Friday, February 18, 2011

Giving the Finger

In an email 'conversation' with Shelley and Laurie we were talking about regular features on blogs.  I mentioned that I don't really have one, except maybe Tuesday Ten, which people seem to enjoy the randomness of.  I said I need to come up with another one, maybe for Fridays, but I couldn't do Fashion Friday because Shelley had already tradmarked that and besides, my running clothes don't match!  Shelley suggested I do an occasional Finger Friday where I show off my bi-weekly manicure.

So Shelley, here's Finger Friday, just for you!
Ate Berries in the Canaries by OPI


When I was reading comments on yesterday's blog, I happened to notice that part of the photo of the card Mr. Helen gave me was whited out by the camera flash.  I took another photo of it because it's really much funnier if you can see the nut.  I am STILL cracking up every time I look at that card!


Yesterday morning, I had my followup on my bad cholesterol as well as the usual thyroid and cortisol check that my doc does.  Once again, the results were a mixed bag.  For some reason my thyroid levels are creeping back up.  I'm only 1/10th of a point from having my meds increased, yet again.  I knew that.  I can tell by the way I feel and also by the fact that I'm not losing weight.  Cortisol still not good.  But she seems to think it's to be expected what with all the stress I've been through.  Cortisol is bad though because even if you don't feel puffy it makes you retain water and fat like a pig before slaughter.  Bad.  In her words, "Weight loss is pretty much a crapshoot for you right now, I'm sorry to say."

My cholesterol, however, due to my STELLAR consistency in following the mediterranean style diet she wanted me to follow, has dropped 25 points!  Which is the equivalent of a low dosage pill! So, even though my weight was exactly the same as it was last October (as she said, most likely due to those thyroid/cortisol nubmers), because that number dropped so much, she is going to continue to let me stay off the meds and try to bring it down more.  HURRAY!

How do you like me now cholesterol?  Why yes, I am giving you the finger!

Between the two of us we decided that the best course of action is for me to continue to try to be my best, healthy self and not worry about weight loss per se. After all people, I do know what healthy foods are and what a healthy portion looks like.  So for now, I'll keep eating lowfat/good fats 90% of the time, keep up my exercise, and just try to be the best I can be.  Eventually, the stars will align and I'll see weight loss, I'm sure.  But if I can keep that cholesterol managed and not have to take meds, that is a huge victory.


  1. Love the polish! Loved the card too.
    And I'm all for no meds and that should be your focus. Your body will eventually shed its layers.

  2. I love the polish color--and the card! I think you and your Dr. are making a good decision. You're doing something right to have such good cholesterol results. Congrats!

  3. Great job on the cholesterol! That's awesome! Cheers, Rick

  4. I'd be a little scared of Finger Friday. What is you're in a bad mood and decide to show the wrong finger? :-)

  5. Hi Helen,
    Just wanted to say "thanks" for commenting on my post. I had written about my need to stay on course, because I have a hard time getting back on track if I "fall off" on weekends, etc. I know many others don't have to have that kind of a diet plan, because I read about it in their blogs. We're all different. I was speaking only for myself and what I have learned through trial and error that works best for me.

  6. You are SO in the zone, Helen. Not stressing about numbers, concentrating on your health, being comfortable with the 'when' of it all. Big applause on that, because I know that's not always easy to do. Love the Valentine's Day card, too - your husband has a great sense of humor!

  7. Great job Helen, 25 points lower on your cholesterol is proof you are doing the right things. Sorry to hear about the thyroid problem though. Hope that works out.

    Sure looks like some nice bling on your finger.

  8. You have beautiful hands, Helen. this is a good addition to your blog

    Congrats on the cholesterol, and I love the sound of that last paragraph--that is a very good goal, and healthy both mentally and physically.!

  9. Huge victory!!
    And, the fingers...what can I say? Perfect (I LOVE that color).
    It will be fun when you have a string of the pictures together and then hundreds of different colored nails.

  10. Woohoo, Finger Friday - I LOVE IT!!! Pretty, pretty color, and that name is great. :)

    So proud of you for getting your cholesterol lowered - really shows how much you've worked these past few months. And I love your doctor's attitude toward your weight. I'm curious to see where you are in another few months. I predict things will continue to get better and better.

  11. Love finger Friday! Great color too!

    Congrats on lowering the cholesterol, that's really a lot that has dropped!
    I have the same mindset on living healthy as you do at the moment. I just try to do my best in every way and if I lose weight that's great and if not it's okay too. Have to say to this that I haven't lost or gained anything this month which is okay with me.

  12. LOL at the finger Friday! Cute card too! It looks like something my hubby would pick out.

    Great stats on your cholesterol. It just goes to show what a huge role what we eat has to do with our health!

  13. Grats on the cholesterol! That is awesome!

    By the way TT is one of my favorite posts to read each week.