Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuesday Ten

1. This is my first summer blogging. Is Blogland slower during the summer or is it just my imagination?

2. I’m on vacation countdown. 3 ½ work days and I’m off for a week. While this week off will be a “stay”cation, I am really looking forward to waking up without an alarm clock!

3. I added a photo of the potato salad to the recipe post. It’s the very one I made this weekend when Mr. Helen asked me to make for it him, just like I told you he would!

4. Elaine asked me what would happen if I didn’t take the ice bath after a long run. Very sore legs. I learned this the hard way as a new runner. After my 1st marathon, I didn’t do anything more than stretch out. My legs were so sore I was walking down stairs backwards for a couple of days. A friend told me about the ice bath thing so when I did my second marathon I took the ice bath. My legs definitely felt exercised but were not sore. I’ve been taking them ever since. The initial shock is so worth the long term benefits.

5. The difference between running at 8 in the morning when it’s 75 degrees and 4:45 in the morning at the same temperature is the sun. I was reminded of that between my runs yesterday and today. I love the sun, but not particularly beating down on me when I’m running.

6. Our heat index is supposed to be 107 by midafternoon today. I live near the ocean and we just don’t normally get this sort of heat. I have to say it’s making me worry about what temperature the dojo will be like for Thai Boxing tonight since that room is usually a little too hot for me anyway.

7. I am trying a no food tracking experiment for the next couple of weeks. I’m really tired of it and I don’t like tracking when I’m on vacation so now’s the time. I will say I’m going to eat healthfully and mindfully because I do know what sort of good food choices I should be making. But I won’t call it Intuitive Eating because I do believe my intuition is all out of kilter when it comes to food.

8. While I’ve been frustrated with my weight loss (or lack of) in general, when I did my monthly weigh in for the 101 Days of Summer Challenge, I actually lost 3 pounds in June. Maybe I should switch to monthly weigh-ins…

9. I sort of browsed through some blogs over the long weekend and by yesterday had started to see the “I ate too much” blogs popping up. I’m expecting to see the rest of them today.

10. Which got me to thinking… why do we do that? Do we deprive ourselves so much all the time that we see a holiday weekend or vacation as a free for all? Why not just eat mindfully but eat what you want most of the time so that the holiday is just another day… which is why I’ll be looking at some Intuitive Eating blogs today because I’m really curious to see what those people did compared to dieting bloggers. In the meantime, if you overdid it and have thought about it, tell me why, please. Or if you didn’t overdo it, tell me why too!


  1. Hope it works, not tracking food, it doesn't for me! Holy cow it is HOT where you are! It was 85 and super humid yesterday so it was hot here too. Way too hot!!

  2. I'm glad you're going to let go of tracking for a while...I don't consider myself an expert but let me know if you have any questions or concerns. And remember, you CAN trust yourself!

    And yeah, I saw some of those "I ate too much" posts as well. You make an excellent point. I say this not as a "brag" but because it really has become part of who I am: I did not eat too much this weekend. I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full. I enjoyed all kinds of food, from steak and mushrooms to yogurt with strawberries, from peanut butter brittle ice cream to roasted asparagus.

    I guess I just *can't* overdo it any more, not to mention that I have no desire to.

    See you at the dojo?

  3. Good day Helen! I love your Tuesday Ten's :)

    I didn't overeat on our holiday which was Thursday but that's because I was on vacation already and it was just another day for me. I'm kind of like Karen - I'm eating when hungry (which isn't that often right now due to this cold), and I'm stopping when full. I've not been too fussy on what I've eaten either. Probably not enough fruit and veg while camping cause it is hard to keep that stuff fresh for 10 days in a cooler, but I did pretty good.

    I hope it's not too hot for you tonight. We have the exact opposite here - we are not hot enough. Still getting lots of rain and cool days.
    Have a wonderful day!

  4. I didn't overeat this weekend and I exercised every day. I just decided last week that it was coming and it was not going to throw me. However, let me say that I did not take a trip, I was in my own comfort zone, with friends who know I am trying to get healthy and don't offer me a lot of cheesy dishes and sweets. This helped me to stay on track.

  5. I had something insightful to say as I read this, but have already forgotten, a. because I had kid interruptions
    b. I am floating on migraine meds
    BUT, my eating sux is not just the weekend, it's been too many weeks running. I need to get it together.

  6. Why do we do that? If we could only figure out that answer.

    BTW, I saw the ice bath pics. I enjoy a cool shower myself, but ice?? :-) I know there was a purpose, but ice??? :-)

  7. I wish I knew why my brain sometimes just shuts down and I don't care what goes in my mouth. My blood sugar management went fine, but those extra bites and licks and tastes (don't get me started on the wine!) really add up!

    I contemplated weighing myself this morning, but decided to just wait til the end of the month. I plan on doing an 8 mile bike ride at lunch to jump start this week.

  8. You are having Texas heat indexes - what's up with that? If the dojo is already too hot for you, I'd consider skipping the class...why put yourself through the misery?

    Nice work losing weight during June! I am thinking of putting my scale away and just concentrating on exercise and eating healthy...fueling my body as needed to keep up with the workouts and running and not worrying about the calories so much. Sounds like a vacation to me - oh, and how nice will it be to not wake up to the alarm every morning?!?

  9. WTG JUNE! I am another who ate too much and for all the WRONG reasons. Today I am back in my routine, which makes it easier.

    I'm with you re: the sun. I do not like it beating down on me. When I was running, it would just drain me. I did much better running earlier or in the shade. Try to stay cool. Your heat index sounds just brutal!

  10. I'm sad for you guys and your heat index. It's so foggy and cold here today. I'm in long sleeves and there's water on the ground, dripping from the fog.

    I think blogland is a tad slower in the summer though especially around the holidays. Or maybe that's just for me.

    And I'm not sure about you but the constant focus on food and the "I'm bad" or "I'm good" nature of it, drives me bananas (Food!) I know there is so much more to people than their food intake or outflow. Your list of Tuesday ten proves that.

    Things you will never seen on my blog, the words "after my 1st marathon..."
    Also, love your new profile photo.

  11. Wel I just got back from a 10 day vacation and my goal was to maintain but I actually lost .8!

    I did not treat each meal as a vacation meal. I ate healthy 90% of the time. I picked a few things that I really wanted to eat and enjoy in smaller quantities and I kept up the exercise as much as I could.

    I am not on a "diet" I have a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy foods and because of this I no longer feel the need to "binge" or eat out of control on a holiday or vacation. I no longer consider that as "treating" myself well!

    It took a long time to get to this point.

  12. Yep. We deprive ourselves too much. Yep bloggerland is slower. Yep.

    So sorry it is so terribly HOT. You are smart to go so early. I hope it works out for you. Miss you. Be back Thurs or Fri. Caught a free moment.


    (plops down pompoms and runs for more coffee)

  14. I've noticed blogland too has been quiet, I aws sick last week, but in general.

    And hope the no food tracking works out well for you.

  15. I noticed that about blogland too and that I'm losing followers. Not that I had that many in the first place. I guess people just don't want to do it anymore. I'm having a hard time keeping up with blogs (mine included!) because it's summer and I like to take things a little easier and sometimes things just get in the way. Not giving it up though, too much fun!

    I'm not tracking right now, mostly because I'm lazy, but I like it. I actually eat less and less frequently. Go figure.

    The sun does make a huge difference in how I feel when I run and is why I like to run so early when there is no sun!

    I hope your heat wave is short lived! We're used to it here but I know the east coast is not.

    I refuse to deprive myself anymore. And I refuse use any excuses on the weekend to over eat. It's so not worth having a food hangover which is something I notice I have now when I overdo food or anything!

    do you like how I write a blog post in your comments all the time? lol! sorry!