Monday, October 4, 2010

Oh, My Aching Back!

I'm having a rough sort of day today.  I feel like throwing in the towel.  You know, where your mind starts to wander and you think, "it's no use - every time I really get going something happens to throw me off!" 

Believe it or not, this is all because my back is out of sorts.  After I ran last Thursday, my back felt tight.  I went to Muay Thai Thursday night and it was so bad, I had to modify everything.  Made for a pretty bad class, but thankfully Mr. Helen was the sensei.  Before I went to bed I decided I would not get up and run Friday morning but would rest.  Good thing because when I woke up, my back was so locked up I could barely stagger out of bed.  I called out of work and took a muscle relaxer and 800mg of ibruprofen and spent the whole day in a drug induced haze. Really I only felt good if I was laying down or standing up.

Went to bed early on Friday and got up Saturday morning to find the rain had ended, we had survived without any house flooding and it looked gorgeous - a perfect clear blue sky!  Then I stepped outside and BRRRR it was chilly!  But a good temperature for running.  My back still felt tight but a bit better than before.  I put on some running clothes and did some stretches to see if I could manage some exercise.  Mr. Helen was fluttering around fussing at me and telling me to cut it out and take care of my back.   I wanted to look at him and say, "Shut up skinny man who eats whatever you want!"  But I held my tongue and decided hah!  I would show him.

I took off in a slow jog. The first two miles were painfully slow because I was alternating jogging and walking as my back was yelling at me to cut this crap out and go home!  But I'm stubborn and was determined that I was going to get in at least 4 miles.  After all, Shelley was doing her 10 mile race and Roxie was out biking only God knows how many miles.  I figured I'd just channel my inner athlete and go! Problem was 1.  I should have thought of myself as an injured athlete and 2.  at 4 miles I was still 2 miles away from home.  And my back didn't feel better.  I managed to waddle on and staggered back to the house with a total of 6.1 miles at a pace that could almost be called speed walking.  Sheesh. 

Once home, I alternated between the heating pad and ice until we left to go to the local winery's Harvest Festival.  We had a delighful time and all I had to do was sit and sip wine so that wasn't so hard.  At least not until I woke up Sunday morning to find I was bent over like Quasimodo.

Ok,  back to ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer and needing to either stand or lay down.  Since I had planned to get out the Fall decorations, I got Mr. Helen to bring me the totes and I worked on that.  It kept me on my feet which actually made my back feel better.

Detour: While everything in me wants to decorate my house like it's a disco, I've learned that a couple of seasonal touches here and there really bring on the essence and are much more pleasant.  Here's a few shots for your viewing pleasure:

Kitchen Window

Stairway to Family Room

Living Room

Dining Room

There's more but I don't want to bore you to death.  Suffice it to say that my back felt OK at the end of the day because I was up and moving about.

This morning, the alarm went off at 4:15 and I got out of bed, stopped and did the body scan survey that I do every morning now.  Back felt a bit tight but not terrible so I threw on some running clothes and got my coffee. It was raining so I knew that meant the treadmill.  What I forgot is that when you're on a treadmill, it changes your stride.  Guess what I couldn't do on the treadmill this morning?  Run.  So I walked for 45 minutes. 

I have a doctor's appointment for 4:30 today.  It was previously scheduled for thyroid reasons but I've already spoken to them and I will be getting an electrical stimulation treatment in which pads that are soaked in cortisone will be applied to my back and forced into the inflammed area.

In the meantime, I feel grumpy because I haven't been able to properly get my exercise on since last week.  I know it's just a little speedbump in the road of life and it will pass.  Thanks for listening.


  1. Sorry about your back - is there anything more frustrating than not being able to exercise because your body is in pain? I think we get so used to pushing ourselves to workout when we really don't feel like it that when there is a time that we really shouldn't workout, we still do it anyway. I hope you are on the mend, and that the treatment you'll receive at the doctor's office will help. So not fun, that kind of hurty pain. :(

    OK, I love your fall decorations! I never think of decorating the inside of my house for autumn - we used to put up Halloween lights and all sorts of stuff outside, but not in the house. So pretty, and looks so warm and inviting!

  2. Helen, I am so sorry to read about your aching back. As a some-time sufferer, I know the pain. Ouchy! I hope that your treatment will help and that you will be back to top form ASAP.

    Your fall decorations are adorable! I especially love the large, lighted pumpkin. So cute! I can almost smell the pumpkin spices just be looking at your home!

  3. I'm glad you're going to the doc's. Back in the day when I ran, I was like you...couldn't really settle in the morning until I'd gotten a run in. (hard to believe these days!) Please take care of yourself and rest - you don't want to set yourself back further by overdoing.

    I love your decorations AND your paint colors. Love the red and the blue that followed. I'd never get bored looking at pictures of people's houses! I'm quite the voyeur.

  4. I hope the back pain is only due to decorating.
    Is Mr. HH a pain in the back(side)? Love the holiday touches. I used to do that sort of thing when my chillens were little but they're gone. I drove to Eric's house, handed him a box of ghost lites and he plugged the entire box in the socket. The box lit up nicely.

  5. Ouch Helen! Sorry about the back and I know it is disappointing not to exercise. Hope the treatment today is a big help.

    Love your decorations and it made me realize that I have yet to get my Fall decorations out. What am I waiting for?

    Thanks for the boost!

  6. OH GIRL!!
    I wish I were not able to 100% get this post and the back pain...but I do.

    and then some.

  7. Back pain is the worst, but unlike you, that would have been my first excuse not to run! Love your tenacity! :D

    I have no decorating sense at all, so I love what you've done so far. I think you could call my decorating sense "early miscellaneous!"

    Hope the doctor appointment helped!

  8. Wow, I hope your back feels better today. Nothing like back pain as it affect everything. Don't push it though, don't want to do more damange and maje your recovery longer.

    Nice pics of your house. Looks warm and inviting.