Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tuesday Ten

1. So I learned yesterday that mindful eating is going to be hard at work and when that happens, it’s going to be hard after work. It’s not that I didn’t have enough food, I had plenty. It’s when I’m bored stiff, evidently I want to munch everything in sight. Bored Stiff is my job description right now. Too long to go into here but suffice it to say it took everything I had not to raid the vending machine at work and the fridge when I got home.

2. There were several blogs I commented on yesterday. When I went back to read other comments or followup, my comment wasn’t there. I’m pretty sure not everybody was deleting what I was saying. At least I hope not!

3. Many of the bloggers I read regularly have been talking about their camping trips this summer. I’m not a camper. At all. To me roughing it means I stay in a motel instead of a hotel and have to go out to buy my morning coffee because there is no room service.

4. If you saw me before my morning coffee you would agree that me not having coffee is roughing it too.

5. I ran 33 miles the week I was off work. I haven’t run that many miles in a week in a couple of years. I also ran in the heat more since I wasn’t getting up at the crack of crack.

6. It is NOT the heat, it’s the humidity. I have a friend who lives in Vegas (but used to be a right coaster) and she says she’d rather be in 110 degrees in Vegas than in 80 + humidity.

7. I have a Facebook ‘friend’ who gets on via Daily Mile and complains because it takes her 36 minutes to run 4.5 miles, while pushing her baby in a jogging stroller, in the current heat and humidity we’ve been having. Makes me want to drive to her house and slap her, then hide her updates.

8. I know to run faster I need to lose weight. I just haven’t been able to figure out how to make my body let go of the excess.

9. Based on all the hot and humid runs I did over my staycation, I now believe it to be entirely possible for me to have my Worst. Race. Ever. on August 7th. I say that because I actually did take the time to go back and look at my results and for some reason, each year I’ve done this race I’ve gotten progressively worse. I never realized that until now.

10. Yes, while knowledge may be power, ignorance IS bliss. Yes, I am questioning why I even want to attempt the race.


  1. I know EXACTLY what you mean about the work boredom eating thing. I discovered something that is in line with my night time munchies. I like to eat when I read and yesterday I had to read a manual (how boring can that be) and I all of a sudden became hungry... in my mouth not my stomach. I put it together... took me long enough. So last night I did not read a book, I actually read blogs instead, and Viola! no munchies... it's all so much of a mind game for me.

    I certainly would never delete your posts so it must have been blogger. Stupid computers!

    Slap her eh? That was funny.

    FB - look for a friend request :)

    Have a great day Helen!

  2. That happens to me sometimes, I leave a comment and it vanishes into thin air - even on my brothers blog! Sometimes it just goes into Spam.

    I used to make my own tzatziki sauce, until my store started selling it for $1.99 a container!

    I was going to ride my bike this morning - but my tires are completely flat. Have you done any Jackie Warner DVD's? I just did her Abs on Exercise TV on demand - it killed!

    Have a great day Helen!

  3. I am of the "ignorance is bliss" camp. It's one of the reasons I gave up reading magazines - they just made me feel, in no particular order, old, fat, out of style, out of step, not particularly good. Yes, I should be bigger than that, but when I'm not? HIDE.

    You will do fine in your race. Every race, every run is different - with different set of factors going in. It may be the best race, it may be the worst one you've done, but it is still just the activity, the sense of accomplishment when it's over. Have a good time with this, Helen.

  4. Because there is glory in the attempt of racing! And in the fact that you're still doing it, even though you may be slower.

    I met a guy this weekend who was 67 years old and running his 100th triathlon. I mentioned he was slower than he used to be too. He looked incredible for a 67 year old slow guy.

  5. #7 made my laugh! I have several facebook friends who I would like to drive to their houses and slap them for some of the things they complain about. LOL

    I agree with Rita that there is glory in the attempt of racing. Focus on the fact you accomplished a race not so much on your race time. The fact you are even getting out there and doing it is much more than most people will ever do.

  6. I will go and slap your FB with you, lol!

    And on race, you are doing it for sentimental reasons, not for time. Plus you will be making memories and that's what it's all about, right?

    Oh, and it IS the humidity.

  7. Hey Helen! I' missed you while you were gone. Blogger seems a little effed up in general. Maybe it's the heat AND humidity!

    I think it's great that you want to do the race - just showing up for training and then the actual even makes you a winner. It's not realistic to think that in extreme conditions you are going to have a PB, much less place at the head of the pack! 33 miles last week is fantastic!! You are a powerful woman.

    I'm with you on camping. I'm even starting to upgrade to business class on planes now just for comfort when I can afford it!

  8. I bet you will do fine in the race! Positive thinking goes a long way!!!

  9. mindful eating was ok for me when I was in the workforce (read OFFICE JOB)---when I struggled to remain focused was when I went freelance.

    the ease of the computer and a bigassbowl of pretzels was too...easy.

    took me gaining a few pounds but I finally learned :)

  10. We go camping in this amazing park in Tennessee. What makes it even more amazing is that we rent a cabin or a villa there, with maid service. Now THAT'S camping!!