Friday, February 4, 2011

Houston, We Have a Purple.

In my never ending quest for Spring, when I got my manicure this week I picked a color from OPI's spring line called, "Houston We Have a Purple."  All the spring colors are named after Texas which isn't so appropriate today, is it?  It's actually more of a raspberry color but I've been enjoying it as a nice change from darker winter colors.


I know my mid-west and Texas friends are under snow right now, while I have dry roads for a change but it's still a disaster here on the east coast.  First of all it was 5 here this morning.  FIVE.  Secondly, every single day when I sip coffee while listening to the local news they are talking about roof collapses.  This morning they were talking about THREE - two businesses and a condo complex.  Connecticut actually has ordinances in place that regulate the slant of roofs, but a lot of the collapses are happening in older buildings.  The ice storm we had this week has only contributed to the problem, and tomorrow we are forecast for more snow.  Additionally, is going to be heavy wet snow adding a lot more load on people's roofs.  I guess it's a good thing that Mr. Helen shoveled our garage.

The city I live in has been going street by street based upon recommendations of police and the fire department setting up parking bans and actually removing the snow.  It really has been crippling.  You can imagine my joy when I saw the those no parking signs on a street I have to drive on every single day to get home.  We live on a one way street and that road had become so narrow with people trying to park and the huge piles of snow it really was dangerous.  I wish I had taken a before and after photo so you could actually see the huge difference but I didn't think to do that until last night when I saw the snow was gone. 

Unfortunately, I may get the chance to show you yet because this morning, my weatherman said he can see 6 storms between now and February 20th, which prompted me to yell at the TV, "I quit Connecticut, I quit!" and Mr. Helen to yell back, "Settle down girl, you're not going anywhere."  But seriously people, I just want it to

Yes, that is an actual photo from my neighborhood.  Now you understand why I say it's dangerous trying to drive through intersections, much less run through them.

And why I keep using "actually" and "actual" so much I don't know... except maybe I think you won't believe me.


Getting around has additionally been made harder because of whatever is going on with my hip/leg/back.  I started going to PT but I've been feeling almost worse than better.  And the pain seems to be migrating.  It was so bad yesterday I didn't run and then poor Shelley had to listen to me whine via email all day. Which really wasn't very nice of me since she's nursing her own running injury right now and can't really run either. (Sorry, Shelley) Of course, this morning the therapist was all happy dappy because she says when the pain centralizes that means it's actually getting better and is far easier to treat than pain that basically covers the left side of my body from the waist down.  When I left she told me to have a nice weekend and I told her that would depend on whether or not I'm able to run tomorrow.  She laughed but I kid you not when I say as Mr. Helen left this morning for work he said, "I sure hope Michelle can do something for you today because you sure are cranky when you don't run."

And his point is?  Listen people I'm dealing with winter here too and I need my endorphins. Perhaps I should have eaten some of the triple mousse cake that Mr. Helen treated himself to after he shoveled the roof.


Since I did a more serious post on Monday I never had the chance to tell you that for the first time in as long as I can remember, I didn't spend the weekend cooking.  At one point I had an email exchange with Biz and told her to hold on to her hat and not fall off her chair because not only did I not cook one single thing, I got Mr. Helen to agree to cook a couple of things on Monday (which is one of his days off) and that meant that I wouldn't cook at all this week either.  Believe me, I was as shocked as anybody.  Then I realized that Mr. Helen will be traveling next week which means, I won't cook again this weekend!  Holy carp.  I can't even remember in years and years the last time that happened unless I was on vacation.  I  might be able to think of this as a mini vacation if it weren't for the damn snow. 

I also realized that I could use this week of eating alone as an opportunity to whip my own eating into shape.  A good solid week of that and I might be able to get myself in a good solid pattern of healthier choices.  As I said before, right now between the weather and my hip all I want to do is drink heavily and eat chocolate.  While the drinking is easier to control, mostly because of the meds I'm on right now, I'm afraid I've let a little bit too much of the chocolate get back in.  Hey, when a girl can't get her endorphin fix from running, she's got to get it somewhere.  In any case, I have an opportunity, now it remains to be seen whether I will take it, or take the easy way out and just have popcorn for dinner every night.


  1. We have two days off, including today. Funny how a day off includes wind chill factors of -15. Huh. THEN the snow starts up for the rest of the week.



    Good thing there aren't any triple mouse cakes around here!

  2. Feel better! I know this weather isn't helping with sore bones and muscles. :(

    Love the nails, too!


  3. How did I not know about that nail color collection?!? I just found all the names - what fun! Of course, I know you picked it because your IBF lives in Texas. ;)

    Not running sucks. You wouldn't think something that is challenging, makes you gasp for air and beats your legs up would be so good for you mentally, but it is, and not being able to do it necessitates other, um, distractions. Sometimes chocolate is the answer.

    I do hope your PT is correct.

    Oh, and when I saw your blog headline, I totally thought it was bruise-picture time!

  4. Love the mani color! So very stylish.

    Helen, seriously, I do not know how you survive without diving into a vat of chocolate, especially since it's available.

    My temptation last night: I went to set my trash in the hallway for pick-up and the "welcome wagon" had delivered a dozen chocolate cookies to a new neighbor and they were just sitting outside his/her door. Never have I been more tempted to engage in petty thievery!

    Feel free to come to TX and crash the party - that chicken does look mighty interesting - it's actually second on my list!

  5. Holy crap Helen that really is a lot of snow! Unbelievable, we never had so much snow here in Holland.

    I love, love, love your nails. Everytime I see a pic of your nails I say to myself: you need to paint them too again but I never have the rest to sit down for a while and do it. Oh well, maybe someday :)

    Hope you will be able to run tomorrow, keep my fingers crossed for you!

  6. Sorry for laughing, but this is funny! Between 'holy carp' and 'all I want to do is drink heavily and eat chocolate,' you have made me laugh.

    Honestly, I have no comprehension of living with so much snow. And actually, yes actually, I have no wish to ever have a comprehension of living with so much snow. But its fun to hear about yours...

  7. Love the color. What you couldn't go for the bright pink? That is so my beach color (on toes) (my sister wears orange on her toes)
    So sorry about FIVE, and the injury, but man, does that cake look good.

  8. Hmmmm - those snow shots look familiar LOL!

    Has the PT said anything about sciatica or IT band?

  9. If my husband was out of town, I think my daughter and I would have tacos every night!!

    Love your mini-cooking vacation, but it still has to be so weird!

    Happy Friday Helen - and thanks for your continued support! :D

  10. Yep, that is a lot of snow. Ahh, reminds me of my childhood.

    Opposite of you...I can't remember the last time I cooked two nights in one week. "Actually" it's been quite a while since I've cooked one a night. I need to do it, but just won't. Not sure why. I need to make a plan and cook something this weekend. My husband would love me for it.

    Hope the PT helps.

  11. Helen, I can sense your frustration all the way here. Our intersections look like this too. So far this winter we've received 97 inches of snow. And it doesn't look like it's ending any time soon, either. My husband works out in this stuff and his merino wool long underwear is like wearing newspaper these days. I feel your pain, I really do. Just keep on keeping on and concentrate hard on that upcoming vacation.

  12. man that cake looks good, sorry about your hip/back and all that snow. Love the nailpolish. We didn't get a lot of snow out here, just cold. Hope things clear up soon.

  13. That snow reminds me of Chicago right now!

    There were HUGE piles of snow that were pushed up in big piles by my office. They actually had a truck come, fill it with snow, take it somewhere (not sure where?) and they next thing you know another truck was coming to be filled again. within an hour and a half all the snow that was from cleaning out the parking lots was gone!

    And, when Mr. Helen is out of town, consider it a great chance to make whatever healthy things you like! I read an article where Alison from Biggest Loser when she travels, she pretends she's on the biggest loser ranch and gets back to basics and exercises.

    Sorry you are feeling sore, that's no fun at all.

  14. Ha! I was expecting to see a bruise. The nail color is very pretty and, of course, I love the name. ;-)

    Since you mentioned the graston technique, I googled it and hubby had a visit with a dr. to see about doing it for his neck. he goes back in a couple of weeks to see if there is anything they can do for him. Thanks for mentioning it. I always learn something from reading blogs.

    Girl, I'm in the No Running club right now too. Sucks. I've just been feeling under the weather though. Hope you're able to run soon to get your endorphin fix. :)

    That snow is craziness. Seriously. I hope it melts soon and gives you a break.

  15. checking in on the flipside of a crazy weekend here (snowday friday. in TEXAS?!).

    Sending you thoughts on MELTING and thoughts of JEALOUSY (love your hands. love the mani. I dont paint my fingernails are they're ... not my best feature :))