Wednesday, February 2, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday


Where I walked to get to the treadmill this morning

Poor Goldilocks!
(1/4 inch of ice, at least)

45 minute drive to work.  Highway speeds 25-30 mph
 on roads that look like my driveway.
Joined Lori for Bagel Wednesday, runnin' on Dunkin'


  1. Oh, so you got ice? I HATE ICE!! So safe.

  2. You are a better woman than I - white flag would have been raised had I seen that car and those roads! Glad you are getting some warmth via DD and a yummy bagel. Fingers crossed for a safe drive home.

  3. Oh be very careful walking on the ice! I was visiting my parents in the Midwest one winter and I slippped and fell on ice like that, shattered all the bones in me left ankle.It took two surgeries and 3 months of physical therapy for me to learn to walk again. I am so afraid of weather like that!

  4. It's even on the news here in Holland about the snow storms in your country. I don't envy you :)

    Love that bagel Wednesday. Soon I'm going out for lunch with my BF/co-worker for bagels too, can't wait!

  5. Wow, ice is bad. Sucks for driving that is for sure! Be very very careful!
    I would have stayed home :)

  6. Helen- we need to consider moving in together a little further south. Maybe North Carolina?

    Hooray for bagel Wednesday! Only I didn't get mine today because of stupid snow...

  7. It's a new winter sport! Ice skating and Treadmill running - the east coast winter duathalon. Winner and still champeen - Helen!

    Stay warm and upright.

  8. We were supposed to get the ice, but we only got a bit of it before it turned to rain. Still brought down power lines and branches, but much less than we've had in the past.

  9. wow Ive been away from Pa. too long and am now officially old as well.
    I kept thinking DONT BREAK A HIP. ID BREAK A HIP :)

    stay warm!


  10. Okay, maybe I'll take our snow over your ice - I can't stand driving when its icy outside!

    Love that you had Lori's bagel Wednesday! :D

  11. I can't believe you have to drive to work in that stuff!

  12. Yea I am with BIZ, I guess I won't complain about our 14 inches of snow!

  13. You would think they ran out of ic up there, cuz it's all down here!
    Be safe and warm!

  14. My family is in CT and they have collectively HAD IT with the horrible weather this winter. Ice on top of everything else? That is just not right.