Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday Ten: Pic(k)s of the Week

1.  This is what the sky looked like when I was on my run and 1/4 mile from home this morning.  Note to self:  It is dark and time to wear your headlamp so you won't get tangled up in the crap nature and people are leaving on the side of the road!

2.  Remember how I mentioned that my own idea of how I looked and how I really look is skewed?  Well, according to this article, I am not alone people.

3. "When I make myself sit down at the table with nothing but my food, suddenly a whole bag of chips doesn't seem as compelling." That came from this woman who started at 250 and currently weighs 129 and has maintained that for three years. Certainly puts a whole new spin on eating mindfully and without distractions.

4.  Probably most anyone who has ever tried to lose weight has done some form of a crazy diet.  This is the one my sister just did.  She told me about it in case I wanted to try it but recommended that I try to have 3 days in a row where I didn't need to exercise.  That tells me a whole lot about the diet before I even took a look at it.  I should mention that she lost 4 lbs. in 3 days.  Oh, and I should mention that she's 5'8" tall and weighs 141.  Makes me wonder if we are ever, EVER satisfied.

5.  Roxie's post last week made me want to take up Salsa dancing.  For the entertainment value.  I'm just saying.

6.  I believe in equal opportunity for men and women.  I was so glad to see that men finally got to have an opportunity that women have been experiencing for years, in regards to their clothing.  It's about time!

7.  Speaking of clothing, I recently discovered New Dress A Day: 365 Days, 365 New Outfits, 365 Dollars.  I have absolutely no sewing ability but I love to see what other people do.  I really admire this woman's work!

8.  By accident, I think I've found the holy grail of BBQ:  http://amazingribs.com/.  As you all know, I have a particular fondness for pork and cannot wait to try his rib recipe.  But there's all sorts of other things there too including sauce recipes from every BBQ region in our country.

9. The temperatures in my area have changed pretty drastically over the last 10 days or so.  In fact, I pulled out some of my capri length running rights as 57 degrees at O'Dark-Thirty feels pretty chilly.  As long as I've been running I still always have a few runs when I'm under or over dressed when the temperatures change.  That is unless I remember to use the What to Wear tool from Runner's World.  It's dead-on correct every time.

10.  Lastly, I leave you with a couple of photos of my niece Gracie taken by my sister and me.  My sister and I have often made jokes about how we each gave birth to the other's daughter. My daughter is very much like my sister and my sister says Gracie is very much like me. Gracie will be be 4 years old at the end of this month. Gracie is a girly girl.  She loves, dresses, accessories, jewelry and already can't wait for makeup.  She is the only toddler I've ever had compliment me on my nail polish.  I love her so much and just seeing pictures of her can make my day better.  Maybe it will make your day better too.

Labor Day Beach Girl

She was told to get ready to go shopping - she ran upstairs and came back down like this.
I think she's perfectly accessorized!

Always has on her jewelry - the ring is from her brother,
he won it just for her at the arcade on the beach day
She melts my heart...


  1. Im in central florida so we dont get to much of nature in our runs unless we head to a park or natur trails. By the way Gracie is a doll.

  2. Cute little niece! Love her goofy glasses.

    Thanks for the piece about the woman sitting at the table to eat. I'm going to check out her blog. That's a good strategy and I might try and commit to that for a couple days!

    Crazy how dark it is in the mornings now, esp. when you're out at before the butt crack of dawn!

  3. Your niece is a hoot and adorable! Love her fashion sense!

    Dang, woman - it was DARK this morning when you ran! I still can't get over the being afraid of the dark thing and haven't been able to make myself do an early-morning run again. You are a brave woman! Oh, and I like that RW link for what to wear - it was dead-on for me this morning!

    The girl who does the 365 dresses is so fun. She is really talented and I'm amazed at what she makes out of some really awful dresses!

    I love that men are dealing with vanity sizing, too - I swear my husband is NOT really a 36/34 (some places) waist...now I know. Question is, will I burst his bubble? ;)

  4. Adorable photos of Gracie, the last one is wonderful. Love your list of 10. Plus I use a headlamp all the time. It's my primary accessory.

  5. She made me smile! I love her shopping outfit!

  6. You know I have your same love affair with pork - can't wait to check out the rib recipe!

    And I totally forgot about that site about the 365 days - she is so creative!!

    And yes, your niece is adorable - pretty sure that's how Hannah would come down at that age if she were to get ready on her own - I always said that I had my sisters daughter because I would roll out of bed in high school, probably wear the same sweats I slept in, wash my face and be good to go.

    My sister? Up since six, curling hair with hot rollers and changing outfits five or six times - just like my Hannah does! :D

  7. Love your niece, what a doll! She is going to be a fashion diva, mom had better watch out.

    I will have to check out the links you included.

    Crazy diets, oh I have done my share and so has my mom!

  8. love the niece pictures and look at them and wonder when we LOSE the sense of NOT giving a ...care what they world thinks of us and just doingdressingSAYING what we want.


  9. #1 - I love this time of day!
    #2 - Nope, you are not alone.
    #6 - I read this too. It let me know which pants will make me feel better.
    #8 - I have a real weakness for pork - mmmm!
    #9 - Talk about drastic change. We were burning up a few weeks ago, now it is very mil