Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Sweating it Out

I did go to Muay Thai last night, and of course was glad I did after I got there.  It was hot but not unbearable, except for my breathing.  The air quality is so bad around here I've been using my old pneumonia inhaler for the last couple of days.

Got up this morning at 4:05.  Left the air conditioned cushion of the bedroom and immediately thought, "It feels warmer than usual."  Put on running clothes and staggered downstairs to pour coffee.  Flicked on TV and turned to Weather Channel.  At 4:15 it was 81 degrees.  Huh?  Turned around and looked at thermometer.  Inside house it was 88.  "This is gonna be a hard run."

And it was.  Only 3 1/2 miles and it turned into a walk/run because of my breathing.  Still, even with the walking,  I managed an overall 12 min./mile pace.  I kept telling myself that this was good practice for my August race which is always hotter than Hades and the sun is beating on you to boot.  I know, I'm a glutton for punishment.

After I showered and rehydrated with some OJ and water, I went downstairs for my usual Wednesday weigh in.  I weigh the same as I did last week:  180.  No picture today brought to you compliments of a spousal unit who doesn't quite understand computers.  I had my camera plugged into one of the two USB ports that are right on the front of our computer.  When I went to get it, it was unplugged and my camera was not charged, but his mp3 player was plugged in.  When I asked him why he unplugged my camera he said, "You had it plugged into my slot."  "Um, there's TWO."  "Oh, I can use either one?"  "Yes."  Sigh.

Interesting thing happened last night with my new no tracking thing.  After we got home from Muay Thai I decided to make myself a big salad with chicken, black beans, peppers - sort of a southwestern flair, and a cheese quesadilla as a side.  I got everything together and started eating.  Suddenly half-way through my salad I realized that I was getting full and I really did not want to eat another bite.  I stopped eating and offered the rest to the Mr.   The reason I find this so interesting is that as a "calorie counter" if that whole salad was inline with my calorie allottment for the day, I absolutely would have finished it.  Since I had no clue what may caloric intake was, the only thing I could go on is the fact that I was full.  This morning while running I had the thought that this is exactly what I want:  to be conscientious of my food choices and conscious of my hunger. 

I want to be a Conscious Eater.

Speaking of eating, I am going to be one of those annoying question asking bloggers today.  I have some friends coming over to The Patio for drinks and hors d'oeuvres Friday night.  Do you have a favorite hors d'oeuvre you especially like to serve in the summer?  Please share.

And, if you're in the heatwave, stay cool.  Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


  1. Helen, I have the same response to tracking food - if it's on the plan, I'll eat it, even if by some miracle of the Universe, I'm not hungry.

    The heat sounds just brutal. Please take good care of yourself.

    My favorite is tomato bruschetta - it tastes like fresh summer garden to me. Good tomatoes, herbs, some good oil, garlic, etc. Easy to prepare ahead - in fact it's better if it's allowed to meld a bit. Have fun!

  2. Isn't it horrible when it is hotter in the house than outside! Yuck!

    My favorite is hummus with vegetables. Peapods are my favorite to dip with.

  3. Your Mr. sounds like my Mr. when it comes to computers :)

    I sit here and complain about how cool our weather is and I read/hear about how warm it is in Eastern Canada and the US. Then I read comments like yours where your house is still 88 first thing in the morning. I would not like that. So I'm happy with my cooler temps I think.

    I'm with Debbi, I like Hummus and veggies only my fav with hummus is baby carrots. I also like tzatziki sauce with pita chips or something like that.

    Keep cool and hydrated yourself!

  4. Hooray for stopping when you were full!

    Make my shrimp cocktail! It can be done ahead and seriously is the best Tony and I have ever had - even in a restaurant!

    Happy Wednesday!

  5. I love shrimp and the Keep drinking.

  6. Conscious eater! I like that! What a light bulb moment, for me when you talked about eating every bite when you knew you were within your calorie limits. I am trying to pay less attention to all that and more attention to my hunger.

    I saw bruschetta mentioned above and I'm gonna agree with that for a summer appetizer. Gazpacho is good too and can be made less soupy and served with tortilla chips.

    I can relate to the early morning temps you are having. Not fun. Good for you to stick it out!

    Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!


  7. Similar to a shrimp cocktail, I love this crab dip made by mixing a can of lump crab meat with cream cheese (the low fat stuff works awesome for this, not NON-FAT...eww). I usually throw in some seasoning salt with that. I top it with a jar of cocktail sauce and serve with crackers.

  8. Oh man, I am busting a gut laughing at the USB port can just be so funny sometimes!

    Good going on the run - your pace was still really good, and yes, great practice for the hot August race. Hopefully your weather will break soon - I think I saw on the news this morning that the heat is moving south? Good news for you!

    As I rarely entertain, I am no help for you...but fruit kabobs (kebobs?) are always pretty and good!

  9. I love that you, too, get up at 4 in the morning. Now...I don't know about running. What? You run alone in the morning?!?! OH MY...

  10. I do what Kyle does with shrimp. It is yummy!

  11. Yup with that run. Did the same thing at 9. HOT HOT HOT! Ran for a few seconds too, more about some leg ache than the heat.
    I am so lame, that I throw a bag of chips and some salsa out. I am not so into cooking, although when I do it, it is fun.

  12. Bless your heart! It's not even that hot in Georgia right now. It was a blessed 79 when I went out this morning. Of course the humidity was 95% but that was bearable.
    Congrats on getting that run and for knowing when to take it slower than normal.

  13. What a novel idea - eating only until we are full. If I could only get my head around this concept I would be much, much more successful with this whole thing.

    Congrats to you!

  14. Throw a can of artichoke hearts and a half cup of white beans in a food processor with a little EVOO, garlic, S&P, and lemon juice. Yummy veggie dip! It's a crowd pleaser and super easy! Have fun!

  15. yeah...I'll hoover anything not nailed down. On my no count days I am worse.
    That's why I count.
    But it's cool that you stopped.
    and ugh with the heat..glad i live out west, the east is on broil lately. Stay cool.

  16. Not counting calories is really working for you! I can be the same with if it is with in my points for the day I might keep eating past the feeling full sensation. It is a learning curve.

    I like to serve edamame, hummus with pita and fresh veggies, fresh cherries and grapes.

  17. got up this morning and thought YAY YOURE AWAKE WITH ME.

    I lovelovelove me the shrimp.
    cocktail this time of year (both the drinks and the shrimpage :))

    have a great thursday.


  18. Conscious Eating is a wonderful way to diet; it was one of the principles of the WW Core plan. You pay attention to what you are eating and you stop when you are satisfied. It's one of the things I am going to concentrating on this week.