Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tuesday Ten: Ten Mile Run with a Crappy iPhone Camera

1.  I got to run outside last Saturday!  It's the first time in months.  Until last week we've had around two snowstorms per week and as I've shown you before, the huge piles of snow and narrowed roads made it dangerous to try to run outside.  But for Lori's Heart Healthy Weekend, I pledged 10 miles and really didn't want to do it on the treadmill.

2.  So I drove to the suburbs where there's much less traffic and I figured the roads might be wide enough to share with the occasional car. What I didn't count on was ice from the melting we'd had last week and heavy frost on the roads anywhere the sun hadn't hit.  Did you know that's as slick as ice to run on!  Look closely and you can see the ice on the side and the frost right down the middle.  Where am I supposed to run?!!

3. Sidewalks maybe?  Good idea!  Except there are no sidewalks.  There are ice skating rinks and trails though....

4. We are lucky to have two parks in this area, right next to each other, connected by paved roads that are usually clear.  And, this time of year, no traffic.  One is a summer camp, the other a state park.  I was in both of them for a few miles.

5.  It was cold there though, because the parks are near the ocean.  It was an interesting contrast to see the snowy land with the sea in the background. There was a breeze and it was time to get the heck out!

6.  This is a nice run because it is two loops and if I need to stop and get more water or anything, I can.  Hi Bluebelle!  Be back later!

7.  When you run long enough, you have to refuel. (See my Accelerade stuck there in the snow?) OK, I'm ready to rock and roll!

8. Hmmm, I think this is a summer home... these folks will be surprised to arrive for the season and find their evergreen snapped in half and probably permanent damage to the other tree - which is the only thing holding the broken part up!  Ooooh there's a decent sidewalk!

9.  Even though I heated up, the wind picked up, the sun went in, and it felt cold.  Makes me long for summer, sort of just like these guys...

10. But I so enjoyed this outside run - ice, cold and all.  There were hills people! Glorious hills to really exercise my legs properly!  (My legs were killing me on Sunday but it hurt soooooo good.)  Unfortunately, as they say, all good things must come to an end... until next weekend maybe?

(Can you tell I used my real camera for this last shot? )


  1. Yay! Outside run.
    I don't think the iphone shots are crappy, you should see my crappy blackberry shots, oh, you have!
    Now that I know your license plate I can track you :)
    Have a great day.

  2. Woohoooooooooo: she ran outside! Girl that must have been such a great feeling for you.

    I love it how you mapped your run in pictures, nice to see the area where you run.

  3. Yay for outdoor runs!! That's some serious weather you guys have. I have a feeling I'll be wishing I was there this summer when it's 100 degrees.

    Good job on the run. I am super duper impressed that you did it in the cold. And 10 miles at that!

  4. Coming from California, it's so bizarre for me to see snow next to the ocean. One of those things that makes me do a double take, you know?

    So happy that you got an outdoor run in, and a nice long one at that!

  5. I've been getting good outdoor walks - it's great. Still a bit chilly - but the air is so fresh and clean!

  6. Thanks for the lovely tour, Helen. This time of the year any kind of outdoor exercise raises the spirits, even if it is a bit nippy. Great perseverance!

  7. Hi, new follower. What a great run, love seeing it all through pictures. I am also from ca and while its raining today we were in the 70s the last few weeks. Glad to hear you were enjoying being outside

  8. Yay for outdoor runs! I am so ready for snow/ice free sidewalks, I have to say.

  9. Wow, admirable! Not just the distance, but through all that snow, and especially the ice. I actually do know what that is like.

    I gotta find that honey milk somewhere! Maybe if I drink that I can run 10 miles LOL!

  10. Just seeing all that snow made me feel cold! So glad you got to have an outdoor run.

  11. I continue to be WOW'd by your athleticism.

  12. Im with roxie and add your resiliency and your tenacity and your imperviousnessment to the cold :)