Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Ten, the Extreme Random Edition

1. The humidity finally broke a bit around here. I swear it had gotten so bad you couldn’t leave a loaf of bread out for two days without it developing mold.  It took 2 days for my running shoes to dry after last weekend's long run where I sweated so much my shoes were making squishing sounds at the end.

2. Laurie asked about the pictures taken during my long run last weekend. Yes, all the photos are with my iPhone. I carry it in a pouch that’s on my Fuel Belt, just in case I need to call for help or a ride home! Yes, I stop to take the photos and usually take a quick sip of water at the same time. It’s really OK to stop and take a drink of water when you’re running a long training run. In fact, in the sort of humidity I ran in, it’s probably advisable.

3. I have honestly never seen an anesthesia like the one used on Mr. Helen for his oral surgery. I kept asking him why they said he needed to have someone with him the rest of the day and boy did I find out. It literally took almost 18 hours and an overnight sleep before he was with it again.

4. I am a glass half empty sort of person. I want to be the glass half full person but every time I start to have a little faith in people, something happens – like my car accident last Thursday - that reinforces my belief that people are not inherently honest or good or nice. The good, nice people have made a choice to live that way. Just because I choose to be honest and good and nice doesn’t mean that others will. In fact, they probably won’t. By expecting the worst, I’m pretty much never surprised.

5. Have you ever seen a wonder diet advertised or had a friend who did something to lose weight that even while you’re thinking “that’s crazy!” the little devil on your left shoulder is suggesting that you try it?

6. I’m finding that the mindful eating thing is working with the wine too. It’s as if since I know I can have a glass of wine anytime I want, instead of trying to fit it into a calorie budget, I’m actually choosing not to have it.

7. The summer after Little Helen finished college, her childhood pet, a cat named Stripes, passed away. Stripes actually hadn’t done too well for several months prior and I distinctly remember telling Mr. Helen that I thought the cat was waiting for Little Helen to come back home. Ever since then (2001), we’ve been pet free by choice. I never knew that was so upsetting to people. I had such a spirited discussion about this with someone the other day I wondered if the person was jealous or really did think I was a bad human for not wanting pets right now. I have all sorts of empathy for child-free by choice people now.

8. Why have a public blog if you’re not going to allow comments? I don’t get it. I do completely understand monitoring comments and removing offensive material. I guess I just feel that if you’re writing just to write and don’t want comments, make your blog private.

9. Something else you don’t know about me is that I suffer from terrible motion sickness. I pretty much get sick in any form of transportation. Which is the main only reason we’ve never taken a cruise. A few years back after years of taking Dramamine and getting sick anyway, my doctor prescribed me the Scopolamine patch and opened up a whole world of possibilities because now I can travel without getting sick. Yes, if you wear it long enough there are some side effects but even those are worth not throwing up in a plane sitting next to a stranger.

10. My favorite blog last week? Written by the Miz. Who needs no introduction. It was all about Self Objectification: judging ourselves based on appearance because we believe that is how others judge us. Something I did for way too many years. Menopause has set me free. Have I mentioned that being 50 rocks?


  1. So even though I "know" you IRL, I love that I can come here and learn more!! :-)

    Re #5, YES!! But I am finding myself so much less desperate. Once I made my life about living my life and not about "losing weight" amazing things have happened...

    Re #7, hahaha. I am one of those child-free-by-choice people, but I have three cats and can't imagine my life without! So I know how you feel :-)

    Re #9, thank you for telling me this. I have a severe fear of being around someone who is nauseated...and I have a story about a Scopolamine patch...I'll tell you next time I see you.

  2. #4 - sadly I'm a glass half empty person too. I don't want to be that way, but 55 years of life has sort of taught that not all people are honest and good. Every time I think they are, I get disappointed. It's a sad state of affairs.

    #5 - if I could take a pill and do this, I would!

    #6 - mindful eating. I just discovered it through Geneen Roth's book. It's not like I didn't know it before but for some reason it's sinking in this time and it's like a miracle.

    #8 - the no comment thing, oh my gosh! It makes me furious. One of my favorite bloggers started doing that and it just ticks me off. I'll read something and want to comment and I can't. What the heck is that all about? I don't get it and I'd tell them but I can't leave a comment!

    #10 - I haven't read that yet, but I do know I'm caring less and less about what people think of me. It's like being set free. I think it has to do with the age thing. I just don't give a flying leap if someone likes me or not. Or if they think I'm fat or if my thighs are too heavy. Seriously, it just doesn't matter any more. Such a great feeling.

    Wonderful post!

  3. I have been pet free for a number of years, although Bick has a dog that I adore. It took some adjusting to, but I don't know that I will have a pet again. While I do love them, I am selfish enough with my time to not want to be tethered to a pet.

    I loved Miz' post as well. What others think of me is none of my business.

    I've always been a half-empty person, but I do think that has kept me from experiencing joy. It has kept me "on guard" so much, actually looking and waiting for the next shoe to drop. Always being in a defensive posture kept me, well, defensive. I'm trying to re-wire myself to look for, attract and manifest positive things. Tough change to make.

    Great post, Helen. Have a great Tuesday.

  4. Hm....
    #5 - yes definately. Have watched some folks on Dr. Bernstein's diet and it works great for them. They lose weight fast. Problem is that they don't keep it off because it isn't really teaching them anything. Vitamin B shot 3x week and eating under 1000 calories will make anyone lose weight fast. I'm OK doing it the way I am.

    6. Mindful eating - it's working to a point on the days I want it to work and I'm struggling other days. It's the mind part I'm still working on. I hope to finish all three books that I have this holiday and hopefully something will click :)
    #8 - agree with you there - very frustrating.

    #10 - missed that post of Miz - thanks for sharing it! I am my biggest enemy some days.

    Have a wonderful day Helen!

  5. love your blog post and #8 is one I thought was weird too.smile.

  6. I'm glad that you have embraced being 50 and you think it rocks....i think YOU ROCK!!

  7. #10 I totally agree. I cannot wait until menopause for that aspect.

    You are totally awesome.

  8. #7 hit a nerve with me. Mr. Splurge had a dog when I met him. Over the 30 years we've had 2 others. I loved them, took the best care of them I could and all my dogs had wonderful lives. But now, we both say: No more dogs. We can finally take a weekend trip without planning it like D-Day, my house doesn't need to be vacuumed every 20 minutes, we can stay out late, and we can sleep late. Now it's our turn "to go for a ride."

  9. ????? I have never understood the need for people to comment about other people's personal life choices. If you don't want a pet, is there a rule that says you Must have a pet?
    If you don't want a child, is there a rule that says you must? ( I have a dog and a cat and two daughters btw)
    Why would anyone care enough to comment?! Why don't people mind their own business?! as if they don't have things others don't understand.
    I homeschool. I would never send my kids to a public school because I don't think (except in rare instances) that the curriculum is up to par.
    Do I needle parents who do and ask about their children's socialization? Do I quiz Their children with multiplication tables or ask what the names are of the capitals of small african countries? No.
    sorry, this is the one thing that P*sses me off.
    oh, and I used to be a glass half empty person, who has recently decided to be a 'glass half full' type person.
    Yes, people will let you down. but that is mitigated by the fact that most people don't mean to, they are just looking out for their own self interest. I think most people will and want to do the right thing. Well, Have a good night...I will stop writing the comment novel now.

  10. Wow I learned so much about you from this post. No pets, no problem we don't have pets either but all of our friends have pets. I just don't love animals,period, that is just how it is.

    I am a glass half full kind of person most of the time. I strive for good energy and try to surround myself with others that are the same.

  11. #1 - Our bread is always in the fridge. Even with A/C, mold happens too often to risk it here.
    #4 - I'm normally a half-full person...however, I'm having a hard time seeing it right now.
    #7 - When these two go, no more cats. I'd like to say that about a dog, but I really like dogs. We'll see...all of our animals are pretty young, so it's a long way off.
    #8 - Completely agree.
    #9 - OMG, me too! I should try the patch next time I fly.

  12. #7: I am childfree by choice, and yep, it's about the same debate. :) There are just people in the world who want you to live like they do, and cannot fathom a different path.

    I am so, so, SO glad you are having success with mindful eating! I am hoping to get into that this fall once I feel comfortable with the hang of WW and just all around healthy eating again. I am using you as my guide on this, and love reading all the observations you are making.