Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  Peeps, I am sorry to report that I did not have the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day.  I think a leprochaun was chasing me.  I popped my calf muscle at Muay Thai last Thursday.  By "popped," I mean I literally heard the darn thing 'pop' as I went up onto my toes to elevate for a roundhouse kick. It was so bad, I couldn't put my foot back down flat on the floor.  The tiniest bit of pressure was making me want to scream cry whimper.  The sensei even made me sit out the last few minutes of class.  Why yes, that would be Sensei Mr. Helen.

9.  Though I iced and heated and tried to stretch, the stupid thing was sore.  Hurt.  Sore.  Owwie!  I had to take 800 mg of ibuprofen and a muscle relaxer to sleep Thursday night because doncha know, in the midst of icing it before I went to bed, I got a major charley horse right where it was pulled. It was pulling and cramping so bad that when Mr. Helen slapped an ice pack on it and grabbed it he could actually feel it pulsating.  Pulsating. Why yes, I did cry.  In fact, I'm pretty sure some actual sobbing and screaming was involved.

8.  Friday morning I got up and knew I wouldn't make it through the day without wrapping it.  So I pulled out the KT Tape and taped it up.  Problem is, that's a hard place to tape all by yourself, but I did the best I could. Why yes, I was totally irritated that I hadn't thought to get Mr. Helen's help before he left for work.

7.  This further frustrated me because it was gorgeous here on Friday and not only had I planned to get up and run, I had also planned to wear a dress. No running and because of the tape, I had to revert to slacks.  I actually had to dig out some spring weight slacks and even those were too warm.  Why yes, I do prefer dresses and skirts over slacks or even shorts when the weather is nice.

6.  This further further frustrated me because it seems like for all the good Muay Thai does for conditioning, it is very bad for my running.  For the second weekend in a row, I couldn't run (dammit!).  Last weekend I had the kidlets and this weekend.... finally, just as the weather breaks, I'm injured and I can't run. WAH! Why yes, I am a cranky, crybaby when I can't run.

5.   Interestingly enough, this calf pop was on the left side of my body.  I think I have proof positive that my left side is quite weak.  My left foot has a morton's neuroma that I developed in my first year of road racing.  All that thigh/hip/butt pain is on my left side.  Additionally, if I'm going to have an achy knee or develop runner's knee, guess which side I get it on?  Why yes, I am one big ball o trouble on the left side of my body.

4.  Muay Thai is really great for "even-ing out" your body.  When you have to work both sides, it forces the weaker side to strengthen.  But, of course, when you frigging injure yourself doing Muay Thai, you can't do Muay Thai.  Sigh. Why yes, I am annoyed about not being able to kick someone's butt right now.

3.  Before the charley horse, while I was icing my leg, I ate my dinner.  I texted Shelley and said, "I'm hurtin' so what I want is carbs, sugar or booze (which is all simple carbs, now that I think of it lol!). But I'm having a shrimp cocktail and this homemade Greek Salad.  Yay me!"  And yes, that salad is as gigantic as it looks. I make no apologies for my giant salads. Why yes, I am the one who asks, "Where's everyone elses salad?" when they bring a bowl to the table in a family style restaurant.

Romaine mix with black olive slices, roasted red pepper trips, cucumbers, pepperoncini, and Feta cheese.  Served with Olive Oil Vinaigrette

2.  As I sat there enjoying my food, I noticed that this delicious food was quelling my craving to just stuff my mouth with the first thing available and/or overeat.  Simply eating something so tasty while I was hungry was making me feel in control again. *Lightbulb* I need to remember this feeling the next time my instinct is to grab a handfull of Cheez-Its.  Why yes, I have grabbed Cheez-Its in the past. 

1.  Shelley and I texted back a forth a few times because it was 40 degrees in CT and 80 in TX.  I love 80.  It's my favorite temperature.  Actually I love hot weather.  After Shelley examined my very healthy salad she texted, "You probably would really like it here weather-wise then.  OK, heat (meaning for my leg), then chocolate."  I replied, "How did you know I was thinking about the chocolate covered cherries I got for my birthday?"  Yep, she knows me pretty well.  But you know, after a calf popping, painful, but otherwise healthy eating day, a couple of cherries?  Well, they were the cherry on top! Because you know, this means no running until further notice. Why yes, chocolate really does make everything seem better.

I immediately thought of Lori and her mint cups when I took this photo!


  1. That really sucks Helen that you can't run just now when the weather is getting better. I feel sorry for you and keep my fingers crossed your calf heals soon.

    I'm a skirt and dresses girl too, in Winter but especially in Summer where I prefer them over pants. I only wear shorts when I do housekeeping or work in the garden.

  2. I cringed again this morning as I read about your calf POP - that just sounds so freaking painful!

    I am the same way when it comes to big salads - there is something so satisfying about diving into a huge bowl of lettuce, veggies and all the goodies!

  3. Oh that sucks Helen. My sister did the exact same thing last year in one of her classes and she said it was the most painful thing ever. She couldn't run for awhile either. Hope you heal fast!

  4. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! I think my calf had sympathy pains while reading about it. I was kind of twisting in my chair when you said pop and then the charlie horse. Dang! That sucks. At least you had the best medicine available: muscle relaxers and chocolate. Truly a great combo.

    Hope it's better very, very soon. So you can run and wear dresses again. Hey! You need a running skirt! Combines your dresses and running! :) I bet you already have one, right?

    Take it easy on that poor leg. No more popping.

  5. Oh no HElen! I'm sorry. I hope it gets better soon. Soon. Sooooon.

  6. First of all, you had me at pepperoncini! :D And second - ouch!! I can't even imagine what kind of pain you are in - hang in there!

    I am ready to go meet my sister, but Hannah hasn't even gotten in the shower yet!

    And guess who got up and swam today - me! :D

  7. I once heard my brain pop. Do you think I should have had that checked?
    Seriously, my toe popped when I was pregnant. It took months to get the feeling back into that big toe. It went numb when it popped (I think that's the problemo with my brain too.)

  8. Hi Helen, holy smokes a POP???? YIKES! So sorry to hear you are having to endure such pain!!! Hope you feel better soon. REALLY soon!! (and hey, we're sisters in morton's neuromas on our left feet. sigh. Painful...do you have special insoles? Have you found alot of relief?)

  9. I bet you popped the plantaris tendon that runs up the belly of the calf and serves no real purpose other than to snap and absolutely kill when it does. I used to play tons of tennis, and popped those tendons in both legs over the course of a year. Very painful - and on one leg (forget which) my calf actually bruised from the injury. Hope it heals fast.

    Way to go not eating away the frustration and pain - that big ass salad looks good.

  10. Helen-that sounds very painful! I wish you were pain free right now.

    While those aren't mint cups, they do look good!

  11. I'm sending good vibes your way so you can heal faster. So sorry you have that boo-boo! Big hugs!

  12. Salads piss me off. That said I had a delicious one for lunch with pepitas. (some kind of pumpkin seed i get a trader joe's).
    sorry about the pop, I think I heard it down here in Virginnie.

  13. Oh Oh OH Im so sorry!!
    how you feeling now?

  14. That salad looks super-tasty. It feels like salad season is fast approaching, hurray!

    Heal faster, athlete!