Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Phlogging through Hump Day

Per your request, photos of some of the things I've been writing about lately!

The Cooking Light Chicken Enchilada Casserole.
It turned out so good, I had only two portions and Mr. Helen ate the rest.  He was eating it as a snack!

One of my portions.
I put Cholula on it because it's not spicy at all.  But I wouldn't change
the recipe either because Mr. Helen does not like too much spice and I can always add what I want.
If you like Mexican flavors, this casserole is for you.

Roasted Chicken Breasts with Fennel, Potatoes, Red Onion

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits to go with

The headlamp
I have to wear one on my early morning runs now.
This is a new one.  I went to use my old one last week and it was so stretched out it wouldn't stay on!

Pam's Life is Good Hat with the Runner

The bracelet Pam was wearing when she passed away.
The runner earrings - aren't they cute?!

The Sign!
It's sitting on a shelf that we see each time we go downstairs to our Family Room.


  1. Life is, indeed, good! Love the hat, the jewelry, the whole ensemble. And I'd hurt somebody to get to that casserole for lunch. Looks yummy - no wonder Mr. Helen was snacking on it.

    Have a wonderful Wednesday, Helen.

  2. I want that casserole. YUM. I'm so glad that you have those momentos to remember her and love her by.

    I love your smile on the headlamp pic. Awesome. I don't think I would be smiling at that hour. :)

  3. Great pictures - that enchilada casserole looks fantastic! Love your headlamp - do you wear a flashing light at the back of your waistband for any drivers to see you?

    The mementos of Pam are priceless - those runner girl earrings are gorgeous and what a perfect connection for you to have with her.

    Love the sign! It IS all good!

  4. Did you post the recipe for the enchiladas? I just read someone else's blog who also had an enchilada recipe (vegan, eh?), but I want to make them tonight and yours looks YUM!
    Love the sign!

  5. I love Mexican food and that looks delicious!

    Yes, those earrings are cute! Too funny about the head lamp, I have never seen a runner wearing one of those!

  6. Yes -- from the looks of these photos, you will definitely be the chef when you come for a visit. haha
    I love biscuits (they are my comfort food) though I think I like very spicy foods too.

  7. I love the hat! So cute!! I want one of those.

    I haven't made the Cooking Light Chicken enchilada casserole yet, it looks amazing. I'm going to try to find the recipe on their site.

  8. mustmust be time for breakfast as you had me at HOMEMADE BISCUITS...

    Id never make mine from a TUBE :)
    never I say!!!