Friday, December 10, 2010

Ahhh the Weekend

Good Morning!

I woke up feeling happy today!  Mostly because it's Friday.
Then I went downstairs and Mr. Helen had turned the lights on the Christmas Tree.
By now I think you guys know how I feel....

I've got a whole "Peace on Earth, Goodwill Towards Mankind"
 thing going on today.
Even towards the idiots who were mean to Elizabeth Edwards.
In fact, I'm feeling positively Angelic...

Did You Know?!!

So my plans this weekend are to finish up whatever I need to do:
 the last few gifts wrapped,
getting the stocking stuffers.
Except for the baking, baking is going to be done next weekend.

The rest of my weekend?  That's easy


  1. I'm so happy to hear YOU are so happy! :)

    Love your hair. You love ablsolutely lovely.

    I hope your holiday spirit is contagious. I could use a little myself.

  2. Good Morning, Sunshine!

    Snow is coming tonight. I'm like a little kid! So, I'm with you on the big smile.

  3. You are glowing! Gorgeous, radiant, fabulous - these all came to mind when I saw your picture. :)

    I love that you are enjoying the season so much. You make me want to do something Christmas-y.

    Oh - love that necklace! :)

  4. Such a pretty necklace.

    Have a wonderful weekend, Helen. :)

  5. You look beautiful! I am loving all your decorations - I plan on doing mine this weekend - I love having the living room lights off and just having the lights of the Christmas tree on.

    Have a wonderful weekend Helen!

  6. Love the lights on the tree in the morning (and at night). I still don't have a tree. I read that article about those assholes and E Edwards. Still want to kick her husband's ass around the block. I remember when Colleen McCullough wrote 'The Thorn Birds' and all the writeups said things like "Author Colleen McCullough, weighing in at 372 lbs, published her book The Thorn Birds...
    I was always stunned to see writeups like that. Why do we need to know how much someone weighs if they wrote a book?

  7. I'm so jelous that your almost done with shopping. I feel like I've just started. Love your blog. Have a great weekend.

  8. You look so pretty Helen! Love the attitude and the lovely photos of your angels.

    Even though I still have plenty to do I have a feeling of peace. If I don't get it all done no one will be harmed, life will still be good. I can only do what I can do.

  9. Ditto to what Tami and Roxie said: I don't think I've ever seen a close-up of you before that beautiful face more often! When I come here I always leave with a little more Christmas cheer....see my big grin? :D

  10. Awww, you look as angelic as your decorations! Gosh, you are such a pretty woman. I love when you post photos.

    I am lolling about on the couch today trying really hard to pretend I do not have the flu.

  11. What a great and positive post. It's now Saturday and I sure hope you still have that feeling.

    Love the last pic, it says it all doesn't it?

  12. Great picture!

    I didn't leave comments on all your posts, but so you know, I loved the Tue. 10, chuckled at the mortified look after the angel's wing broke (reminded me of a childhood story), sympathized with the tree story (we had trouble this year too), and to top it all off, I think no punishment is too kind for someone who posthumously discusses someone's weight in a negative fashion. Grrr!

  13. LOVE the necklace.
    how was the run?
    im not there yet but hope to be this week?
    Im afraid to try as my booty is finally not throbbing! :)