Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Tuesday Ten

Everything I Know, I Learned on the Internet
True things I've seen lately, both thought provoking and funny.

If any of them belong to you, I'm sorry, because for the most part,
I wasn't smart enough to write down where I saw things as I scribbled them down. 

10. Stop stressing, start living.

9.  Have a cocktail and relax.  If that doesn't work, add a Xanax.

8. Don't look back with regret, or forward with fear.  Just give the best you have today.

7. Get rid of death. Celebrate Increase. Make it be Spring. (from the poem February by Margaret Atwood)

6. You’ll never out exercise bad nutrition.

5. The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back.  That's the real glory.  That's the essence of it. (Vince Lombardi)

4. Stop waiting for the storm to pass.  Learn to dance in the rain.

3. Know what you love.

2.  Believe that the past does not dictate the future.


Thank you for the reminder of Pam


  1. Love them all but mostly number 8. I find that sometimes people try to forget to live today because they are always looking to the past or waiting for things that happen in the future.

    I try to embrace every day and sure I have my bad days where it all sucks but most of the time I enjoy the day itself.

  2. It is, in fact, all good. Thank you for the reminder!

    The more I learn to let go of things that I cannot control, the gooder it gets.

  3. First of all Helen, I want that cup, I say that all the time! :)

    I love #6 - so true!!

  4. The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. amen to THAT!

  5. FYI! I got the cup at Marshalls :-)

    I so agree with #5 but I love them all!

  6. I wish I could have my husband believe # 8 and # 7! Great post today Helen! :D

  7. Today, I'm gonna go with #5.

    Love the mug! :)

  8. Was #10 coffee? I'll drink to that!

    And this one- You’ll never out exercise bad nutrition. :guilty:

  9. Love it! All of them - but especially "It's all good". And so it is.

  10. it's number ten around here these days.
    and its partner DONT GIT PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS :)

  11. That's my fave saying.
    I say it all the time!