Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Tuesday Ten

1. I hate discrimination: ethnic, racial, gender based. Hate it. If you are my friend and I see you being discriminated against, I will gladly beat down the discriminator. And take great pleasure doing it.

2. My father-in-law has been laid off/forcibly retired at the age of 82. He worked for the same Chrysler/Plymouth/Dodge dealer for 61 years. Started as a mechanic and worked his way through every position on the service side then went over to sales and worked his way up to General Manager. When my mother-in-law was diagnosed with her Alzheimer’s 15 years ago, he decided to back away from the GM job but stayed in sales. He should have retired 5 or 10 years ago but his job rapidly became his socialization as my MIL spiraled into her disease. It’s hard to understand when it’s said that Alzheimer’s is a Whole Family Disease until you’re in the midst of it.

3. August is a hard month emotionally for me. Tomorrow would have been my brother-in-law’s 41st birthday. I can’t believe it’s the second one since he passed away. Followed by my former boss’ birthday on the 18th and my sister-in-law’s on the 29th – both firsts since their deaths.

4. The state I live in is having Primary Elections today. I was super impressed when I got there and saw teenagers working the polls. First of all they were so polite! Secondly I couldn’t help but think what a great way this is for them to learn about the process.

5. The race I did last Saturday was not about actual time for me. I did not set a time goal while training. In fact, for my training program, I used my worst time ever at this race to calculate what paces I should train at. It was about proving to me, that after a 2 year absence from racing that I still had it in me to actually do it if I put in the training. The faster time was just icing on the cake. And that faster time? Still 10 minutes slower than my best time ever at this race, so there you have it.

6. After the race we spent 4 hours at the beach where the race starts and ends. It was a gorgeous, perfect, beach day. I would never deny anyone, no matter their weight, the opportunity to be on the beach. Some people just need to actually look in the mirror when they try on their bathing suit. Then there’s a whole other group who have a decent bathing suit, but have neglected the "landscaping" that should be done. At one point Mr. Helen remarked that he either had to lay back and close his eyes or change the direction of his chair. I’m just saying.

7. The Topsy Turvey has turned out to be a terrific tomato planter. I actually bought the one from QVC that came with a stand and holds 3 plants. I’ve got grape tomatoes, beefsteak and a hybrid. Since I have to garden on my patio this has been a perfect solution.

8. Eleven days until vacation. One reason I know I’m REALLY ready is that I don’t feel like cooking. Normally, cooking for me is somewhat therapeutic. In fact the more I cook, the less I tend to eat. But I haven’t cooked a single thing for well over a week. I bought a rotisserie chicken last Friday, got Mr. Helen to cook on Saturday, told him we were eating the leftover rotisserie on Sunday, didn’t even mention food yesterday and Mr. H. ended up going and buying some fish and putting it on the grill, tonight there is leftover fish or leftovers from Saturday, tomorrow I’m going out for dinner with my mother and he can fend for himself. That brings us to Thursday when I will not have time to cook because I will be at Muay Thai so it will be sandwiches or takeout. Which brings us right back to Friday. I wonder how long I can keep this trend going….?

9. I have some decisions to make soon. The first is in regards to my running and if I’m going to try to get in another race this fall. I need to figure out if I want to keep up with the Saturday long run commitment, along with the early morning running in the dark that it takes. The second concerns this blog. When I started blogging September 2, 2009 I said I would blog for a year and then re-evaluate. (I think in my mind ‘re-evaluate’ meant if I lost a lot of weight and was “popular and inspirational” I’d keep going.) Uh, yeah, right. While I enjoy it, I haven’t been spectacularly successful at meeting the weight loss goals I set out for. OK, let’s just face it. I’ve sucked at that. Also, I do not consider myself a writer in any way shape or form. I think I’m running out of things to say. I mean how many times/ways can a person say, “I’m trying to get there but I’m still not where I want to be?”

10. I seem to be long winded with the Ten today so I’ll finish with this: Vanilla or Chocolate?


  1. Vanilla ice cream, but chocolate candy...with peanut butter. What? I know what I like :)

  2. First # 10 - both, depending on the item. But overall, chocolate.

    I hear you about the blog and pondering whether to continue. Personally I do find you inspiring, and you're definitely on my list of popular bloggers - a daily must read. But I also have had moments recently of wondering if I want to continue, as I've made little progress in the weight loss realm. I have made progress in honest reporting and have gotten tons of great ideas, inspiration and motivation. Still not sure what I'll do, but for today I'm still in it.

    Where are you going on vacation?

  3. I tell you this, I didn't start blogging with the idea that I'd lose weight by doing it, but because it fulfilled a need in me that, at the time, I didn't know I had. Weight loss has been a side-effect. If you like blogging...if you like having a place to put your thoughts down and have others read them, then keep on keepin' on. Besides, you never know you who might inspire...

    As for cooking? I am totally with you! I used to love it but now it feels like an after thought..."oh, I need to cook dinner...darn it all." I once read that as women get on towards menopause that they start looking outward. When we're in our 20s and 30s, it's all about the nest and family. But then we transition to more worldly concerns...

    #10: both. :-)

  4. Great suggestion for beating the heat, but my kids would be HORRIFIED if I did that! :) Actually I have been taking quite a few showers during the day

  5. #10 Chocolate...DEFINATELY

    I'm sorry for the sadness in your life right now. {{{{hugs}}}}

  6. You can't stop blogging - I just found your blog, and I love it!! You left an awesome comment on Corletta's blog, and I just had to click over to read more. :)

    Vanilla ice cream, please. :)

  7. Enjoyed this list. I think the thing about blogging is you can't just keep writing the doldrums. (Not saying that you are at all.) But I started writing when I was diagnosed with cancer and then quickly got bored hearing about my cancer every day so then I wrote about other stuff. Though if blogging is interfering with life, I'd reevaluate.

    Chocolate! Yum. (down 40lbs!)

  8. Helen, don't you dare stop blogging! I love your writing, and I read your blog every day. You're one of my top picks and I often skip over others just so I can read what you wrote. You inspire me!

    Vanilla. :)

  9. Vanilla!

    I know how you feel abt blogging. I go thru waves myself. Some days I love it, some days it's a hassle. My best advice is: listen to your heart!

    I would miss you terribly if you stopped, though!

  10. I am with Leslie. It's tough because its hard for me to keep up with reciprocating comments left on my blog - but yours is definitely a must read. Maybe I like you so much because we are kind of in the same age bracket, I do get sick of the 20 something food blogs every once in a while talking about green monsters and such.

    But do what's right for you - if that means blogging once a week, we will definitely be here when you do!


  11. You can't quit blogging. I love Tuesday 10, and I love hearing what's going on and I love hearing about your writing depite not having huge weight loss and you are inspirational to me and funny. And, I like to hear about people that it doesn't come easy to, because that is me too.
    And, by the way, with your new intuitional eating plan, I bet the blogging is helpful.
    So NO do not leave us!!!

  12. Chocolate.

    I love your Tuesday Tens - so random and yet so telling. Don't you dare quit blogging or I will hound you until you come back...

  13. uh, that would be vanilla with chocolate and caramel.
    good ones tonight.
    I get in those moods too...when I could eat tuna and hot sauce out of a can and call it a day.

  14. Chocolate!!!

    Sorry about your losses. I had an uncle who worked for a Mercury dealership into his 80s. I think he did it for the jokes he picked up at the dealership and delights in telling the relatives.

  15. Oh, and I couldn't remember all the way back to #1, but I'm with you on anti-discrimination!

  16. I'd miss you if you quit blogging lots of time I just read and don't leave comments..You inspire me and make me laugh.

    I like chocalate better!

  17. Chocolate for sure! I would miss your blog if you decided to leave it.

    You are so interesting and there is so much more to you than losing weight!

  18. So very sorry for you and #3 - it must be a real tough week for you. #'s 4 & 8 rock though!

  19. Hi Helen! Congrats on your race! I think you should do another one in the fall, then you still have something to look forward too and since you've built up the mileage, at least keep running a little? I always beated myself up, I ran 2 marathons 2 years in a row and after each one I stopped running for several months (or more) until it was time to train for the next one and it was like starting from 0 again!

    Sorry about August being hard, it's hard when people you love are gone and their birthday's roll by...

    And, I love your blog, so I hope you continue that too!

  20. Chocolate.

    About blogging, you might consider only doing it as you feel like it, 2 or 3 times a week, at least. And every day when you feel it. You might try adding some current info on nutrition, health and exercise, along with some motivation, not just weight loss. Hopefully this is a decision I will have to be making in November when I will have reached my weight goal. But since I have other goals related to health, I am hoping to hang around awhile and write about such.

    Anyhoo, please don't leave us!