Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  I do not like the time change, not one bit. I tend to have some mid life interrupted sleep a few nights a week. It generally happens around 2:00 a.m. and it takes me around 30-45 minutes to go back to sleep. Except with the time change, it's happening at 3:00 a.m. Since my alarm clock goes off at 4:00 a.m., this means just as I'm drifting back to sleep... It sucks and makes me cranky and makes me want to go back to bed by 10 a.m.

9. Maybe it's just me but there seems to be a lot of hysteria built up over St. Patrick's Day in recent years.  I have nothing against people being proud of their roots.  But seriously, as far as I'm concerned, this is yet another made up NON holiday.  Perhaps because it gives people and excuse to imbibe? There, I said it!

8.  I am very deconditioned to outside running from all the treadmill running I've done over the winter.  Some people train well on a TM. I'm not one of them. 

7.  On Monday, I had my first outside o'dark-thirty run with a headlamp in months. It should have been a fabulous run since I'd had 3 days of "rest" while watching the kiddies over the weekend. But nope.  (see above.)

6.  Saturday while I was out shopping I noticed the stores are putting out spring plants and bulbs.  Is it possible that we've turned the corner out of this winter from hell?  I need to make some changes to the plantings in my teensy plot of yard but I suck at such things.  I'll be tearing out what I planted last year and trying for something new this year.  Maybe Day Lilies.

5.  I love reading maintenance bloggers - no matter what program they used to lose their weight. This is such a different process for each of us that it's intriguing to see how folks keep at it even after goal. Two really great blogs by folks who are in maintenance and learning what that's all about encouraged me this week. "What's Been Going On" by Debby and "Stating the Obvious" by Shelley.

4.  Gracie, looking at some mini bottles of Baileys Irish Cream in the wet bar:
"Aunt Helen, what are those for?"
"They're for adults."
"I know that, but what are they for?!'
"What do you mean sweetie?"
"I know they're for adults acause they're in the adult area!  I'm a kid, I don't drink wine you know."
"Oh, they're for adults to put in coffee."

3. Speaking of drinking wine, I figured out while having the kids over the weekend why I was pretty much a teetotaler while my own child was growing up.  Even one glass of wine makes me relax a little.  It's dangerous to relax when you have little kids around.  Though I joked about taking a shot of something to get through the bedtime rituals, I seriously was astonished at my lack of "want" for any alcoholic beverage - not even one glass of wine.

2.  Sunday night after the kids left, I had my Saturday night martini.  I'm just saying.

1.  Malcom Forbes said, "Failure is success, if we learn from it."  I claim I'm ready to be a success, so why do I refuse to learn?


  1. LOL The reason I drank was because of kids. :) Kidding.

    Spring is on the way. I got some purple and pink tulips to brighten up the house. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year. Wishing some warm spring weather your way. :)

  2. That makes me chuckle.

    Except for losing sleep and being grouchy. That makes my hackles rise. Grrr.

    You are learning. You have learned. You are successful. At least you are to me! I hope you know how amazing you are.

  3. Okay here we go:

    10 I can’t wait for the time change in the last weekend of March. It will be longer light and I don’t leave and come home in the dark when I work. But I have to say: it doesn’t influence my sleep pattern. You get up at 4 am? Seriously? You’re hardcore and here I am whining sometimes to get up at 5.10 am for a run 

    9 I have an idea: celebrate the Dutch queen’s day on April 30th too in the USA, another non-public holiday! I agree with you although, in Holland we celebrate only the Dutch holidays.

    8/7: It might not have been a great run but at least you were able to go out again. That must have felt good for you.

    5: I love maintenance bloggers too because they are what I want to be when I grow up.
    And I love Shelley for just being Shelley, she’s great.

    3/2: I agree on not drinking when kids are around but unfortunately a lot of people in my life who have children don’t seem to think so.

    1: You will learn from it, be patient!

  4. Oh, man! I'm glad you said it! I'm Irish and I do NOT drink. I despise that people have made a day about heritage into this BIG thing in which they have an excuse to just go out and get shit-faced. It angers me greatly. People actually take a day off of work the day after St. Patty's Day now because they're too drunk to go out. AND, according to my FB feed, most of my friends went out and drank LAST weekend for St. Patrick's Day. I wanted to say: "You guys aren't Irish. And you're all a bunch of lushes."

    It bothers me that people use holidays as excuses for indulging (when...really...more than half Americans already indulge every other day of every other week anyway). UGH!

    I'm with you!

  5. I sure am feeling the love this morning - thank you Helen, and thanks to Fran as well! :):):)

    Daylight savings time messes up my sleep (already messed up enough, thank you hormones) - which is why I'm just now on the computer at 9:30...and if I had to get up for a job, I'd be cranky and mean this week.

    We have a bunch of day lilies planted all over our front yard - I love them because they are nice green leafy mounds, then they get fun flowers (we have mostly shades of yellow and orange) and then even when it looks like they died over the winter, they come back in the spring! Great choice - just make sure you don't buy the tall "Easter" lilies that are out now...they won't work the same magic as the day lilies.

    Oh, and St. Patty's day - I'd celebrate it if there was a Shamrock Shuffle race nearby. But the binge-drinking parties - ugh, no.

  6. Gracie makes me chuckle just acause.
    It's funny how your top 10 transformed from being frustrated to happy and light.....just saying, acause.

  7. I agree - no cocktails around little kids - you never know when you might have to drive them to the emergency room :D

    Glad you got your outdoor run on - we are supposed to have temps near 60 by the end of the week too - who knows I just might run outside this weekend like you and Shelley!

  8. #10 I am exactly like you and Mr. Sandra is a 2:00 a.m. bed person. I told him last week that with the time change it is VERY important that he adjust his body clock and NOT come to bed at 3:00 instead show up at the clocked time of 2:00 (but I prefer earlier but after 5 years I've given up on that one). This morning was 3:00 - I guess I need to have another talk with him tonight. I didn't fall asleep again until just before 4 which is when my alarm went off and I was so tired I stayed put until 5.
    I was so tempted to phone him early this morning to wake him up :)

    I love spring too but we are so covered in snow still it will be awhile before I get to see any flowers.... I'm a dreamin though!

  9. The winter from hell really is almost over!!!

  10. I agree with many/most of the ten today. You gave me a wistful moment talking of Bailey's and Martini's, but the world can do much better if I'm sober. And I'm with you on St. Patty's Day and those sweet Irish potatoes are GROSS.

  11. I love your Tuesday 10!!! Have a great Wednesday Helen!!!

  12. My husband is allergic to the time change as well. It's the fall time change that throws me into a tailspin for at least a week, sometimes two. Glad to see that you are out running again. This is a surer sign of Spring than waiting for Phil to see his shadow :)

  13. I am very Irish, but I don't drink hardly ever. St Patty's day has always been a fun deal for us growing up and even now! I hate that people use it to drink until they barf at 2 pm.

    I can see bit of ground at the edges of giant snow piles, so maybe spring is coming after all!

  14. You need lots of sun for day lilies. Does your little plot have that? And I'm a fan of planting bulbs that come up at different times during the spring/summer.

    Also. I despise the time change. It messes up my hard and fast routine. Blerg.

  15. I don't like losing the hour of sleep, but I do like it staying lighter longer in the evenings.

  16. Love it all!
    Especially the quote on failure.

  17. Saint Patrick's Day!! Best See's candy ever--the spuds that come out every year for St P's day!!! (oops. forgot for a moment that I was supposed to be a good maintainter. he heh.)

    Thanks for the nice compliment. Being mentioned on the Tuesday Ten is a big deal!

  18. OK I laughed out loud at number two and had to read it twice to be sure I wasnt misreading

  19. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. It's good to be back home, but I did love the Florida sun and water. One positive about traveling east is that we had to adjust to EST for two weeks. That helped some with the DST change. But I'm like you. I always have a bit of difficulty with sleep. So, I'm also feeling tired right now.

    Another thing I don't like about DST may seem kind of odd to most of you, but I don't like daylight at 9 or even 10 p.m. I like it dark by 8 p.m., because then I feel like I don't have to be outside working or just hanging out. I need to relax and settle in before bedtime. I guess I'm getting more picky about my routine as time goes by. Have a great day!

  20. AZ doesn't change time. That is about the only thing good about living here in the summer. I can see where they would suck waking up so dang early. Even 3 am is too early for me, and I am an early riser!

    St Patty's Day isn't a real holiday. Just an exuse to drink and spend money on crap you don't need. I don't drink, maybe that's why I could take it or leave it...

    Here's to a good night's sleep!