Thursday, January 27, 2011

By the Numbers

Predicted inches of snow for the storm we just had yesterday and overnight: 6-8

Actual inches of snow we got: 18

How long it took me to get home from work last night (15 miles): 40 minutes

How many martinis I had when I got home: 1

How long it took me to get back in to work this morning, including driveway and car clearing and the actual drive in: 240 minutes

How many pieces of chocolate I've had since arriving at work: 2

How many times I thought employers should just automatically close or delay arrival until noon when we have this much snow: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

How many times I actually said bad words about having to work: 12

How many times I said I’d like to win the lottery and retire myself if I have to live in this godforsaken place: 2

1 foot of frozen pipe + 1 blown gasket + 3.5 plumber labor hours and parts = $460.00

Temperature change in 24 hours = 40 degrees (from -16 to 24)

Total copayments over the next two weeks to have my physical therapist torture me with the Graston technique: $150.00

How many actual purple bruises I have from the technique done yesterday: 14 or maybe 3 giant ones as they now seem to be blending.

Number of times I woke up last night because I went to move and my stupid hip was hurting: 8

The number of comments that referenced the blueberry cake I mentioned in Tuesday Ten? 10. Out of 14.

Bloggers who read this week’s Tuesday Ten and think I need to visit and/or move to Texas: 5

How many of them thought I should bring my cake: 4

How many times I’ve thought of moving to anywhere but here in the last 24 hours: 9

Number of pounds I want to lose by the end of 2011 = 33

Percentage of chance that I’ll actually do that based on the fact that all this weather makes me want to do is drink heavily and eat chocolate: 10%


  1. You have my weather sympathies! Gracious me.

  2. LOL @ blog comment references yesterday. YES, Texas. Houston area would be nice. And the cake is welcome too.

    I can not believe that you got 18 inches of snow. I think my jaw dropped a little when I read that.

    Off to read what the heck the Graston Technique is.

  3. Too funny about the cake...geez, can you tell we are all dieters?!? LOL

    Obviously Texas would welcome you with open arms. Warm, dry open arms. Until June. Then they will be hot, sweaty arms - still open but more of a pat hug than a bear hug because of the sweat. Glow. We glow! We are glowing not in a radioactive way! Wait, where was I? Oh yeah, come to Texas. :)

    Sorry about the other stuff - and how many different ways did you come up with to kill your boss for making you drive in this morning? ;)

  4. I saw at least 2 of the invites to Texas! Loved this list - and I cannot BELIEVE you had to go to work. Totally heinous. I printed the recipe for that cake but if I made even a healthy cake today, if it tasted good I'd slice at it til it was gone. But the soup smells heavenly.

  5. Thanks for taking the snow hit for us. It didn't make it far enough west. I'll send thawing thoughts to you.

  6. Fight the good fight, Helen. Damn, that's a lot of snow! Cheers, Rick

  7. Ha! This post was so funny--it kind of made my day (sorry to have your various misfortunes turned into my amusement :))

    Winter, begone!

  8. Your numbers don't sound happy. Here's a happy one. Number of days before I fly to Portland for a conference and meet a favorite blogger? 10!!!!!

    Also, send more snow my way. I like it. I'll take it for you.

  9. I think you would like California too!

    I really have no clue what it is like to have snow but from the looks of it from all the blogs, I am glad we don't get it here.

  10. What terrible weather, such bad luck, hate those sleepless nights!

    I am so glad we moved away from the snowy winters! California rocks!

    Good job on only 1 martini! :)

  11. Really? It took you four hours to get to work this morning? Oh, no. I am not available to work in that kind of weather.

    Now I have to go back and see if I commented on the blueberry cake.

  12. You are so funny. I love your posts.

    I wouldn't mind taking a foot of snow off your hands. Then I could work from home due to road conditions. Seattle weather for the next week....can you guess? It's rain! Yippee! Not.

  13. This is a funny post, I would never have come up with this idea.

    Something tells me you're totally done with Winter :) and I hope Spring is just around the corner for you!

    Big hug Helen, hope it helps a little.

  14. I am with you on moving to Texas! We already have friends there, RIGHT?!

    I am so sick of winter - today is the 5th day in a row of overcast skies - I can deal with the cold weather if the sun is shining.

    Can't wait for spring! Hang in there Helen!

  15. this is really funny but such a sucky situation!! that's crazy you had work in all that snow! I envy you for only having 1 martini, should have doubled it maybe your hip wouldn't have hurt anymore!

  16. 18 inches of snow? All I can say is WOW.

  17. Very funny stuff here!
    We actually had to wear a sweater today....
    just sayin'.....

  18. We're supposed to get the same snow this week. Not looking forward to it! I'm hoping for a snow day, so I have an excuse to take off work!