Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tuesday Ten

1.  Confession: I'm the Halloween Grinch. Does anyone besides me realize that Halloween IS NOT A HOLIDAY?

2.  So glad it's election day. I hope everyone will exercise their constitutional right to vote. I went early and will be thrilled to turn on my television tomorrow morning and have it free of political advertisements. Seems like it has been worse than ever this go round.

3.  Spa day was magnificent, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Lots of good things came out of it for me, including a new term I'd never heard. I was in the waiting area at one point and heard a woman apologize for not being able to formulate a sentence. The attendant said, "Oh, that's normal. It's called Spa Head."

4. I don't know about you, but I want to be a blogger who has a success story. I don't want to continue to write about the same five pounds or the fact that I can't get a grip. That's what November is going to be all about for me, firming up the grip.

5. Great minds think alike.  Ben of Ben Does Life (he's the guy that had the running off a hundred pounds/weight loss video going around blogland a month or so ago) is training for the Las Vegas Marathon.  He weighed in yesterday and decided he wants to weigh 6 pounds less than he does right now before the marathon.  He proclaimed November "No Excuses November."  So again I ask you, what will YOU have accomplished by December 1, January 1?

6.  NOT ready for the freezing weather we've had the last couple of nights.  Seriously friends, we've had February weather in October!  Sort of hard to get used to when just a couple weeks ago we were having June weather in October.  I'd settle for just having October weather at this point.

7.  30 people for Thanksgiving.  Thankfully not at my house.  But still, that translates into a whole lot of pies I'm going to be making.

8. Remember the "list" from the TV show Friends?  It was a list of five celebrities who you'd sleep with. There would be no objections from your spouse or significant other because they could have their five too.  Ever thought about it?  I have. I'm still looking for my fifth...
  • Denzel Washington
  • George Clooney
  • Giles Marini
  • Carlos Ponce

9.  On spa day, I was taking the yoga class that was part of my package.  At one point the instructor made us turn towards the mirror so we could check alignment.  Normally I hate watching myself in the mirror because all I see is flaws and fat.  For some reason, I looked at myself balancing in a sort of warrior pose and saw that I was not the fat ugly monster I picture in my head.  I almost started crying when I saw just a woman doing yoga.  No doubt about it, I need to lose some weight.  But, I am not as fat and gross as I've been perceiving myself to be.  I am not as unattractive as the picture in my minds eye.  In fact, I left that class feeling that even though I will never be one of the world's great beauties, I am beautiful.  Now, I just need to lean into that and soak it up.

10.  Saturday night we went to watch some of the senseis from our karate dojo participate in Muay Thai fights.  Earlier in the month, our kyoshi called and said if we wanted to volunteer to work the fights, we wouldn't have to pay for tickets.  We declined because we wanted to actually see the fights. As we were getting ready I remarked to Mr. Helen that I hadn't figured out what I could have contributed  - until just that morning.  He asked, "What?  What could you have done?"  With my newfoud confidence I replied, "I could have been a ring girl!  The old guys need some eye candy too!"  He responded, "Yes, but you know how little boys feel about their candy and maybe I don't want to share mine!"  Wonder what he'd think about my list?


  1. Helen, you are beautiful! Your personality comes beaming out of your blogs and touches all of our lives. Give yourself the credit you truly deserve!

  2. I was so so so SO SO SO so so SO glad to read #9. That is what it's all about! Soak it up...practice it regularly! It's as close to a magic pill as you can get!

    Oh, and I am with you on #1. I have never liked Halloween.

    As for #8?? Hmmmm...

    I have to agree with George Clooney and Giles Marini, but I won't choose them. My list would be Kevin Spacey, Matthew McConaughey, Taye Diggs, Jake Gyllenhaal and Sting :-) This could change at any given time!

  3. For some reason there was a trend yesterday in the blogging world about starting fresh since it was November 1st. So I am as well! Not sure why everyone is so motivated but I guess if we can all stick together, we can accomplish anything, right?!

  4. Yep, your # 9 made me grin from ear to ear - you ARE BEAUTIFUL!!

    I guess I don't know who Giles Marini of Carlos Ponce are - I'll have to imdb.com them! :D

    Spa head - that's a new one to me too! :D

  5. Isn't it wonderful when the reality of Who You Are, suddenly hits you? It feels like magic.

  6. #9 - that's my all time most favorite thing you've ever written! And I've been reading your blog for a long time, since the beginning.

    Geez, it's about time you realized your magnificance. You are truly beautiful, you just sometimes have a warped self-image. Seems to be a flaw many women have in this world. We only see the bad stuff, not the good stuff and there's always good stuff.

    Love it that you're finally seeing the truth about yourself Helen. :)

  7. #9 is so SPECTACULAR! It's nice to see that you saw it, too. We already think that about you. It's about damned time you realized it yourself.

    Oh, and as for number 8 - If I were a less selfish woman I would suggest my newest "throb" - Javier Bardem, but I'm keeping him for myself. Along with Sam Elliot, who can just read me the phone book.

  8. You are beautiful! The mirror really can show us good things and not just bad (in our heads).

    Halloween isn't so much a holiday as it is the kickoff to the eating season...

  9. You are that beautiful woman in the mirror. Oct weather in Oct. Funny!
    How about a 3 way w/ Denzel and George???

  10. Idris Elba would be a 5th choice.

  11. How about the guy on the horse? The man your man could smell like.

  12. Ditto on #9. I want to be there.

    So you're the pie maker...may I suggest an apple cake as an alternative to at least 2 of the pies?

    Totally agree about Halloween.

    And like Biz - don't know who those guys are (other than DW and GC). You have me trying to think who's on my list - Benicio Del Toro is a definite. Kevin Kline, Keanu Reeves, and the voice of Lyle Lovett caressing my kin. Just the voice! (His mind is pretty sharp too)

  13. That's Lyle's voice carressing my Skin! Gheesh!

  14. I love #9, you are beautiful. Most of the times other people see it but we are often too hard on ourselves!

    Hmm George Clooney would be on my list too. Up till this week Robert Pattinson too but then I read he smells because he doesn't shower much. Ieeekkkkkkkkkkkkkks!

    We don't celebrate Halloween, here December is the "eating" month but over the years I learned not to use that as an excuse to eat more.

    What I want to reach before January 1st? Don't skip workouts! The rest will come after that.

  15. GOOD LORD I love number nine.
    you are beautiful.
    and, beautiful Helen, want me to lend you one of mine? SETH ROGAN :) I love the rogan....

  16. How could I forget Javier?!! As I said, my list is subject to change ;-)

  17. Hi Helen! I, too am glad those darn political ads are over! I'm with you on making the next 2 months count big time to be ahead of the game come January we'll be in great shape to start 2011!!!

  18. I think number 9 has a lot to do with turning/being 50 , when I turned 50 I told some of my friends that I felt liberated...and they agreed that was a good description of what they felt too.

  19. Helen I take away so many good things from this post! I love what you saw in the mirror at the Spa, you saw the woman that others see when they look at you.

    What a sweet, sweet thing your honey said about his eye candy!

    I too want to end the year on a high note! Feeling fit at 51!

  20. I am so with you on Halloween. We have never paid much attention to it, but I work with people who think we should get that day off as a paid holiday. Sheesh!

    Oh, #9 - you rock, Helen. What an awesome epiphany. Your mind has caught up with your reality.

    BTW, Tuesday Ten is one of my favorite posts of the week.