Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Silvery Moon

Not much to say today.  I couldn't sleep at all last night so I finally got out of the bed at 3:45.  Drank coffee and left the house for my run by 4:30.  The moon was up and it was gorgeous.  I didn't have the iPhone so no photo.  The humidity is creeping back up but I only had to run a short 3 miles today and I survived.

When it comes to growing things,  I've shared that my method is plant and pray.  Spring of '09 I bought a hibiscus for my patio.  When winter weather rolled in I had absolutely no idea what to do with it so I dragged it into the house.  By the time I took it back outside this spring, it had absolutely no leaves and looked dead.  When Little Helen came home for Mother's Day she was laughing because it looked so sad.  When I got home yesterday this is what I saw:

Here's a close-up of one of the gorgeous flowers:

It's called Orange Crush - I love it!  There are many more buds on it ready to burst open.  It makes me happy to see that when I pull in my driveway.

Checking in for My Long Hot Active Summer Challenge:

That's another 2 pounds lost.  This may be the lowest weight I've been in a while.  It's a mystery to me and I fully expect to hear "April Fool!" any time now.  But I'll take it.


  1. What a wonderful scale result, Helen. That is just awesome. I'm so happy for you.

    That flower is gorgeous. I love your "plant and pray" philosophy. Very funny - I'm like that with houseplants. I'm looking at one Bick gave me and it's about on it's last legs. There is a reason I no longer have pets :0

    I hope your Wednesday is spectacular!

  2. Take it! If you're running 3 miles in the middle of the night, your loss is well deserved! I'm impressed. Most of us would go down to the kitchen for a glass of milk and some cookies.

  3. Well done on you loss and even better done on getting up early for your runs.

    I'm really faltering. Not only have I not been running in the late evenings, even when I do manage to get up early (like this morning), I haven't made the choice to run.


  4. Take it! That is so awesome Helen! Maybe this intuitive eating was the key all along!

    Sorry you couldn't sleep, I actually woke up late and decided to ditch my morning workout - more time to make pancakes!

  5. Everytime I check on you, it seems that you keep losing weight!! Keep it up girl!!!

  6. Take it and run! Really. Take it and run away fast. 2 pounds! I want, I want!

  7. Nice loss! If that was my mom's plant it wouldn't have survived as she's a black thumb :-)

  8. What a beautiful bush! You scale readings are Fabulous, wish I could see those number day after day. Kiddos to

  9. aaahh! Memories of my former Hibiscus plants that i've quickly killed in the hot Texas sun.

    Congrats on the continued weight loss. You are doing a fantastic job!

  10. I want that loss!

    Last year I planted and prayed for my hibiscus. She didn't make it.

  11. Congrats on your weight loss and your beautiful flowers!

  12. Congrats on that weight - excellent. And you hibiscus looks great. I should get one and give it a try. I grew up in FL and we had hibiscus plants practically volunteering all over the place. I didn't appreciate them then, but sure do now.

  13. That hibiscus is gorgeous! I planted a beautiful peony a couple years ago, it was a gift and was so pretty. Sadly, I killed it. I think I have a black thumb!

    176 is great! In fact, so great, I'm inching my way there now. :) I'm just trying not to stress out about my weight or my food. At least now I'm back into the exercise mode so that should help (that and the no cookies/candies in the house rule).

    Take care and have a great day!

  14. GREAT WEIGHT!! You rock!!
    I just can't believe you were up and ran. That hour, I would, read, and go back to sleep. Rock rock rock!!!

  15. such a lovely post and im left thinking WE SHOULD BE ROOMMATES :)

    Ive always been such a bad sleeper---id get up and hang with you any time!


  16. Your hibiscus is gorgeous - I'm with you...I just hope for the best when it comes to what little gardening I do, erm, supervise. But those happy surprises are such fun!

    Love that you ran so early in the morning - why not, right? Did you take a nap afterward?

    Congrats on the 2 pound loss - Go Helen, Go Helen, Go Helen!!! :)

  17. Hibiscus are my absolute favorite! Beautiful bush!

    Congrats on your great weigh in. :D