Friday, March 11, 2011

Ya'll Gonna Make Me Lose My Mind

Up in here, up in herrre!

No, I haven't taken up rapping as my next career, but I did lose my mind a little.  My sister got a last minute chance to go to Cabo San Lucas, sans bebes, for 4 days - the only thing she had to pay for was her airfare.
Of course Grammy Helen said, "Go!  I'll keep the bebes - and the dog!"  But see, that's really a lot for her to take care of a very active 4 and 7 year old and a crazy dog for four days.  The only other place Amazing Grace has ever deigned to spend the night is at my house.  Funny thing is, every time I ask her if she wants to come back, she replies (with her finger pointed), "Amember that time I came to you house and I wanted my momma?"  (And she's right. Especially when it was time to go to bed, she only wanted momma.) Then we have the additional issue that if Amazing Grace is coming, Jacob would probably have died in a fit of jealousy that she got to come and he didn't.  Because ever since he was 2 years old, he regularly asks to spend the night with Mr. Helen.  He would rather come to us than go with his best friend.  So, there you have it.  Lord help us all. 

Mr. Helen & Jacob having their weekly "guy time" watching America's Funniest Videos, which believe me, you will see in a whole new light if you watch it with a 7 year old!

This of course throws a total wrench into all my fabulous weekend cleaning, cooking, and running plans.  Yet somehow I have the feeling by Sunday, I'm not even going to care about any of that. And peeps, if you don't hear from me again by early next week, send Shelley hunting for me to make sure I survived.


Up until this morning, this is what I saw every single time I looked out my kitchen window:

One stubborn pile of dirty snow that would not go away.  Gross.  And that pile is clean compared to the piles that have remained on the sides of the road.  But then this morning, because we're having monsoon rains and have had temps above freezing for most of the week, it's all gone.  Leaving just my forlorn patio, waiting, along with me, for summer.  Here's hoping I don't have to see anymore snow on the patio until next year!


I don't think I mentioned it but my hip has been feeling much better just over this last week. I actually managed to very carefully do sprawls during Thai Boxing this week and found that I wasn't worrying/thinking about my hip throughout the entire class. That, in turn, has helped me to feel about as 'normal' as I've felt in several months. Hip, hip hurray! (Pun intended.)


In this week's exercise news, I learned that I need to get lighter on my feet.  While in some ways that does refer to weight, it also refers to being able to use core strength to magically lift yourself up.  Tuesday night, in Muay Thai, Mr. Helen was trying to show me how to lift my right foot off the ground while scooting forward and doing a front kick with my left leg at the same time.  Peeps, if you saw him do it?  It's a thing of beauty.  He literally does float like a butterfly then sting like a bee!  But when I tried, what you would have seen was me stagger than plant my face into the heavy bag.  OK, so he looks pretty and I look funny (story of our relationship) but I cannot allow that to continue.  So while I was out running lunchtime errands on Wednesday I bought this...

...not so much for the cardio workout as I'm hoping that it will help me learn to lift my feet and get lighter on them.  I think I have about 18 months or so until I'm testing for blackbelt and I fully intend to WOW the crowd with my floating, stinging butterfly self!


Finally, this Fingers Friday is brought to you courtesy of Access 24/7 by OPI for Sephora

Have a good one!


  1. Amember? Cutest thing ever. I adore that child and I don't even know her. What fun! Love the nail color. I need to do mine today. I just may copy you.

  2. Good of you to take the kids - it will be fun ... tiring but fun!
    I would love to jump rope. Bought one last year with the intent of using it during the summer camping trips - easy cardio. But I can't jump. I trip over the rope many many times. I know I just need to get into practice and lift my legs more.... but I gotta tackle it to make it work.

    You are going to be lighter than air before you know it!

  3. Love love love the nails (this is going to be my regular comment on Friday's nails :) )

    When my nieces were younger and came to us for sleepovers I was always exhausted after they went home :)

    I won't allow the snow to come back to your part of the world! Enough is enough right?

  4. All right, Cassius, I'm packing my bags in anticipation...hope you survive the weekend! You will surely need a nap after the kids, cute as they are, go home. Although I have to say I AM looking forward to pictures and the malapropisms that come out of 4 year olds - they can be so charming at that age! And as for Jacob watching AFV, lemme guess: every time someone got hit in the nards, he about busted a gut laughing...(says the mother of two boys).

    I'm so glad your snow is finally gone. That was one ri-donk winter!

  5. Have fun with the chitlins! I get so exhausted when my nieces come for a few hours.

    And the no snow thing? I am so jealous! We are supposed to get into the upper 40s today with rain, but it still won't make much of a dent in the piles. But it's coming :D

  6. Oh my goodness - I hope you survive! I had two high school friends (mind you, we are 42 years old) that both just had their first children in the last week - I can't even imagine!

    Good luck, and don't worry about all the "stuff" you normally do - it will all be there next weekend! :D

  7. Oh how fun. I loved looking after my niece and nephew when they were younger. (then giving them back! :) ) And love the nails, gorgeous color. Enjoy the weekend!!!

  8. You are going to burn that jump rope OUT, Helen. That workout alone burns a ton of calories and wore me out so much that I stopped doing it! lol You have more stamina than I do though, so I know you'll be great at it. So glad that your hip is better. I think I jinxed myself after posting that I could run because my back has been in an uproar for days. With this viral thing I have, I haven't felt like running anyway so the time off will probably do me some good. Have a good, and hopefully sane weekend.

  9. You have your hands full! And those hands look gorgeous, dahling.

    No more snow. No more snow!!!!

    Have fun with the jump rope. It's a killer workout for sure.

    Have fun this weekend!

  10. Fav. color for nails.
    I gather they are sleeping over? How fun.
    Glad your hip is feeling better.

  11. Oh boy, have fun with that full house! Good luck, you will need it. :)

  12. lol, I just read that little quote from Grace to my husband...what a cutie. And if you don't remember, she does! Have fun!

  13. Totally laughing--I didn't even have to write my own comments--just copied Fran's and Lori's

    "When my nieces were younger and came to us for sleepovers I was always exhausted after they went home "

    "Have fun with the chitlins! I get so exhausted when my nieces come for a few hours."

    Love your nails, and will be anxiously awaiting the jumprope report. I won one from Lori and I am afraid to try it!

  14. oooh will you come over.

    we can both rap and video tape it as we giggle (you know I will be singing that song allll day now :)) and then braid each others hair and paint our nails and stay up way too late playing with the jump rope.

    please please??