Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's Their Party!

If my count is right today (or tomorrow) is the birthday of TWO of my favorite bloggers:  Leslie, at Something Brilliant is Brewing, and JBS at Journey Beyond Survival.  I love them both for very different reasons - Leslie and I are sort of in the same age/same stage of life (well, she's a little ahead of me).  So much of what she writes hits the nail on the head for me and where I am right now.  I recently found out that JBS is the same age as my daughter!  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I found out.  Of course, that might have something to do with her gorgeous writing.  It will make you laugh and it will make you cry.  And, it will make you astonished at what she's dealing with at such a tender age. 


Now, the rest of you get over and wish them a great day too.


While I was on staycation and not blogging, I was given this lovely award by Jo at Weight on Me at 50+

One of the things I DO like about blog awards is that they usually lead me to bloggers I wouldn't have found otherwise, which is the case with Jo.  She is a fairly new blogger with only a few followers - I hope you'll go take a look and see if she's got any inspiration for you!

So, I'm supposed to reveal 7 things about myself that you didn't know.  This is hard because I feel like lately I've been putting it all out there but let's give it a try.

1. Yesterday was the 4th Anniversary of us purchasing our house. Thing is, for both me and Mr. Helen, it was our very first home purchase ever. I was 46 and he was 51. But we wanted to do it right and have the downpayment and not put ourselves in danger of losing it. In this economy, we are so glad we did.

2.  I will eat or try almost anything.  There are very few foods I don't like and won't eat.  I don't like liver, lima beans, oysters, mussels, salmon and bluefish.  And don't try to tell me if you cook them your special way I will like them.  I won't.

3.  One of my favorite things to do is entertain.  I love dinner parties, cocktail parties, BBQ's, etc.

4.  If I ever win the lottery (yes, I do buy tickets occasionally), I would upsize my house so that I'd have my dream kitchen and dining area and be able to do the entertaining I really want to do.

5.  It is very, very difficult for me to trust.  If I do get to the point where I trust completely and then I'm betrayed, I never let that person back in again.

6.  Shoes are my favorite accessory.  Mostly because my foot size hasn't changed that much over the years, even with weight ups and downs.  Right now I own approximately 100 pairs of shoes.  I've been known to pay more for my shoes than the dress I'm wearing.

7.  I started running because it was "free" exercise.  I now spend approximately $300-$500 a year on sneakers, wicking running clothes and race entry fees.  I supposed it's still less expensive than some things I could be doing.


  1. I am in dire need of new running shoes. I just looked at the mileage (that I've tracked) on my pair here at home and I am OVERDUE. And yes, it does pain me to spend serious money on such ugly shoes :-)

    Congratulations on your house-aversary!

    Have a super Thursday, Helen.

  2. I think JBS and SMB might be celebrating birthdays tomorrow as I thought we three shared the same birth date! I might be wrong, I will pop over to their blogs and take a look!

    Congrats on the blog award. I loved learning more about you. I share your love of shoes.

    I had to laugh at your " I started running because it was free exercise."

    I walk because it is "free" except for my $100 shoes, $14 socks and exercise shorts and tops! Still cheaper than a gym membership though.

  3. The trusting issue, and the free exercise. Helen, I knew we must have a lot in common. Thanks for sending some visitors to my blog!

  4. I had to smile when I read that one of the blogs you read is the same age as your daughter - I think if you have something in common, age doesn't matter!

    100 shoes??!! I have exactly four pairs of shoes. Two pair for work, flip flops and gym shoes.

    I'll go say happy birthday!! Thanks for reminding me about Leslie's - I had it written down too!

  5. Not much of a comment but I agree with many of your food dislikes except I like salmon. Hope things are swell. Happy anniversary on the house buying.

  6. "I don't like liver, lima beans, oysters, mussels, salmon and bluefish. And don't try to tell me if you cook them your special way I will like them. I won't."

    LOL!! I don't like any of those things either EXCEPT salmon!

  7. Those are 7 fun things about you! I would like to come for a dinner party because I know I wouldn't be served liver and I have no doubt it would be lovely in your current kitchen of your very OWN home!

  8. Aw! I love you too! I would love to come visit at your house and walk to the beach after a nice run with you. However, you would leave me in the dust. Panting and dying of exhaustion.

    I've seen your workouts. You aint a momma to be sneezed at. You da bomb. (Did that sound younger?)

    I laughed out loud at number two.
    while I ADORE salmon I always hear from people NO, IF I MADE YOU XYZ THE WAY I FIX IT YOU WOULD LOVE IT!!!

    (no, really, I wouldnt :))