Monday, January 24, 2011

Sub Zero

Yes, Sub Zero is the brand of refrigerator I would have if I had a mansion but that's not what I'm referring to. 

Hello internet.  Another weekend has flown by.  It really did not start on a fun note for me.  Woke up Friday morning to the promised snow.  Gah.  I feel like I'm drowning in this bad weather winter.  Mr. Helen and I had agreed on Thursday night that if we had the 3" of promised snow that I would drive Bluebelle (which has 4WD) and he would drive Goldilocks (which does not) because I drive 15 miles to work and he drives 5.  Plus where I work is more inland and the weather there tends to be "more." Those who have come here to browse for a while know that Bluebelle is Mr. Helen's new truck that was purchased last April.  It's the very first brand new vehicle that he has ever owned and the truck that he'd been wanting for a long, long time. He loves this vehicle the way he should love me and I'm not kidding.  Here he is with her the day we picked her up:

Needless to say it makes me a little nervous to drive her but I was glad for the 4WD. He left me a note on what to do, how to drive and special foam scraper to get the snow off - no brushes they scratch! Then he called me and texted me before I could even get out the door. Alrighty then. Of course he insisted he was worried about me but I know better!

I got to work quite safely even though it still took me longer than normal because of the roads.  I told him I would text him when I got there.  Here's our actual text exchange which made me laugh out loud:

"Got here safe. Still took 35 mins roads yucky but Bluebelle handled beautifully!"

He replied:
 "U go girl.  By the way his name is Buster."

The amazing thing is, by noon, the snow had stopped, and since they had been working on the roads, when the sun came out, they were completely clear.  Here is a view from my office window looking down on the Marina that my boss owned.  The first photo was taken about an hour or so after I got to work; the second after the sun came out.  See how clear the roads got?

I was so relieved that the ride home wouldn't be hard.  Mr. Helen was very happy to see Buster Bluebelle arrive home with no damage.

Because I went to work early I was able to leave a bit earlier than normal and by 4:45ish I already had on my PJ's!  I just felt worn out and wasn't going anywhere and besides I wanted to get my toenails painted because my company holiday party was Saturday night.  I have been going to the same manicurist for well over 10 years and she is really more like a friend now.  Wednesday night when I got my manicure I told her I was going to my holiday party and wearing a black dress (what else?).  She told me to trust her to pick a great color and this is what she chose for me:

OPI: I'm Not Really A Waitress
 When she finished the manicure she handed me the tester bottle and said, "This is almost empty. Why don't you take it home and do your toes in case you decide to wear an open toe shoe."  See why I love her?  So Friday that was my mission:

Freshly manicured toes (don't look too close, I hadn't gotten a Q-tip to erase my mistakes yet!) and my Snowflake Pajamas.  How appropriate!

Saturday morning I got up and my planned long run was 8 miles.  Of course, because we can't seem to get a break from the snow, the roads are quite narrow and dangerous to run on, so it was the treadmill for me.  I had 2 shows that I had taped to watch to keep my mind otherwise occupied. I put my space heater on and went at it using my countdown from 90 minutes program, hoping I could do the 8 miles in 90 minutes or less.  When I finished, I was pleasantly surprised to see that I had run 8.3 miles in 1:25:17 for a pace of 10:16/mile.  I may be chubby but I think I'm running at a pretty good pace these days... Woo Hoo!

The rest of Saturday was spent cleaning the house because we were in store for some bitterly cold weather and my master plan was to not go out unless absolutely necessary.  Which it was to go to my company's annual Holiday Party, that is held in January each year.  It's fancy, with a sit down dinner, a DJ, and of course, the obligatory company stats, etc. for the year but they've gotten better at getting that stuff done and getting the party started.

Mr. Helen was completely surprised by what I wore - for a change, I didn't share with him beforehand.  But, I can confidently say he was really happy about it and said I looked beautiful and classy.  What more could a girl ask for from her date?

The bracelet - yep, I wore the same one I wore last year.

My clutch

Took a couple shots of my shoes, just in case Mr. Helen cut them off in the long shot.
I don't know why I'm squinching my toes on my left foot?

Closeup so you can see my fabulous makeup and gorgeous earrings!

Finally, the long shot.  Yep, he cut off a foot - lol!

Here we are at the party.

We had a great time but it was a late night.  I slept until 8 AM on Sunday!  And guess what else I did?  I skipped exercise (Shame!).  This is the headline that greeted me in the Region section of our Sunday paper.  We were being warned about our temperatures Sunday-Monday.

They were right.  We had Arctic cold come through and this morning the actual temperature was 2 with the wind chill at -16. Seriously, people, I opened cupboards that were against the outside wall so that the heat from the house would get to the pipes.  

So, besides the shopping and cooking that I did on Sunday, I went looking for Spring.  Because the thought of sub zero temps was enough to make me want to pack it up and move it out. I found some at the grocery store and bought it hoping it will help get me through these next few days.  The real thing?  It can't come fast enough!


  1. You look smoking hot in sub zero weather! I loved the text re: BUSTER. Too funny.

    Seriously, you do such a good job of staying positive during the winter. I think I would just hibernate the whole thing away. I hope your weather gets absolutely balmy today. You guys have really had a bad one, from what I hear.

    Great job on the pace. Wow!

  2. Chubby? I think not! You look gorgeous and sexy and healthy. Love the dress, the shoes, the whole outfit. Very classy. Sounds like a fun time.

    I'm hating our weather too. It's not cold, around 45-50 every day, but rain, rain and more rain. I washed my car yesterday during the five minutes it wasn't raining and then it started to rain as soon as I very carefully towel dried it. I can't wait for spring!

  3. You look stunning in your dress Helen, absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your weekend - sounds so nice!

    p.s., I'm wearing that exact same nail polish - it's one of my favorites :)

  4. You are a rockstar! I'm trying to get a 5K in under thirty minutes. It's been a goal for a couple of years now. I'm finally doing the C25K and running at 6 mph, but it's HARD!

    Besides all that, you are gorgeous. Great job on putting things together.

  5. As I wake up throughout the night (love perimenopause, really I do), I check weather on my iTouch...a child could learn to count with your weather today...first I saw a 1, then a couple of hours later a 2...that is just so crazy. CRAZY!!! I can't imagine what you wear to go from house to car to the walk into work. I'm thinking you must look like Nanook of the North. Am I right?

    You look smashing in your fancy dress! From head-to-toe, you had it going on, you bad mamma jama! Love that you took shoe pics just in case, lol! Someday I want to dress like you, and have the confidence to leave the house.

  6. Oh yeah, I got so excited about the weather and your dress that I forgot about the running! Dang you are fast! Way to knock out 8 miles and make it look easy! :)

  7. You look smokin' hot, and I'm sure Mr. H was happy to have you on his arm! Great run. Cold SUCKS - I'm sitting at my desk with a jacket on and my scarf wrapped around my neck. I WILL NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT HEAT AGAIN. Humidity yes,

  8. What a gorgeous dress. And a gorgeous lady in it. You looked stunning. Sleeveless dress in that kind of cold? Brave lady you are. I'd be wearing flannel from head to toe.

    Great job on that run. Your determmination to run is more than a little inspiring. A treadmill is tough enough but in a garage in the cold is just amazing. You deserve a medal. Or a gold star or something.

    If the cold does get to you and you do decide to pack up and move, Texas has some folks (me! and Shelley) who would love to see you here. :D Just sayin.

  9. You look amazing! Good for you! I love, love, love to dress up and do NOT have enough opportunity to do so.

    It's going to be 30 degrees today! HEAT WAVE!!!!!

  10. OMG - you are gorgeous. I love the dress, so much better than what I was thinking of offering, although, similar cut, great minds think alike.
    It's cold here, but nothing like there. Just a warm 17 this a.m., and I walked 5 miles w/ a friend (no key to be found).
    How was the party, you didn't mention it.
    Love to Bluebelle.

  11. Helen you looked fabulous Saturday night. I totally understand why Mr. Helen was holding you so close, you must have caught the attention of other men, looking so hot!

    What a difference those two pictures.

    Brrrrr I'm getting cold just reading about it.
    It looks like we've had the worst in December, now it's just a lot of rain and not to cold but I'm definitely not complaining!

  12. You really look gorgeous Helen. I love that nail polish color. And I love that bracelet. The whole thing. Gorgeous.

    And your running time was fantastic.

    Love that you went looking for spring. It'll be here soon, don't worry!

  13. I loved this post and all the photos. You look beautiful, fit and sexy! Too funny that Mr Helen always cuts off a foot in your photos!

    I too have a bottle of that polish and my hubby loves it when I paint my toes that color!

    Sorry about the frigid temps and I wish I could send you some warmer weather.

  14. Hubba hubba! You look amazing! Good call on the toes :D

    We hit -27 overnight and had the forethought to open all the cabinets as well. Glad to see it doesn't sound crazy after all to do that.

  15. Great post, the pictures were fun. The flowers are pretty and make me too wish for spring, but they don't compare to how great you looked all made up for the party. You look great Helen!

    Holy cow, over 8 miles in 90 minutes! That is way fast in my book. That garage has to be getting pretty darn cold.

  16. Gorgeous photos of you, Helen, first of all. You always look so glowing!

    I always like reading about how life really is with snow, since we never get any. Must say, I'm beginning to think it can be quite a challenge! Stay safe, and stay warm.

    (The second toe on my right foot squinches up as well - it has an ugly welt by this time - and I don't even know what to do about it.)