Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes You Need a Plan B

I really appreciated everyone's responses to the I Wanna Know Post. What seemed like a common theme across the responses was no matter what "plan" we are using, planning is key.  I know that's true for me as well.  I just do better when I plan better.  On the other hand, sometimes the best laid plans can go awry, right?  So you've got to have a Plan B.

As it turns out, my Plan B this weekend ended up with me doing no running but quite a bit of walking.  The reasons behind this will be the subject of tomorrow's Tuesday Ten.  Aren't you just breathless with anticipation? Though it was an adjustment I didn't want to make, before I was a runner, I was a walker.  So when I knew I couldn't run, I put on my big girl panties, my walking shoes and gave it a whirl.

Saturday, I used the treadmill because I knew the belt would help propel my feet and I also needed a somewhat flat surface.  I managed a pretty good clip. 4.25 miles in 1 hour 34 seconds - a 14:15 min/mile pace!

Besides, that little walk fed my brain the endorphins it was looking for.   But I sure did get a suprise when I swung my legs out of bed on Sunday - suddenly I was SHOCKED to be very, very aware of my behind.  Holy muscle aches!.  Evidently I do not use my Gluteous Maximous Anything when I run.  However, I also knew that moving that lactic acid would help so I dressed up planning to walk another hour. Since I had managed my Saturday walk fine, I decided to try for an outdoors walk in the glorious sunshine.  OK, I'll admit, it was chilly - 29 degrees with a 22 windchill - but it was sunny!  And there was no snow!  Now, this walk involved some hills because where I live, there's no way to not have some hills.  I tried to walk the least hilly route I could think of and when I got back home and looked at my Garmin, I was very pleasantly surprised.
That's 4.4 miles in 61:34 - at 14:00 minute/mile pace - I'll take it!

Again this morning, lather, rinse, repeat on the treadmill.

 4.29 miles in an hour - a 13:59 pace, which means I've gotten a little faster at my walking every day.  I have to admit that though I love my running, I'd forgotten just how good a nice brisk walk can feel and I'm thinking I may have to put a weekly walk back into my routine.

Since I had spent Saturday doing various errands and running around with Mr. Helen, I also had to go to Plan B for Sunday:  grocery shopping and cooking rather than polishing my toenails and reading a book.  Before I grocery shop I always go through my refrigerator to see what I need for fresh produce, etc. and while I was doing that I realized I had some ingredients that I needed to use up.   I ended up coming up with a baked egg cup that I'm calling Green, Eggs and Ham.  These turned out terrific and pack a wallop of protein.

What I did was take a ramekin and spray it with cooking spray.
Then I put in layers, 3/4 oz. of diced ham, 1/2 cup chopped cooked broccoli

Next came 1/3 cup egg beaters, top with 2T sliced scallions and 2T reduced fat shredded cheddar.

Then I baked them (I made 4) at 375 for 35 minutes. Look how pretty - and it tasted yummy too!

The nutritional values for one ramekin are excellent: 135 calories, 3.7g fat, 20 mg. cholesterol, 571mg sodium, 8g carbs,  3g fiber and 18g protein.

I had one ramekin with a Fiber One English muffin for (what was now) brunch and between the protein punch of the egg cup and the fiber in the english muffin it was quite a satisfying breakfast.

For some reason I was having trouble getting motivated to go to the grocery store, but around noon finally got out to do a bit of shopping.  As you know I got a spiralizer for my birthday and I've been dying to try it, but zucchini has been at a ridiculous price point.
Maybe these ridiculous prices are why I was stalling the grocery trip.  This isn't the only thing that has cost more lately and somehow the grocery stores think it makes it better because they've put a sign there that says, "Due to inclement weather, squash is at a higher price point."  Nope, doesn't make it better at all.  But, I did give in and buy two because no fresh veggies were on sale this week (how sad is that?) and I've really been wanting some zucchini.

Here the spiralizer all put together.  You can see the piece of zucchini I was shredding in the top section and the "spaghetti" in the bottom bowl.  In my opinion, this tool is well worth the $15 or so dollars that it costs.  It made creating the spaghetti a cinch and is super easy to clean up.

I just love how it comes out.  Seriously, it's like having zucchini angel hair.

Here is my finished dish.  With petite diced tomatoes, all warmed up and sprinkled with Parmesan cheese. Yummy! Not to mention a great way to get several servings of veggies.

After this was all said and eaten, I prepped our dinner.  I had seen a recipe last week on Kalyn's Kitchen, Salsa Porkchops with Cumin, Garlic and Lime.  If you are a person trying to eat a bit lower carb, Kalyn has a terrific assortment of recipes for just that.  Everything I've made from her collection has been very flavorful.  These chops came together super fast and the finished product was super tasty.  The only thing I did different than her recipe was to use a medium hot salsa.  Really delicious and a recipe that will be part of our rotation for sure.  Plus a crockpot recipe is always handy as while it cooks you can get some other things done.

Today, I'm reflecting on all the flying by the seat of my pants and rearranging of plans this weekend.  It was a good reminder to me (the I've made plans don't messs with them person)  that if you allow for Plan B, which might not be your first choice, it can be just as effective as Plan A.

I look back on the past few days and guess what?  I exercised, got some cooking done for the week ahead, and ate sensibly.  Yes, it looked different than Plan A but in the end still got me where I needed to be: happy with the choices I made, focused, determined, and rarin' to go!


  1. I'm still catching up, so I'll need to go back and read the post mentioned.

    I'll have to get me one of those gadgets (what's it called?) and I just about croaked last night when I saw the price of zucs. I bought yellow instead.

  2. OK that is IT - I'm getting a spiralizer. That looks too easy, plus you don't get the bonus of accidentally puncturing your fingers with a hand julienne peeler (please tell me I'm not the only one who does this!). YUM.

    I'm so excited to make your egg dish - just need to get some ham and I'm all set! So excited...

    I'm still amazed at how fast you walk - you and my mother could walk together...she's a speed demon, too.

  3. Hooray for a plan B!

    Dear Helen when can I come over to have dinner at your house? Girl, it all looks so delicious!

    Good for you that you went walking when you couldn't run. I've downloaded a new app on my BB so I can track my walks with Bella, you know I'm the girl who loves the numbers :)

    Have a good week Helen.

  4. You are going to town! Literally! All those miles and all that're going to be in town in no time. Haha! Good job!

    Love the "souflee" you made, too. Looks uber yum!!!! Light and fluffy and packed with all the good stuff a body needs to walk, walk, walk! Go, you!

    P.S. If you'd like to follow my blog, just hit me up in a quick email and I'll send ya an invite. Cheers! :)

  5. I actually enjoy walking more than running, but I am getting there!

    I love your zucchini dish - I don't have a fancy tool like that, but I have a julienne peeler - just takes a bit more elbow grease. :D

    I am totally on track this week - I've pre-cooked 80% of my meals yesterday, and have actually made myself an exercise calendar - I hope it keeps me accountable!

    Happy Monday Helen! :D

  6. Sounds like a great weekend! You walk at quite a brisk pace. Once I get over 4 mph, I tend to just start jogging because my short legs can't keep up that pace LOL!

    The spiralizer looks fun. Sometimes I eat more veggies when they are in fun shapes. Guess that 5 year old never really grows up.

  7. It ticks me off only slightly that your walking speed is almost as fast as my running speed. LOL :P But a high five on a job well done and accepting Plan B.

    Yummo on the egg puffs. I really need some ramekins.

    Don't you just love that spiral slicer?! It also works great with beets and other harder veggies. Beets are rather messy though. I bet butternut squash would be great as well.

    OK, I'm ready to find out why a Plan B was needed. See you tomorrow.

  8. Your egg dish looks so delicious! Thanks for the tip about the spirilizer ... what a clever gadget!

  9. Another walker in my corner: LOVE it!
    As for the big girl panties, I was smiling because my walkabies and I have been trying on all these wicking panties for the walk, they are big and ugly, but wick away what we don't want on our skin for 26 miles.

  10. Good walking lady! That looks goooooood. I'm currently at 4.1 mph for my walks, and I want to get up to 4.5. We'll see.

  11. Both of those recipes look so good! I love making egg beaters recipes. I'll def be making both of those! By the way, zucchini was 2.99/lb here!

    Also, it is so frustrating that you have to spend way more money to eat healthy. If I just buy produce, it can easily be $30 for the week. Grr!

  12. That egg bake looks DEE-LISH-US!! Printing it off as I speak ;-)

    Happy Monday Dear! xo

  13. Hi Helen, oh my, I REALLY want to spiralizer. Yay on the walking, have a great day.

  14. Ohhhh! I've been asking for a spirilizer for Christmas for two years now. I might actually have to give in and buy myself one!

    I've also been walking.

  15. annnd your plan B is better than most of our plan As :)