Monday, December 20, 2010

Whirlwind Weekend

They say time flies as you get older.  I must be ancient then because I can't figure out where the weekend went!

This was supposed to be my snowstorm, hunker down, enjoy my house, maybe do some baking weekend and then, life happened.

First of all, I slept too late on Saturday so I got out for my run later than I would have liked because I wanted to run at least 6 miles. But I decided I'd better take the "me" time and boy am I glad I did as it pretty much ended up being the last me time of the weekend.  I chose to run hills. I know, crazy, right?  But with being on the treadmill so much I just feel I need the variation that hills provide.  So,  I took off and an hour and nine minutes later I'd run 6.43 miles for an average pace of 10:56.  I was super happy with that, especially since the course was so hilly.  Besides, I actually had one mile (the only flat stretch on the course) that I ran in 9:53.  Woot!

After my run, my agenda for the day had four things:  find stocking stuffers for Little Helen and a gift for my manicurist (who I've been going to every two weeks for well over 10 years); do a BJ's run; grocery shop; clean at least the upper level of our house.  First, Mr. Helen held me up with I can't even remember what now, it was that inconsequential. He left to go shopping on his own so I hurried to get ready and just as I was ready to leave, the phone rang and it was a call I needed to take.  That set me back another 45 minutes.  By the time I left, it was almost noon.  Sigh.

Suffice it to say, that I spent the next several hours battling crowds, traffic and getting annoyed.  And, I only found the gift and did the BJ's run, leaving the grocery and cleaning to be added into Sunday's chores.  I finally sat down after 6 that night and said, "I give!"

Sunday morning, when I woke up feeling behind.  So much to do, so little time.  Right away, I made a list:

Bake and frost cookies
Make Chex Mix
Clean House
Finish Wrapping
Make Spaghetti Sauce
Make BBQ Beef

Normally I do quite a bit of baking at Christmas but really haven't felt like it this year, so I asked Mr. Helen and Little Helen what they really wanted and they both chose the frosted cut-out cookies.  Mr. Helen asked for Chex Mix too and Little Helen asked me to make my toffee or fudge.  I'm really grateful they didn't want more as I literally ran out of time this year!

What I accomplished:

About half the house got cleaned:  important bits like bathrooms and floors
Sauce and Beef done so that's a couple of meals for the week
Wrapping Finished! This felt very triumphant for some reason
The cookies and Chex Mix:

Here the triple batch of Chex Mix that I make every year,
cooling on the counter

Here's all the cookie stuff, ready to go.  I always listen to the Carpenter's Christmas album while I decorate them.  And for the past 10 years, I've always missed Little Helen because when she was growing up we did this together.

When I was decorating them, I couldn't help but think of Biz, who loves snowmen!

All finished!

I have to say, looking at those finished cookies gave me a sense that I hadn't completely failed my tasks this weekend.  The one thing I was truly thankful for is that we didn't get the snow because I have no idea how far behind I'd be now if we had!

And that run?  Nope, never got it.  Which would be why I'm up at the crack of dawn writing this blog and getting ready to hit the treadmill!

Oh, and in case you forgot...

Make it a great day everyone!

*All photos courtesy of my crappy iPhone camera because the regular camera is charging.


  1. GO YOU on the crack of dawn treadmill, Lady.
    Im off to crack of dawn yoga.

    and giggled at the 'you mus be ancient' because time is whizzzzing by so fast
    I feel the same.

  2. The blink of an eye was the weekend here. Looks like yours was productive. Mine was more plain out fun and frantic, though you reminded me I did get snickerdoodles made.

    Time for peace and quiet!

  3. Wow, you accomplished a lot, in that short weekend! Have a great day!

  4. Sounds to me like you've Christmas well under control. I love your snowmen, too! So cute. One of the things Pebbles and I used to do was to paint/stencil decorate our wrapping paper. Somewhere I got this huge roll of plain brown paper. The thing weighed a ton and lasted years and years. We would drag out our paints and stencils and colored pens and make our paper. It was my favorite part of the holiday. Plus, it was cheap and I love a good cheap.

  5. Of course I love the snowmen! In fact, before I saw the shout out - I literally said out loud - "those snowmen cookies are so cute!"

    Glad at least you got some me time in on Saturday morning. I am loving getting up early on Saturday's now - never knew how much stuff you can get done when you don't get out of bed at 10:00 a.m.!

    We are supposed to get more snow tonight - while I like a white Christmas, I like it to snow on Christmas Eve and Day, and then melt and go away.

    Have a great Monday!

  6. pretty cookies. what's in the chex mix recipe?
    hills! you go girl.

  7. I know what you mean about the sense of accomplishment that comes with finishing gift wrapping - it really is a good feeling!

    You got a ton of things done and of course I love your list. Your cookies make me want to do that with my kids...wonder if I still have any cookie cutters?

    I am still stunned at your amazing times for that run - you had it going ON, my friend!!!

  8. It's posts like these that make me wonder why I'm so intent on getting married and having kids. Maybe I like my little hermit life.

  9. Helen, you get some serious points for even having the time to POST considering the weekend you had. You deserve a breather, for sure. Lucky family...those cookies look wonderful! :)

  10. Boy do those cookies look good!

    As I've just mentioned on another blog, after two Christmasses in blogland I'm still amazed how much you all bake for the holidays. It's not custom here and to be honest I'm glad. I love to bake but just one thing at a time. I'm going to make an apple pie for Christmas next Friday.

  11. I feel like there must be some times skips or something because I sure don't know where the days go sometimes!

    Those cookies look so good. I am fully ready to immerse myself in baking this week :D

  12. It all sounds like a whirlwind of mucho fun-oh.

  13. Hey I think you got a lot done Helen! Great idea to ask the family what they really want so you don't have to go crazy baking everything!

    Those snowmen cookies are very cute!