Monday, October 18, 2010

Autumn Leaves

Saturday morning I got up bright and early to do a virtual run with Shelley.  Due to us living in different time zones, we actually did run at almost the same time this week because her running group started earlier.

I knew it would be a challenging run because it was windy.  Usually if I get out early enough the winds are a bit calmer, but not this day.  I ran 8.5 miles in sustained 30 mph winds with 40-50 mph gusts!  Normally I would have run on to even that up to 9 miles or even added enough to do 10, but I have to tell you, I could not wait for that run to be over.  It was HARD.  I never did find my stride which meant I "felt" every single mile.  And the wind just made it impossible to get my breathing correct.  I texted Shelley and told her WIND SUCKS.  At least there was some pretty foliage and a crystal clear blue sky to ease the pain a bit.

This was about a mile from the end of my run, which was also my fastest mile.  I could not wait to get back to my car and get out of the wind!

I got home and was pleasantly surprised to find Mr. Helen had made up our bed (which I had stripped in the morning), vacuumed the family room, and cleaned one of the bathrooms!  I didn't assign him those chores, all I did was nicely say on Friday night, "I need some help around here.  I don't want to spend my whole weekend cooking and cleaning."  That left me only a few things which I accomplished while he went off to watch our nephew play in his last regular season soccer game.

Once I felt a bit rehydrated and had eaten, we took off for our foliage run.  The foliage in our area still isn't anywhere near peak but we knew we could find some if we went a bit away from the coast. While I was really looking forward to this, I knew Mr. Helen was agreeing to do this to satisfy me, or what I like to call the Marital Sacrifice.  However, I also knew that he would enjoy it once we got started, and if our first stop was B.F. Clyde's Cider Mill, where I could ply him with an apple turnover or cider donut!  I was correct on all counts.

Here are some shots of our three hour tour. Unfortunately even though I used a better camera, we had some heavy clouds roll in so the colors don't come through as spectacular as they were in person or even as nice as that top shot that I took with my iPhone, but I hope you'll  enjoy!

B.F. Clyde's is the oldest steam operated cider mill in the United States.  

This is the only building that was around when we were young.
It houses the cider press and you can actually stand just outside the door
 and watch them press the apples.

Cider Press

If you want the "hootch" (hard cider), you have to line up behind the press building. Makes it all seem so dangerous!

If you just want apple pies, fritters, cider donuts or any of their specialty items, there is a different line
(Mr. Helen is waving - the only time he'll stand in a line is if there's a Clyde's turnover at the end!)

While he waited, I walked around the property and took photos
They have added a lot since I was a child

Trust me when I tell you Mr. Helen has large hands.
These apples must have weighed a pound each!

Ah, the perfect bite of a homemade Apple Cider Donut!  

Now, we're off to leaf peeping!

Heading Home


  1. Those are beautiful pictures. I wish we lived on the East Coast or could at least get out there for a visit in the fall. Our leaves are pretty, but not like those.

    Marital Sacrifice. I like it. :)

  2. What gorgeous pictures! I love going to the country (we head out to WVA since i'm in northern VA).

  3. You live in such a gorgeous area. Everything looks out of a movie!

    The woman at the front of the line that Mr. Helen is in looks so excited to be getting close to her turnover and I can totally relate, lol! Bet that donut tasted especially good after such a tough run, too. I think you get bonus miles for wind resistance. ;)

  4. Lovely pictures Helen. We got so cold around here so fast that all our leaves went yellow then fell off. Hardly had a chance to change color. I love to see all the reds!

  5. I had to laugh when you said "marital sacrafice!" I did watch a football game with my hubs in the afternoon to snuggle with him - but then after dinner he was like "go watch your Next Iron Chef show" and I couldn't get to my back room and comfy chair fast enough!

    Gorgeous pictures - and now I want an apple donut!

  6. You are so lucky to live in an area that has beautiful foliage. Down here we get maybe 30 minutes of pretty golds and reds and then they're gone :)

  7. What gorgeous scenery! Wish I could apples that big! :)

    Congrats on your awesome (though challenging)run too!

  8. How fun. I love the leaves and the lake. Yes, wind sucks, I think I ran that same morning and was thinking about you b/c you had talked about the wind the day before and I knew we were getting it too. You had it harder than we did.
    My husband would have LOVED that mill. He loves fall, cider and all those treats. Does it surprise you that Halloween is his FAVORITE day of the year?? I've always been a spring/summer person, but I like fall more thanks to his influence.

  9. These are such beautiful photos, Helen. My favorite picture was of the donut. hahahahah

  10. Hey there! I came across your blog via another one and mine is called something similar AND I have the exact same background!! Not to mention I was supposed to go to Mystic yesterday with the family but plans were canceled at the last minute. Great minds! I will def be following :)

    Have a great day!

  11. Oh God - your donut picture reminded me I forgot to confess I had not one, but 2 of those sugar spice donuts at an orchard I went to this weekend on Saturday. Totally forgot. Denial is a wonderful thing. Great pictures - nothing better that autumn festivals and stuff.

  12. I can't imagine running in the wind. Of course, I can't really imagine running. :-)

    I love the fall pics!

  13. Sounds like an absolutely perfect day. This is one of the reasons why Fall is such a comfort season...thanks for sharing - makes me want to bake a few apple pies just so my house can smell like spices!

  14. What a beautiful day you had. Loved seeing the leaves and all the fun you had.

    Sometimes we have to ask for what we need or want. Wish the guys could figure it out with out our help, but most of them can't! So glad your hubby was a willing spirit to help!

  15. yeah..I knew if you told him he would respond. Men are pretty good if you spell it out. Beautiful days and beautiful pictures.

  16. Every great farm market in my area does cider donuts. Darn! Autumn is my favorite time. Your pictures are beautiful.

  17. I miss pennsylvania and the fall apple butter.

    now HOOTCH?
    Ive never had...but I still think I miss it too :)

  18. Oh what a fun day and beautiful pics too. You are making me want to take a trip up to Apple Hill, which is so fun (and tasty too!)

  19. Beautiful, beautiful photos, Helen, thanks for sharing! Wowsers, those apples are HUGE!

  20. OMG I miss Connecticut (and New England in general) so much sometimes. Pictures of the East Coast like this squeeze my heart. Oh, thank you for posting them.