Monday, January 17, 2011


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I have already reached the part of winter where I feel like everything is a big giant replay and a slow motion one at that.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  Cold days, cold nights, and I spend all my free time cooking and cleaning because who in heck wants to be outside in this mess.   Usually I don't arrive to this state until around the end of February but it has been a particularly cold and snowy winter for us already and that just makes me feel like I want to stay in bed forever.

When I got up Saturday morning, I flipped the TV on to see what I was faced with for outside temperatures because I knew the treadmill area aka the garage would be somewhere in that vicinity.  This is what I saw:

Yes indeed, that says "FOUR."   Really?  That shouldn't even be allowed where I live.  I'm not in Canada for goodness sake! That is not a temperature!  That is how old Gracie is! Awww Gracie. She's so cute, she's a little ray of sunshine for me. (Only a kid could love snow this way...)

Mr. Helen has started special classes that he will do for the next year as he works towards his 3rd Degree Black Belt so he was up early as well and as he was leaving he went in to the garage and started the teeny tiny space heater we have in there.   At least my left leg would be warm while I ran.

I grabbed the camera so I could take a picture of the treadmill when I was done because I know you guys could care less wait with bated breath every week to see how far I've run.  But first I took a couple of pictures for those of you who keep saying that it looks so pretty.  Well, it does, but it sucks to have to live in it day to day!

Got to the garage and it was 14 in there.  Alrighty then.  Jumped on the treadmill and pounded out my scheduled 7 miler.  Used the countdown from 90 minutes program so here you can see I did it in 73:46, which is a pretty good pace of 10:32/mile.  Of course I was motivated to get done by the temperature!  By the time I finished, between the sun being out and my teeny space heater it was all of 20 degrees.

Ate a couple of those pumpkin pancakes I'd made on our snow day to refuel then began housework.  Mr. Helen got home and I told him that we needed to go out and do something.  That if I had another weekend of cold weather, cooking and cleaning I might actually go to bed and never get up.  I suggested we go for an early dinner.  Ha!  Like we're senior citizens going for the early bird special.  Actually I wanted to go early because our streets are still not that great and we've been getting black ice overnight.  Plus there was a football game on and we decided to go to one of our favorite local spots to get a burger and watch the game at 4:30.

I tell you, I don't think our heat shut off all day.  We sort of huddled in the family room near our cute fireplace but our regular furnace kept running too.  Since I was given that Stylish Blogger award last week, I thought maybe you'd like to see how stylish I was on Saturday:

Yes, I was wearing a fleece vest inside my house.  I was cold!  I had Mr. Helen take this photo just before we left to get our burger.  I specifically said, "I want to show what I'm wearing."  He promptly cut off my feet.  Sigh.  But trust me, I had on some cute Salomon boots, similar to these.  Because when we parked at the restaurant? The sidewalks still had snow on them.  So cute shoes would not have been good, not at all.

We enjoyed our burger and the game, but our date night turned into a reunion of sorts for Mr. Helen.  He ran into someone who he hadn't seen in umpteen years and they promptly sat there reminiscing (we were sitting at the bar).  It was actually hilarious at one point because the other wife and I had both pulled out our cell phones and were texting people.  So much for date night!

But it was salvaged by this:

That right there is a piece of chocolate mousse cake, with fresh whipped cream and a raspberry drizzle.  I got the last piece they had for sale.  YUM. And now you know why I run long on Saturday.

*If the alternate winner does not respond by Friday, January 21, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. EST, another alternate winner will be chosen.


  1. So I've been sitting here thinking to myself - "Man, it's only 45 degrees, I'll wait for a while before going out on the bike. It's too damned cold". I've been chastised. I don't know how you do it, Helen. As always, an inspiration. And that cake - yumminess! Have a wonderful, stylish day and stay warm!

  2. 4 degrees? I think that's illegal. However, running in the 14 degrees garage doesn't sound a whole lot better.

    Re: your fleece indoors - I've been sleeping with a hooded sweatshirt - with the hood up - for the last few nights. I used to love the cold, but the last 2 years have cured me.

    The raspberry drizzled chocolate orgasm looks like it could have salvaged more than a date night gone awry. As I sit eating my 6 point breakfast sandwich, that looks REALLY worthy!

  3. I still can't get over 4. That is so wrong. ;)

    I really like your vest. And LOL on Mr. Helen cutting off your shoes - Jeff knows better, nowadays, when taking my picture, to leave something out.

    That cake is totally worth the long run.

  4. I can't believe a.) you run when it's so cold and b.) you run for such a long time. You're very committed to your health, which I love about you.

    In your picture you're dressed like we do up in Alaska when it's 60 degrees BELOW ZERO outside. Then it's almost impossible to keep warm in the house. A fleece vest is mandatory.

    I'm with you though, sun and warm weather are my preferences. If it wasn't because my husband loves it here in cold, dark, rainy Seattle, I'd probably be in Southern California (San Diego - my favorite place) or maybe Arizona. I can hardly wait for retirement because then it's my turn to live where I want.

    That cake...OMG!...are you serious?! It looks like a little piece of heaven. :)

  5. 4? That's not right. What impresses me so much is that you went to that cold garage and ran 7 miles anyway. You are a much stronger woman than I. 4 is hibernating weather.

    Watch out for those icicles. They'll put your eye out.

  6. Alright,
    I have a new appreciation for you!! What?!?!?! 4 degrees. Snow on the ground. I tell ya; I am SOOO OVER snow and we only got 7 inches :)

  7. Woot! I am totally going to rub it in to my sister that she missed out last week! Thanks Helen!

    Our weather is supposed to be shitty all week - snow/rain/bitter cold. I think Friday our HIGH is going to be five degrees - so the wind chill will be around - 15 to -20.

    I am so ready for spring!! Have a great Monday!

  8. Love the photos! That is a big pile of snow :). Way to keep on track with your exercise!

  9. Hi Helen! I just found your blog through Kelly's at Happy Texan!

    Way to go on that cold 7 miles! I've been wimping out lately :( And you had me cracking up at "Mr. Helen"!!! I'm going to start calling my husband Mr. Marisa! LOL!

  10. Oh my, oh my, would I have loved to get a bite of that cake, it looks so delicious.

    Helen even tough the weather is terrible for you, you do know how to tell it funny. You had me laughing a few times and that on Blue Monday!

  11. I wear fleece inside for most of the winter LOL! It's just easier than paying out for a higher heating bill, you know?

    You are the bravest person to treadmill in that cold. Actually I think you are the only person I know that runs on a treadmill in that temperature :D

  12. Yikes only 4 degrees! You poor thing! You look adorable in your fleece and I have been known to wear fleece in the house to keep warm as well. Hubby likes things to be cold and I am cold to begin with so sometimes I feel like I live in a freezer!

    That chocolate cake is right up my alley! Yum!

  13. I'm in Ontario Canada and we don't have nearly the snow you have... Send some our way! Cheers!

  14. You look so cute, and I even clicked to see the boots and they are very cool.
    Hub and I had a date a few weeks ago, and his BFF walked in to the same place, he freakin' sat down with us. I was less than happy (he's my bff too, but still...). Then hub and I ran to get a quick haircut for him (he has about 5 hairs), we were kidless, which is rare, who is getting his haircut too, same BFF. We joked that he is joining us on all our dates. Hub also joked that he and BFF are now on the same hair "cycle", like us girls...dork!

  15. I still can't get over you going out in that cold, then getting on a treadmill in that cold, and then STAYING on the treadmill in that cold.

    I knew I liked you. You proved it when you showed that last picture LOL!

  16. It is blogs like this that make me grateful for my gym. brrrr....It was 50 here today and I decided to jog inside anyways. lol.
    just call me wuss.
    Great job on the 7 mile run. That is a looooonnnnng way. Hope it gets warmer.

  17. Fleece in the house!
    Cold City, I'd say.
    I wear two shirts inside when it's cold....
    and wow -to the distance!

  18. laughing a ROXIE as thats been my thought recently too.
    and yer stylish saturday is 100% completely wholly and utterly MY VISION of stylin'

    completely :)

  19. You're just the cutest little snowbunny, Helen! And totally rockin' that fleece ;)
    It looks like that cake was completely worth it to me, btw!