Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Ten: Our Ornamental Life

1.  The Christmas Tree at the Helen Household is filled with ornaments that have meaning for us and that we delight in looking at for the month or so that the tree is up.  Here's, my newest:  One Saturday afternoon this past spring Mr. Helen and I were walking around a local shopping area that happens to have a year 'round Christmas store.  He hates to shop so you know he was in full marital duty mode.  When I walked into the store, I heard him sigh but I ignored him and went in anyway.  I was looking around and I heard him call my name... he wanted me to see what he had picked out for me.  When I told him how pleased I was, his response was, "Just because I don't like to shop doesn't mean that I don't like you, and I also know what you like." 

2.  You guys have seen these lighthouses before in my blog... here they are in ornment version, collector's items available only at one of our local jewelers:

3.  A very crafty friend gave me these after I admired them... made out of spoons!

4.  Another ornament that Mr. Helen bought for me two summers ago during a local festival.  This is hand carved and the nose is made out of a toothpick!

5. Mr. Helen is also known as Mr. Fisherman.

6.  Or Sensei:

7.  We both love sports.  I like NCAA Basketball the best ever since Little Helen went to Duke University.  Plus they've won a few championships, you know!

8.  He has been a New York Football Giants fan since he was Little Mr. Helen.  Our first year of dating they won a Superbowl, then they won again and again.  I tell him I'm his lucky charm!

9.  In some circles, even though I'm not a great runner, I'm known as Crazy Running Woman:

10.  When we were married for ten years, we finally got to go on a honeymoon.  We went to St. Martin and it's our favorite place in the whole world.  The sun and sand there renews us.  It's nice to have a reminder that our love can keep us warm during the December chill:

Our tree is so much more than a Christmas tree.  Once decorated and we turn on the lights what we see is a reflection of our life together.  I think that's what holiday celebrations should be about.  And honestly, I don't long for color coordination at all.


  1. I think your is exactly what a Christmas tree should be. Ornaments that remind us of people and experiences. That part of the joy of the holiday is unpacking, remembering and savoring those people and experiences. I love, love, love this.

  2. Love how all your ornaments have meaning. While I have a few generic balls on my tree, I still have ornaments from my great grandma, and even some that I made when I was in kindergarten some 38 years ago.

    And of course Hannah's kindergarten ornaments have a special place too.

    You already know I want to steal your snowmen ornaments - my dream is to have an all snowman Christmas tree one year! :D

  3. I love your tree because as you say yourself too, it's a special one because every ornament has a story to tell. I love, love, love it!

  4. Ohhhhhhh howwwwwwww cute! I love the Sensei and Running Chick but I collect lighthouses and snowmen so I loved loved loved this post :)

  5. Thanks for taking us to visit your tree. That was fun! I love it when you show us around your home and the special things that have meaning for you.

    I've seen that running chick ornament online and I want to get one!

    Love the lighthouses. Actually, I like them all. And the stories that go with each.

    I hope you and Mr Helen and Little Helen (who really isn't so little any more) have a wonderful Christmas. I know you will. :)

  6. It was fun to read the stories as you shared them with us. I enjoyed this post. I have some lighthouses though they're buried in the mire.

  7. Helen, you really do Christmas right. Everything that it is supposed to be about, you reflect that. It's refreshing, very sweet and gives the rest of us something to strive for.

  8. I adore your ornaments and their stories, and I especially love that we now share the same ornament! :)

  9. I totally love this! My husband's mom use to do "theme" trees when he was a kid. When we first married he wanted me to do "theme" trees. I tried it a couple years then decided that it was stupid. Now the tree (when it's actually decorated) is all ornaments we bought on travels or people gave us. I love that much more than a color-coordinated tree of meaningless junk. :)

  10. Oh I did love this. I love collecting Christmas ornaments, and have to admit I am missing mine a little this year. Thanks for sharing, Helen.

  11. I honestly never knew who went into those all the time Christmas stored!
    Love the Sensei, and the toothpick nose.