Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tuesday Ten

1.  It seems like the autumn season is lasting a bit longer than usual this year.  Looks like our foliage is not going to peak for another couple of weeks. We've been having some really spectacular weather - blue, blue skies and temperatures in the high 60s.   I need to plan for us to take a drive one of these Saturdays to do some leaf peeping. (Because, you know planning that sort of stuff is also my responsibility...)

2.  Speaking of Saturdays, last Saturday Mr. Helen and I went to our favorite local winery because they had a free acoustic group playing on the patio. We took our chairs and some noshes and sat for a couple of hours snacking while having a glass of wine.  When we got there I used the "check-in" feature on Facebook for the first time, then immediately considered erasing it because I thought "Oh no, now the robbers and thieves know we're not home!"  I think my Facebook page is pretty well locked down, but still, I'm not sure that's a great feature.

3.  Speaking of Facebook, my number of Facebook friends and my number of blog followers were running neck in neck for the longest time.  Now the blog followers are ahead by a bit.  Which might be because I control friending and you control following - lol!

4.  Speaking of FB friends ever been unfriended?  And couldn't even begin to guess why?  That happened to me recently.  Funny thing is, the person who unfriended me begged me to friend them.  I had sort of ignored the friend request, then she actually got drunk enough at an event to call me out publicly.  So I gave in and figured if she irritated me I'd just hide her.  Well, she posted a lot for sure but mostly I just ignored her.  Then lately, she'd been trying to really interact with me via actually posting on MY wall.  OK, as long as you're not offending me.  We were sort of in the midst of a back and forth dialogue - nothing special and it was all very friendly,  and Poof!  She unfriended me!  I'm not upset but I am totally mystified.  And what I ought to do is block her ass.

5.  Speaking of followers, some of you people cracked me up with your comments on my marriage ranting post.  Funny.  I got some good ideas too.  Just saying.

6.  Speaking of the marriage rant, I'm not annoyed any longer, now I think I'm indignant! With myself!  I realized it was totally my fault - I should have opened my mouth. I have decided that I am not going to allow myself to get overwhelmed like that anymore.There is absolutely no reason why he can't help in the house even if I have to give him a list.  After all, why should he get to go to the dojo on Saturday mornings and work out for 3 hours while I stay home and slave?  Yes, I do get a couple of hours running on Saturday mornings but he's conveniently checking Fantasy Football and drinking coffee while I'm out running.

7. Speaking of running, I did some of the best running I've done in a very long time over the weekend. I have to say thanks to Shelley since she's the one pushing me to get out there to suffer through run long runs with her.

8.  Speaking of long runs, I wish Shelley and I lived in proximity so we could actually do them together, instead of virtually.  Because it was long runs with my friend Pete where I learned all the stuff I'm now passing on to Shelley.  I used to ask him question after question while we ran and then email him during the week.  I feel like I'm paying it forward a bit with Shelley and that feels good.

9.  Speaking of Pete, I was looking up some race results for another friend's race (she had a personal best half marathon recently) and I discovered that he'd run the same half marathon!  He's 84 years old and he ran it in 2:35:19 (11:51/mile pace).  In case you didn't know it, that's freaking awesome.

10.  Speaking of awesome, I'm actually doing pretty well with my new eating plan and I keep thinking wouldn't it be cool if I could lose 10% of my weight by the time I go back to the doctors, instead of 10 pounds.  It's a real long shot but it would be a nice surprise.


  1. Im so so so so glad to see you are doing well with your new plan as Im choosing to read that as youre also ENJOYING your new eating plan.

    (no words about that 84 year old runner. wowzer)

  2. Pete is, indeed, awesome. I'll have to go back and read the suggestions - I think I read early. Why is it so difficult to ask for what we want/need? I'm going through a bit of that right now and I'm not even married!

    I think we should have our own blogger get together! Seriously. I've had this idea running around in my head ever since I got back from Manitou Springs, CO.

    I had a friend come back yesterday from a NE cruise and she said the same thing about the leave color - that she was a week or two early. Still, it would be nice to actually see fall. That's one thing I miss about my home.

    RE: Facebook? It's really just a high school re-enactment for a lot of folks!

  3. Hope you have a great day Helen, glad you are happy with your eating plan and long runs???? This 2.8 miles seems like a long time, hope I can do 3 miles next week.

  4. #4 - how weird. She was probably in her cups again when she unfriended you...at this point I'd block her, too. I have a hard time accepting "fringe" people as friend on my fb page - I don't know why, exactly - it's not like I'm making a big commitment to anything concrete!

    #6 - Great conclusion - let us know how Mr. Helen takes it!

    #7 - I love having the accountability of knowing that you are out there, too...every little bit helps!

    #8 - you have no idea how much I appreciate your help. Not only are you the voice of reason with how to approach things, but your advice actually works! I should find Pete and thank him for everything he gave you!

    #9 - that is freaking awesome - and how funny that I'm hoping to complete my first half in the same time as an 84 year old?!?

    #10 - great news!

    #11 - I'd go for a blogger get together - although the big conferences would be fun, having a smaller get together would make for more personalized interactions. Of course, if it's not in Texas I'll have to start playing the lottery to have a chance at going anywhere, but what the heck?!?

  5. Speaking of making me smile: Thanks.
    Feeling poo on myself this morning. I think I am just going to get off my ass and go outside with my new album I just downloaded on my ipod.
    Walk, run, stroll, I'm outside enjoying it all.
    Don't start work until 1:00 today, not sure if that is good or bad, I guess I need the me time, but I also need the $$.

  6. I was thinking about this yesterday Helen, and I think the problem with you and me is that we are people pleasers through and through. I know for me, as long as everyone else is happy around me, I didn't matter.

    It't taken a while, but I have found my voice to stand up for myself - just need to ask for more help around the house - I guess if I don't ask for it, my husband thinks I don't need the help?

    p.s. I love the Tuesday Tens!

  7. Speaking of comments, I enjoy these Tuesday Tens. Now have to go back to Mondays post.
    I have been unfriended but I don't keep track of who is doing it and don't much care. ;-)

  8. Glad the new food plan is so far so good. With all the exercise you get, the weight will definitely shift...off.

  9. So great to go for a run with someone who can push you. What sort of eating plan are you on?

  10. re #6: They call them "honey do" lists for a reason. Don't be afraid to give Mr. Helen one! I tell my husband (who has a fairly high-powered job as a director in a large company) that I am essentially the Project Manager of our house, and as such, I have to keep my eye on all the dates and deadlines of running the house (making appointments to get the furnace checked, when to change the batteries and filters around, paying the bills and mortgage and getting refinanced, etc) and if I have to do all of that I cannot be expected to also do every single task that goes along with the projects. He agrees, and takes the list and does everything I ask. He just wants to shut off his brain and not have to be the manager at home, which is fine as long as he is willing to be a minion. :)

  11. Wow! I'm so impressed with Pete! That really is amazing.

    I am sure with your determination you can lose that 10%.

    You and Shelley (and the fall weather) are getting me in the mood to try running. I'm searching online everywhere about insulin resistance and running. Guess I'll keep some Gu on me in case I start feeling the low blood sugar coming on.

    Great job on getting the exercise in and sticking to your eating plan.