Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  When I was taking photos during my surprise Valentine Extravaganza, Mr. Helen said, "I don't want to end up on Facebook!"  I said, "I'm not putting these on Facebook."  Well, that was true.

9.  Until I watched The Social Network this past weekend, I had forgotten that Facebook has only been around  7 years.  In the first years it was only available to people on college campuses. Amazing to think how it has become such an integral part of our society in less than a decade.

8  Hello, my name is Helen and I have a magazine addiction.  I subscribe to several but still buy them impulsively when I go through the grocery checkout.  Recent real life conversation with Mr. Helen

Him: Please tell me you did not just add a magazine to that pile.  Weren't you just complaining that you can't catch up with the ones you have?

Me: But it's on sale - a dollar off!  Besides, look at that chicken pot pie on the cover, I want to try that!  Plus it's got a whole section of crockpot recipes and I can't read those while I'm in line!  Plus it's on sale!

Him:  Sigh.

7.  I still haven't made the pot pie or finished looking at that magazine either. Shut up.

6.  Which makes it even more ironic that I've been feeling cooking creativity fatigue lately. I think I'm tired of winter style foods as much as I'm tired of winter. Meal planning has been hard and even going through cookbooks hasn't helped. Thank goodness Mr. Helen isn't picky. He enjoys what I make but doesn't complain if I revert to breakfast for dinner or hamburgers or a store bought rotisserie chicken and salad.

5.  Exercise, which I almost never miss, has been spotty of late.  Too much stress and late nights around the issues with my inlaws.  Not to mention that I think I've really had it with winter.  Getting up at 4:15 to go run in a 15 degree garage just feels exhausting these days, not fun.  This morning the windchill was -1.  I'm tired of it. On the other hand, I know some exercise would probably reinvigorate and refresh me.  It's a wicked catch-22 really.
4.  We had a couple of spring like days last week where our temps hit 50.  Of course, it happened during the week, when I had to be at work and couldn't really enjoy them.  Then, of course the temps once again plummeted making it feel like Mother Nature had thrown a sucker punch.
3.  This weather rollercoaster caused several of my friends to complain on Facebook.  In one of the posts I read, a commenter said, "You're right.  Enough is enough.  I think Mother Nature needs to get laid by Father Time."  At this point, I couldn't agree more.

2. My mantra of late:  "Do the best you can with the situation you're in." For me, this amounts to not being so harsh on myself because my regularly scheduled life has been in an uproar.

1. The weather, my thyroid, and midlife hormones are teaching me that even at my best, I am not always the one in control. (See above mantra.)


  1. You poor thing. I hope things ease up for you soon...in all regards. Perhaps even 10 min. of exercise is better than nothing? Just a thought. :)

  2. Sometimes we think and do things so much alike Helen!

    F.e.: my name is Fran and I have a magazine addiction  I don’t buy them but worse: I take a subscription.

    I hear you on the cooking creativity, I’m at the same place. What I started doing last week is to take 1 cookbook and look up recipes and cook at least one of them the next week. Been only doing that for 1 week so don’t know if I’m going to keep it up :lol:

    I’m going to send you an email with another running question.
    Another you ask?
    Yes, my running teacher, another one :lol:

  3. I will hang on your #2 this week! And my name is Biz, and I am a magazine whore too. Except what's funny is that I get all my magazines for free using my husbands priority points awards - so all the magazines come in his name.

    You should see what other mail gets sent to him because he subscribes to Cooking Light and Bon Appetit! :D

  4. Sending some warm weather your way. It actually got to the 80s this weekend. Hope springs arrives soon for ya.

    Love my magazines too. I feel ya.

  5. I will take #8, but not for magazines. I am a library book addict. At least those are free, but my pile is outta control!

    Sometimes it is hard to just let things go and be. I am a bit of a control freak, so sometimes that causes angst.

  6. I'm having a visual of Mother Nature and Father Time and it ain't pretty....but you are! And funny and smart and READY FOR SPRING.
    Did you get snow? We got a little, little enough to have a 2 hour delay of schools, some counties cancelled, what do you expect? it's Virginnie.

  7. Oh, also, what magazines? are they just cooking? I love organizational ones, I'm too cheap to buy them, but I love seeing all those organized rooms, esp. craft rooms.

  8. Hi Helen!! Its great to get to know you more. Sorry your life is a bit of a challenge now, but have faith that "this too shall pass". I laughed at your magazine scenario, I too live those moments. My husband: 'sweetie, another magazine?" Me: "Pardon?" Husband: "you have a pile to read at home" Me: "I can't hear you!" Husband: "sigh" :)

  9. Every week I say I'm not buying another People magazine. I don't even know who half the People are because I'm old and they're young. And I still buy it from the checkout way too often. Along with cooking mags, House and Garden so I can recreate their beautiful gardens each spring. Yard still full of weedy perennials.

  10. What a great post - #10 just cracked me the hell up!

    Yes, it's time for winter to be done. Don't beat yourself up over not running in that cold dark garage...think of it as giving your body rest so your muscles can repair themselves. :) Besides, you know that once it warms up, you will be out running like gangbusters!

    Stressssssssss...hey, we deal with it the best we can. Good news it will eventually be over. Right? Right??? ;)

  11. Helen I have a magazine and cookbook addiction! I don't need another recipe or another cookbook much less a magazine about food but I can't seem to help myself from buying them. Sigh.

    Okay I loved 2 today. I am trying to be kind to myself about my lack of exercise of late and I know that when the weather warms up I will be back at it full throttle!

  12. I think we become addicted to magazines because they bring such seemingly instant pleasure. We are standing in the line, starring at the cover of someone's beautiful home or table"scape" and we think if we buy that magazine, we can do the same thing. My fave magazine is Real Simple. When they first published it, I laughed. To me, it's real simple not to buy it.

    I'm sort of with Tammi though. I have a cookbook addiction.

  13. Well, I can see that magazine point hit a nerve with your readers, Helen! Let me tell you my story:
    I'm not usually into magazines, but a slump in the cooking creativity department coupled with some (un)healthy escapism has had me buying magazines left, right and centre.
    I agreed to participate in some market research, and had to identify all the magazines I have read during the past 4 weeks. It went on and on and on. After an hour and a half of questions, the researcher said, 'You DO read a LOT of magazines! Usually these interviews are over MUCH quicker.'
    So, guess who's cutting down now that the ugly truth has been revealed? =)

  14. Mother Nature - she is a fickle one!
    Father Time - that's a funny one!

  15. Right there with you, Helen. Between my cracked skin, constantly frigid hands and feet, frizzed-out hair and cabin fever husband I've decided to go on auto pilot - a self induced mini coma if you will, until Spring arrives.

  16. Really laughed at the magazine addiction thing. Thankfully I don't have a Mr. to question the next magazine coming into the house!

  17. Helen - I am also a magazine-a-holic! At least now Biz and I get different magazines and swap when we see each other. I get Bon Appetit at work and its like christmas when it comes each month, I love it that much!

  18. I giggle that FB is only about year old to me.
    Im an early adoptor with stuff or so so late to the party its OVER (hello My Space!)