Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Ten: Bring We Joy!

1. You know that Pioneer Woman?  She always has a bunch of giveaways going on.  Every time I see something (usually expensive) that Little Helen wants, I enter.  Haven't won yet, so I guess I'm actually paying for gifts this year.  Anyhoo she always has around 20,000 entries on each giveaway.  I always wonder if it's the same 20,000 of us entering.

2.  This is the pin I have on today.  How can you see this and not smile?

3.  I hope I didn't sound ungrateful for my lovely treadmill in yesterday's post.  Becasue I am truly grateful to have it.  It has enabled me to keep running and training for races when the weather isn't cooperative.  But in my heart of hearts, I really just want to run outdoors.  So I'm working through the fact that I won't be able to do that for almost 9 months of the year now.

4.  Unless I hit the lottery.  Because then I wouldn't work and I could run anytime I wanted. Which would still be at the break of day, whatever time that might be.  I mean it though,  if I win big money, there's going to be a whole new Helen up in here.  Mr. Helen hates it when I say so but seriously people, there's going to be some nipping and tucking, some job quitting, and some serious reconsideration of life in general.  In addition to a girlfriend trip to a spa, paid for by me.  Now don't you want to be my friend?

5.  I have some nonsensical guilty pleasure TV shows that I will sit and vegetate in front of.  One of them is the Housewives Of "_____" series.  Sunday afternoon around 5 p.m. I finally had a minute to sit and do nothing so I turned the TV on and sure enough, there were the Beverly Hills crazies.  Mr. Helen got home around 6:30 from work and came and sat with me.  Suddenly he was asking me questions about who was who and why this or that and I was all like "What's gotten into you? Don't you want to check football scores?"  He huffed, 'I was trying to show you I could be interested in something you're interested in!  But this is ridiculous!"  As he went downstairs to check the scores he yells back, "And they way they look is the reason I don't want you getting plastic surgery!  It's not sexy!!"  So there.

6.  In photographing the decorations around my house, I've realized I have a lot of nativities, both as Christmas ornaments and as stand alone decorations.  I also discovered other than my miniature stand alone set, I like unique nativities, like this one carved out of olive wood from Jeruslem:

7.  Or this ornament nativity which is actually two ornaments that I've had since Little Helen was, well, really little:

8.  Yet another made of carved wood...I think these carved, one-piece items are so clever!

9.  As is this one piece ornament nativity made of blown glass:

10. But mostly, whether it's Santa or an Angel, or a Snowman or a Nativity, to me, the definition of Christmas is "Joy"


  1. I loved this post! And you just reminded me that I haven't posted any of my decorations yet - I'll do that soon.

    Tony watched about 5 minutes of the Beverly Hills housewifes before he wanted to poke his eyes out! Is it me or is Camille Gramer not attractive at all? And she calls herself a professional dancer because she danced on MTV?

    I'll take my simple life any day over that drama.

    Yahoo - I am your friend, so when you win the lottery, just let me know which spa you want to take me to! :D

  2. 1. I'm always entering PW's contests, and always slightly disappointed when I don't win - I think the odds of winning are better in Vegas (or Shreveport, haha!).

    2. :)

    4. I'm all for the girlfriend's spa trip, but I'm in agreeance with Mr. Helen on the nips and tucks - ugh, so many people look weird afterward. You look gorgeous as is - no work is necessary!!!

    5. I hate it when Jeff sits down to watch one of my guilty pleasure TV shows with me - I just want to enjoy, not try to explain! And the more I have to explain, the more ridiculous the show becomes to me, which takes away the guilty pleasure! Gah - Men!!!

    6 - 10. You have quite a distinct collection - obviously you get a lot of pleasure out of finding the nativity scenes. Bet you don't ever have to explain THAT to Mr. Helen. ;)

  3. I saw some ornaments the other day -
    and thought of you and your collection!

  4. no, i dont think you were sounding ungrateful re treadmill at all. you just LOVE outside!

    lol re NOT SEXY

  5. I'm sure you are very grateful for your treadmill. I'm grateful for mine too, but you are right: there is something special about being able to exercise outside and just keep going. It's so freeing (plus, the scenery is much better than staring at my washer and dryer!)

  6. Joy! I wish I had a treadmill! Maybe Pioneer Woman will give one away so after we eat her great food we can work it off!

  7. I feel like I can hear Mr. H yelling from downstairs...too funny!
    Also, since I am your friend, I would be happy to go to the spa with you, but you know what? I'll be your friend even if you don't win the lottery.

  8. Oh Joy! You sure are bringing me the Christmas cheer Helen! I want your joy set. That is too wonderful!

    You and Shelley's description of the guilty pleasure tv shows and men is hilarious.

  9. I swear I am straightupADDICTED to bravo.
    Ive decided it's better than drinking right? and far far FUNNIER :)

  10. I cherish my mom and dad's nativity scene the most. It's the one I always want to see when I go home.

    Also. I work for a plastic surgeon. Did you know that? The scars are not worth it if you ask me.

  11. Sign me up for the trip to the spa! :)

    I'm always signing up for giveaways. I'm always disappointed when I don't win but always surprised if I do win. LOL

    Love your husband's comment. He gets a gold star.

  12. I'll take a trip to the spa! I keep talking about winning the lottery, but funny thing is that I don't buy tickets. Can't complain about not winning then LOL!

    And my husband is with yours on the plastic surgery. He says the women look scary and are not attractive to him at all. I think women do more plastic surgery because of what other women think of them than what men think of them.

  13. Spa trip post lottery win.
    I'm in!

    Love the real housewives of trailertrashvilla.
    What a great series. All of them.

  14. I really like that carved nativity set! Cool!

  15. 9 months before you can run outside in the morning? That's a long time. I guess here in Holland it's light around 5.30 about 5 to 6 months a year, can't wait!

    I have many, many guilty pleasure tv shows, my favorites at the moment are Glee and Modern Family but there's a lot more. My hub sometimes complains I have a TV show addiction (true) but I record everything and he can watch anything he wants, I just watch it when he's doing something else.

    But every now and then when I'm watching he sits down with me like Mr. Helen. And starts questions about who? why? where? like Mr. Helen and I hate it :lol: Let me just watch my show without talking to me ......... please!