Friday, September 3, 2010

Batten Down the Hatches!

It's Friday already friends.  I don't know about you but I just want to dance with joy because it's a long weekend too!

Did those of you using Blogger notice the new "Stats" tab at the top of your dashboard (and also on the the page where you create a new post)?  Wow it that interesting.  If you're feeling that people don't care because they don't comment, you should look at that... I can't believe how many times my blog is viewed even though folks don't say anything.  You like me!  You really like me!  (Sorry, I'll make Sally Field go away now.)

Anyway, I pointed that out because I just noticed it and figured some of you probably haven't yet. And also to say that I've lost track of how many times you guys have told me you enjoy the Tuesday Ten and sure enough, one of the Tuesday Tens is the most viewed post in the one year history of Doing A 180.

Those of you who expressed concern about me not blogging may feel relieved to know I'm not going to stop, I just need to wrap my head around the fact that I'm not REALLY a weight loss blogger. Or at least I'm not one yet. (Hmmmm, maybe I'll just consider myself a Running, Thai Boxing,Chubby Middle-Aged Lady Blogger...)

I will probably blog less than I have - maybe a few times a week instead of everyday but I'm going to just feel it out while I reboot.  I'll keep the Tuesday Ten for sure, as long as I can think of ten things to say.

Earl is coming to visit where I live.  Although by the time he gets here he'll just be knocking on the door a little,  Still, we've put everything we can into our garage and are hoping our neighbor's giant tree, that they've been slowly cutting down, doesn't fall on us.  Schools are dismissing early and I'm considering leaving work early as I really don't want to drive home in a tropical storm.

Here's what the calm before the storm looked like this morning

I sort of starting feeling that bad weather and rain is haunting Mr. Helen and me lately but then I realized, we've got plenty to eat, a couple of Netlfix movies (as long as the power stays on) and a home to stay dry in (as long as the darn trees hold up!).  Best of all, we have each other.

Happy long weekend my friends!


  1. That is super cool about the stats!!!! That does make you feel loved!!! I even have people from China reading my blog!! Kind of amazing if you think about it! Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks for telling me about the stats yesterday - it really is fascinating to see how many people do visit my blog, even if, like you said, they don't comment. Very cool, indeed. And I'm glad you are not going to stop blogging. That made my day, and it's not even 7:30! :)

    I like the excitement of hurricanes/tropical storms, although not the grocery store (buy water!coffee!bread!!!) - but I do like having "hurricane food" in the house (chips/candy/crap). License to eat. Hope the storm is light by the time it hits your area - have a good weekend!

  3. Earl's gotta die!

    Thanks for the info on the stats. I hadn't noticed it. And I am glad that you are going to continue to blog. I consider you a friend and would miss you if you went away.

    And as for what kind of blogger you are - well, does that really matter? Isn't all of this about more than just miles and pounds? The people and blogs that I enjoy the most are the "real" ones. Those are the people that I can relate to.

    Stay dry and have a cozy weekend.

  4. Glad you are continuing to blog! :D Like Shelley, that made my morning too!

    And I do love storms, as long as I have wine, food and am in my pajamas! :D Hope it isn't too bad for you.

    I think only 5% of my readers actually comment!

  5. Glad you're still going to blog. I just started reading you recently and would feel cheated if you left right away. :) Hope your house and everyone stays safe in the storm.

  6. Stay safe Mr. and Mrs. Helen! I would freakin rather have earthquakes then hurricanes and stuff.

    Whew! Glad you are not ditching us!

    I had been looking up stats under Google Analytics but it is nice they have it there at the Dashboard now. It is also interesting to see where people are coming from. I get a lot of action from Shelley's blog

  7. Stay safe and cuddle up next to Mr. H.
    I will be sad to read less of you, just sayin'

  8. While I'm so glad we dodged Earl here in Florida I'm sorry he's coming to visit you:( You sound like your as ready as you can get its the after math that is usually the worse. I lost my house to hurricane Charley in 2004 a big oak came through our little ole house but its been rebuilt:) better than before.
    Anyway, stay safe and dry and let us know your OK when you can.

  9. Oh, I am so glad you're going to keep blogging, Helen!!!

    You know that I needed to take a break for a while, and since I've returned, I've allowed myself to post about once a week - a huge change from way back when, when I posted once a day. It is part of teaching myself to find SPACE in my life. I read somewhere that the space between breaths is where the peace is at, and I am trying to incorporate that into my life.

    May you find the rhythm you need, and most especially the peace! (And may Earl be a quiet, well-behaved visitor.)

  10. Hope the storm passes and you don't get too much damage!

    Have a great weekend Helen and I'm glad you'll still be bloggin!

  11. Stats are really interesting. I have found that only about 10% of the visitors to my blog comment. My high traffic days are Mon - Wed so I think I might just post on those 3 days. I wonder if things change though once the weather gets colder? Will have to wait and see.

    I am glad you are not giving up blogging. You still inspire me with your exercise and your healthy choices!

  12. Hope Earl doesn't hit you to hard. Come back and tell us all about it.

  13. I'm glad to read you aren't going to disappear into the deep, black, bloggy abyss. :-)

    Looking forward to more Tuesday Tens.