Saturday, October 30, 2010

In the Pink!

You all know I don't usually blog on Saturdays, but today is a special day:  I took part in Fran's Pink Dress Run!

There are bloggers all over the world who are running with Fran, either today or tomorrow.  I have to tell you, since Shelley had the nerve to go off to Hawaii, I'm glad I had this motivation to get up and run today. After my spa day yesterday, I was feeling all relaxed and loosey goosey so running - as much as I love it - was something I could have put off.  But no way could I let Fran down!  I wasn't sure of how long I would go out for but thought at least 5K... I ended up running 6 miles!  It was cool (42 degrees) and breezy, with high thin clouds over the sun so I had to layer to get the requisite pink into my outfit. I also had pink under my outfit as I wore a pink sports bra and as I was running along, I realized that my Fuel Belt is pink too.  I think I did what Fran wanted.  So here you go Fran, here's the pictures proving that I was out there with you!

Red, sweaty face!

Here I am, in the Pink!


  1. Helen this is so cool! Thank you for joining me today! You look awesome in pink, love it!

    Great run!

  2. You look fabulous for having run 6 miles! Go Helen Go!!
    Run some miles for me since I am still too sick to workout taking meds and slowly recovering.

  3. Great job Helen! Woot - way to get out there - I like being outside when its that cool.

    Happy Halloween! :D

  4. You look ADORABLE! I ran today, 5k, but forgot pink and don't have pictures. Dammit, I did the hard part, I WANT CREDIT!!!

  5. WOOT!
    Im still not running :( so you did it for me too.
    forgot to tell you that part :)


  6. I always have pink on. All my sports bras are pink. Pink. Pink. Pink. I'm such a girlie girl.

  7. I did not run nor did I wear pink except when trying on a poncho.
    Congrats on taking part. Very noble of you.

  8. You look so cute in your pink! Nice job with the 6 miles, my overachieving friend! :)