Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  I am very interested in the State of our Union. I generally watch some, if not all, of our President's annual address to the nation. But why did he have to pick Biggest Loser night to do it? Messing up my TV viewing/taping and cutting this week's episode short. There are plenty of nights when TV is crappy. He should have picked one of those.

9.  This truly is the winter of my discontent.  Here was my view this morning at 4:45 when I headed out to the treadmill. Yes, that's more snow.  Even more is in the forecast for Wednesday night-Thursday morning.  You non snow people sick of these pictures yet?

8.  As soon as I got to work, our in-house weather watcher sent out an email saying that the 2 inches or so we were supposed to get were turning into another 2-4 inches because this storm has intensified.  It's true, the roads now actually look worse than when I came in.  Sigh.

7. Also wanna know why I'm hating this winter with its incessant snow and bitter cold temperatures?  Because I live in an older home and got home last night to discover a leaking pipe in our utility room. Probably froze then thawed and it caused enough damage to make a leak, which now has a bucket under it.  This also means that a plumber at $95 an hour will be coming to my house today to see what's wrong. Stupid winter making me spend my mad money on frozen pipes.

6. I've given in.  Starting tomorrow I'm going for physical therapy for my hip.  It's gotten so bad when I wake up in the morning, my left hip is at least an inch higher than my right.  Sometimes it straightens out and I'm OK, other days I'm in pain all day.  Stupid injury making me spend my mad money on co-payments.

5. Remember how I said I was looking for spring on Sunday? Well, in addition to buying those tulips, I made this Blueberry Pound Cake. It's a Cooking Light recipe with an "outstanding" rating that I've been making for years, with no changes to the recipe at all, which is unusual for me.  Every bite is worth every calorie involved. Nothing like a fresh blueberry bursting in your mouth to think "Spring, " combined with cake to think "comfort."

4. I want to spend my mad money on a trip to somewhere warm and sunny. Because while blueberries say "Spring," cake says "Comfort" and then it sneaks up on you and says "Hips." Maybe if I have to wear less clothes, I'll drop the cake part and just stick with the blueberries.

3.  I keep reading blogs of folks who are in maintenance mode - but who at the same time say, it's never over.  It makes me wonder if anything is ever over.  Are there true beginnings and endings with anything in life?  Because just as I've reached the age when I thought I'd be settled, I find I am a great big, huge work in progress.

2. I wish I could figure out what I want to be when I grow up.  Because if I could, I'd quit my job, go back to school full time and do it.  They always say you should look for a career doing something you are good at and enjoy.  I enjoy cooking and I'm pretty good at it, but have zero desire to be a professional chef .  I also enjoy running, but I'm no good at it so no chance of making a career there.  What to do, what to do.  That may be the theme of this decade of my life... and by the end, I'll be ready for retirement.

1.  In this post, Anne, around 3/4 of the way down, says something about her perfectionism keeping her from finishing. As I read it, I realized this: I generally finish what I start. I'm good at that. My perfectionism/fear of failure/fear of not succeeding 100% keeps me from starting.


  1. OMG - that blueberry cakes looks amazing!

    Come to Texas! I know some pretty hospitable folks who would love to entertain you! And while it's not "warm" here right now, we could be tomorrow. Bring cake!

  2. First off, I BEG TO DIFFER that you are "no good" at running. Stop that right now. But, I have an idea that will solve a lot of your problems. Move to Texas and open a running store in my town with me. My town needs one, and with your expertise, we could both have a job doing something we love!

    Oh, and bring that cake.

  3. I am with you Helen, I wish I knew what I wanted to be when I grow up!

    Thanks for your well wishes Helen!!

  4. That second snow picture looks like it has ghosts or something in it. Maybe breath fog? :)

    That blueberry cake looks so good. Why don't you bring it with you when you visit Texas (because we're warmer over here)?

    Glad you're going to get some help with the hip. Ouch! Sounds painful.

    Have a great day! :) Biggest Loser is on tonight. hopefully it will be politician-free this week. I was a wee bit ticked off last week.

  5. Mmm, blueberry pound cake. I bet it is worth every calorie. I'm starving now :) Cheers, Rick

  6. I am sorry your hip is bothering you so much. At least you have insurance with a co-pay instead of out of pocket, so a little silver lining, maybe?

    I hear you on what I want to be when I grow up. I am all over the place in my mind about what to do next (other than move to New Orleans where it is warm and there are beignets to be had).

  7. The blueberry cake looks wonderful! I'm going to DVR TBL. Also, this has been my winter of discontent, as well. I am so tired of being cold and trudging through snow and tippy-toeing on ice. Our get-away won't come until the end of Feb.--then Florida here we come! If it's any consolation, the weather has been quite wintery throughout the country! Hang in there!

  8. Any time I think about not knowing what direction my life is going, I think about those kids in high school all those years ago who were taking classes to prep themselves for their chosen career path in college. I wonder if they're still teachers or doctors, or if they are just like me: confused and drifting.
    Just do what I'm doing: wrap up all these feelings and blame them ALL on the weather. Right now is when it gets pretty bad for me and you have to admit, this has been one hell of a winter to get through. Hang in there.

  9. Yummy looking cake :)

    With ya on the weather - not a big winter fan myself.

  10. I'm so over winter but a piece of that cake would totally cheer me up!

  11. Yep. Move to TExas and open a running store with Shelley. I'm all for that one.

  12. You are too funny today. Did you speak to my son? He had the same rant about President and tv, but he wouldn't want to watch it any night.

  13. Wait, I am just reading the comments now...typical of me, I have to get my say out first before I pause to read.
    On your way down to Texas, stop in Virginnie and bring the cake.

  14. Yes, do come to Texas....
    I would only be a little nervous to meet you!
    And we could eat that cake you have there.
    I find that I can tolerate this overwhelming sense of
    anxiety a little bit at a time.....
    but more often than not, I try cover it like blonde roots.....
    mostly with meaningless and silly projections.
    Time to slow down, take a deep breath and .....
    and..... and..... move on, I guess, as best as we can!
    Maybe chose again.

  15. Wise decision to see a therapist for your hip.

    I've been thinking about starting a study recently but still haven't made my mind up. Doing that would mean I have less time for everything I love because it is going to cost time. It's work related because I love my job and wouldn't want to do anything else.

    We have something like the State of the Union too. It's called the "troonrede" and it is always on the 3rd Tuesday in September and our queen reads the plans of our government for the next year.