Friday, December 17, 2010

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

I got a great surprise when I got home Monday night: the Athlete's Honey Milk that I won from Shelley.  It felt like early Christmas!  And they were generous sending me a case EACH of Regular Honey, Light Coffee and Light Chocolate.  And wouldn't you know, Mr. Helen jumped on the jimmy jam right away?  "Honey wouldn't be your favorite flavor, Right?  Plus there's more CALORIES in those.  Don't you want me to try those for you?"  So he tries one as a protein drink pre-Muay Thai Tuesday night and as soon as he gets home..."Mind if I chill a couple more of those honey ones?  So nice of Shelley to send you these!" Uh-huh.  Suddenly my "imaginary friend" Shelley is his best friend too!  Sorry but he doesn't actually understand blogging and winning a contest on a blog and all that.  Stay tuned for my review.


Have I mentioned the unseasonable cold?  Wednesday morning I got up to run (on that dumb treadmill) which is in my unheated garage.  The weather gauge sitting on my kitchen windowsill said it was 14.6 degrees outside and 57 inside.  Brrrr.  I immediately turned on the Weather Channel to find that yes, it was 14 outside with a Wind Chill of 4.  That's F-O-U-R.   Got my taped Biggest Loser Finale ready, bundled up (remember the photo Shelley had on her blog?  That's how I looked)  and went into the garage.  It was 22.  At least there was no windchill.


Self discovery re running on the treadmill:  while I have never minded using the tread as a tool to keep me running, I have never loved it and have always thought of it as a necessary evil.  Being forced to stay on it during the week has made me do some thinking about it and I think the reason I resent it so much is that I don't feel like a "real" runner.  Because outside running is very, very different.  Even using incline, etc., you just don't get the real feel or variation of an outside run when you run on the treadmill all the time.  OK, I promise I'm going to stop whining talking about this every day.


Big news in the martial arts world for us this week.  I got notified that I am testing for my Blue Belt on Wednesday the 22nd!  But even bigger than that, Kyoshi called us into her office and told Mr. Helen that he has been chosen to prepare to test for his THIRD DEGREE BLACK BELT next December!  This is a pretty big deal blogland.  I am so proud of him... I wish you all could see him.  His enthusiasm is infectious but more than that, he puts to shame and to rest the belief that physical fitness is not achievable after a certain age.  He will be 56 years old when he tests.


I know I have mentioned in the past that Mr. Helen is very loved at the dojo... from teeny tiny Ninjas (ages 3-6) to the Adults pretty much everyone adores him.  (Which wears on my patience and makes me want to YELL  inform people "he's not perfect dammit!" but that's another story.) It's because he's such a great cheerleader and supporter of everyone - and a really good martial artist to boot.  Anyway, this time of year he often receives thank you cards and sometimes little gifts.  This is what was waiting for us on Tuesday night:
All homemade.  I gotta give Mr. Helen credit though because the first words out of his mouth when he set it down on the counter were, "I'll just take those to work.  Your homemade cookies are going to be way, way better."  But then of course, after dinner he wanted something sweet and there was nothing except ice cream in the house so they got opened.  This is what the box looked like before he took them to work Thursday morning:

Yes, I ate too many cookies.  But I had help!  My favorite helper was this liitle guy, who comes to my house every Wednesday...

Big doings here people.  If you look closely, you see he lost his other front tooth!  He was so annoyed that I wanted to take his picture because, "Mama already took like a thousand!"


Finally, because we might actually be getting an honest to goodness snowstorm Sunday night, here are your Helen's Holiday Extravaganza photos of the day:

Someone gave me this sleigh with bubble bath in it.
Now I fill it with potpourri every year

Here it is with the cute snowman & tree decorations I found at the Big E this year.

One of  Mama Helen's best friends was a talented painter and crafter. Unfortunately Carol passed away a few years ago quite suddenly.After she passed her husband asked me if there was anything of hers that I would like and I told him I wanted anything that she had hand painted.  This is what I got:

There is a cup molded onto the top of this canning jar so it holds a tealight candle.

Cute, cute, cute wall hanging.  The knobs are for hanging keys or something on
but we all know that can't be allowed!

I'm wishing a warm and toasty, joy-filled weekend for all!


  1. How funny, I was just putting some more of the coffee flavored honey milk into my fridge and wondered if you liked the stuff - LOL on Mr. Helen's response to it! Tell him that this Texas Bed and Breakfast has a supply, should that be the tipping point to get you out here for the Armadillo Dash. :)

    OK, even bundled up, 22 degrees is COLD to run in...can't you put a space heater out there? I give you a ton of credit for getting on that treadmill any time of the year, but especially now. BRRRRR!

    Very awesome news on the MT belts! You both work hard at it; nice to keep seeing improvement, right?

    Love your holiday decorations. I know your house must feel so warm and welcoming - glad you get to hunker down this weekend and enjoy everything!

  2. I LOVE when they lose their teeth! They look so cute! My baby is being a booger about it. His lower adult teeth grew in before his baby ones went out!

    Horrible on the cookies, yes, homemade ones are WAY better. But I'll bet they were still good!

  3. You know, if there are any flavors that you don't like, I could take them off your hands. :D Just trying to help. LOL

    WOW, I'm so impressed with both you and the Mr Helen. You guys are two bad asses. That is so cool. I want to see some pics of Mr. Helen doing kung fu. (I know that's not what it's called but you know what I mean.) Congratulations to you both!

    OMG, the little guy is so cute! Could squeeze him. Such a fun age.

    Stay warm. Those temperatures made me shiver just a little to think about it. Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  4. Oh my gosh, that big box of cookies! When will it end?? I still have refrained from baking this year and I am actually coming close to making the decision that I won't bake at all. It's just too tempting and I don't feel strong enough to handle it.
    Looking forward to your review on the Athlete's Honey Milk (just the name sounds fabulous!)

  5. You guys are seriously badass! Wahoooo! And the day I ran the Jingle Bell Run? It was 4 degrees. But I guess that's just what I have come to expect here in SD. I really like running on the treadmill, actually. It's how I got started, because I was too scared to run outside by myself. So, I started there to build up some mileage before I hit the streets. It's a good tool for me to build some confidence in my ability to run distance before I try it "for real."

    But to each his own. I am really excited to start trail running next year. I think that's really where it's going to be at for me.

  6. On days when I hated my treadmill I called it the dreadmill hahahaha

    And guess what?? The Sunday Storm isn't a done deal yet! There are predictions that it will stay off shore!

  7. congrats to both you and Mr. Helen - that sure is a big deal! And proof positive that you can be fit and healthy at any age - woot!

    OMG, all the snowmen!! I absolutely love the last one - how nice that you now own them! :D

    Happy Friday!

  8. I want to meet Mr. H (wanting to meet you in real life goes without sayiing), but he sounds so funny. This whole imaginary friend thing, until it meets his protein drink needs is funny, and I'm still laughing at him yelling up the stairs at you.
    Who's your little Wed. visitor? Adorable.
    I will listen to you whine about the dreadmill all you want because I whine louder than you. I was on it this a.m. whine whine....

  9. I had to laugh that Mr. H. suddenly has a new best friend called Shelley :)

    I'm totally with you on the dreadmill. It just doesn't feel like a real run even if you did the same miles that you would have done outside.
    I'm not sure if I'm able to run outside tomorrow, we had a lot of snow today but I'm sure going to try. I can always go to the gym if it isn't an option to run outside.

  10. Slap a wheatgrass juice label on your honey milk and call it that so no one drinks it on you!

    I don't love the treadmill, but I also treat it like a game with changing the speed and such. Makes it go by faster.

  11. Oh the cookies! I hate them. and I love them. I will be glad when they are gone. And I suspect I will be sad when they are gone.

    I've been wanting to try that Athlete's honey milk, but I couldn't remember the name. Thanks for the reminder.

    Oh my yes. That is dedication or just plain craziness to even contemplate going into a garage that is 22 degrees to run on a treadmill!

  12. LOL @ Mr. Helen and "Shelley", the imaginary internet friend. Funny how they turn around so quickly on that when there is something in it for them!