few spiders.  Then I tackled a photo project that I had been wanting to do since Christmas and actually finished it.

Friday the weather was supposed to be better but was awful - for outdoor things anyway.  So, I got up early and went for my long run.  My running schedule gave me two days off this week so I decided to move some runs around and take them back to back so my legs would get a real good rest.  Then I got my grocery shopping done and was wondering what the heck I would do over the weekend.

Finally, the weather broke and I got my beach days on Saturday and Sunday - just in time to go back to work today.  Yesterday while sitting at the beach I decided that I won't be taking a staycation like this anytime soon.  In the future if I have a whole 5 days to burn I'm going to add them one at a time to weekends and have a whole bunch of long weekends instead.  I know for a fact I'll enjoy that a whole lot more.

I did exercise quite a bit.  I did three Muay Thai classes and ran 33 miles which is more than I've run in forever!

The other thing I did was to not track caloric intake.  I ate according to appetite all week.  It was very odd because I am sure I have been eating less, even though food was more readily available.  And not once did I go crazy with cookies or ice cream or cheese.  For example, I love bacon but hardly ever would have allowed it as a calorie counter.  One day I decided I wanted a BLT for lunch.  So I made one just the way I wanted and ate it around 12:30.  I didn't eat again until 7:30 that evening.  In fact,  I didn't even think of food again until probably around 6:30.  I noticed this happening over and over each day.  It completely fascinates me that I would eat something I really want and it's enough.  That I'm not constantly thinking about food or my next meal or snack.  It is amazing to think that simply being satisfied could do that.

I will be interested to see how that plays out this week back at work.  I have to bring my food with me - unless I plan on buying lunch every day -  which means trying to figure out what I want for lunch at 6 in the morning, rather than standing in the kitchen and thinking "what do I want to eat?" 

So that's that.  The blahcation is in the books and I'm back.  Did you miss me?


  1. I am so sorry that your vacation was blah! That's too bad. You still have your August plans to look forward, too, right?

    Did we miss you? Horribly!

    PS. I love egg salad for breakfast, too. That's what I'm having this very second.

    Sounds like an interesting development on the food front - and OMG - 33 miles of running this week? You are made of awesome.

  2. I get the same way. I feel so overwhelmed with work and work travel sometimes that I pray for a break from it. But wouldn't you know, when there's a month (like this past June) when I actually don't have to travel or have any committments, I'm bored to tears!

  3. Yeah I missed ya! Sorry the weather was so blah for you but I certainly can relate - we have yucky weather for the most part this summer - sometimes it's hard to remember it is even summer :)
    33 miles - that's a LOT of miles - way to go!

  4. Sorry your staycation sucked! I agree, taking long weekends would have been a better bang for your buck.

    Missed your posts last week too! :D Glad you are back!

  5. Glad you're back! Missed ya sweetie!

  6. Yes, we missed you!!! Too bad the weather was so bad - at least it ended on a good note. I like your idea of taking long weekends instead of an entire week if you're going to stay in town.

    Nice job getting 33 miles in! Wow. You also ran a virtual five mile yesterday with me...did you realize that? Because you were with me, telling me that I could keep going when I wanted to stop after 3.5. Hope your legs aren't too sore after that!

    For taking lunch to work, I plan and pack everything the night before - I'm no good at making those kinds of decisions in the morning.

  7. I did miss you! Welcome back!

    What a pity about the weather. I think adding one day to several weekends is a great option.

    Good news about your eating intuitively. I had myself a BLT last week and it tasted awesome!

  8. Yeah, my vacation was more like a job. Next year, fun fun fun.

  9. Definitely miss you! Glad you're back!

  10. When I was a kid and we would vacation on Long Island and the surrounding islands on our boat, we had many trips when it was terrible weather. And I have to admit looking back that those are the vacations I remember. I've been to Block Island in the drizzling rain, getting wet while running for ice cream. Playing Monopoly for hours on someone's boat because there was nothing else to do.

    Maybe you have to be a kid to appreciate rain on a vacation. Now I think it stinks! :)