Monday, April 25, 2011

Dry as a Bone

No, not the weather.  In fact around here we've been stuck in a true spring pattern: rain, rain, rain, sun, clouds, rain, rain sun, rain, clouds, rain, sun.  It's my brain and my thoughts that are dry.  Life in Helen-land has just been clicking on in the same old same old monotonous pattern as usual.  I honestly can't think of too much to write/say. I was thinking about this over the weekend and remembering that each time I'd start a diary (the old fashioned kind with paper and key), I 'd never fill it because I would run out of things to write and I got tired of writing, "I can't stand my mother!"  So, blogging has been and will continue to be sparse for a bit, I'd say.

I did enjoy the long weekend I just had.  Mr. Helen was glad I had that extra day off too - because while he was working on Friday, I cleaned the entire house and did the grocery shopping which left me with two free-ish days but left his entire three day weekend intact to do whatever he wanted to.

Good Friday night, heathens that we are, we went out for about an hour and half to watch our good friend sing and play with his band.  This band plays "our" music - you know the oldies and goodies from the late 1960's to the early 1980s.  We weren't the only heathens out there because the place was packed.

Saturday we decided to go see a matinee and chose Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family.  It was a good choice.  Even though there were some parts that made me cry (because I'm a big baby menopausal, hormonal mess) mostly it was a movie that made you laugh out loud.  As Mr. Helen said, "Wow, laughter really is good for the soul, isn't it?"  It definitely helped lighten our mood in the midst of the monsoon we were experiencing. 

Of course, the ultimate thrill for him was when we got home and I told him we'd have a homemade pizza party and he could pick whatever he wanted.  As I've said before pizza is one of his five food groups so he was indeed a happy camper.

Mr. Helen's pick: Onion, Green Pepper and Black Olive
(very unusual for him as he usually wants a meat extravaganza)

My pick: Chicken, Garlic and Gorgonzola

Two 14" pizzas are, of course, way too much food for just the two of us so there are plenty of leftovers to have thoughout the week.

Easter Sunday it was supposed to rain and indeed when I got up the fog was so thick you couldn't see a quarter mile ahead of you.   Eventually the fog burned off and the sun came out, turning the skies brilliant blue for a bit before the rain did move in during the early evening. 

Our Easter meal was spent with Mr. Helen's family.  My mother was bitterly disappointed but honestly, we're the only couple amongst both sides that has everyone pulling and tugging.  I decided some years ago, after trying to be all things to all people that for the most part we would not do that and would choose one or the other.  Right now, Mr. Helen is in the mode that every single holiday meal will probably the "the last" before his mother is either gone, or gone into a nursing home.  While I would like to have some meals with my own side, at this point it's either going to mean an argument or us splitting up and going to our own family of origin. So, like most married people, I'm choosing my battles.

There was entirely too much food planned:  A turkey breast, leg of lamb and full spiral ham, salad, broccoli, asparagus, rice, potatoes, rolls plus desserts.  I was sort of dreading it and as it turned out, there almost wasn't enough.  What was supposed to be 9 people ended up being 30!  I'm not kidding when I tell you there were two exes (1 ex husband, 1 ex wife), a niece, great nephew and his family, and other assorted misfits people who ended up coming.  That's the way Mr. Helen's family always has been and after being part of this family for so many years you'd think I wouldn't be surprised.  With all the hubbub, my MIL didn't even come downstairs to eat with the rest of the family because it was too overwhelming for her.  I know how she feels.  In any case, I did not even feel tempted to overeat because it became a case of making sure there was enough food to go around.  In the end it was a great example of how food does NOT have to be the focus of any occasion.

For me, it's back to the same old same old today.  Mr. Helen has one more day off then he's back into his routine as well.  We are taking Mama Helen out for dinner tonight as tomorrow is her 72nd birthday and since we didn't spend time with her yesterday, we wanted to celebrate that. It will be nice to have just the 3 of us to sit and have a meal and adult conversation.

Life goes on.


  1. I enjoyed the peek into your weekend - that must have been a wild bunch for Easter yesterday and how funny that the food almost ran out! So not the case where I was.

    The tug between families is an age-old struggle. I don't envy you having to put up with that.

    At least with the birthday dinner for your mom tonight, she can fill you in on what went down during their Easter dinner - hope you get more scoop on the new man in your sister's life. :)

  2. Your pizzas look so good!!! Your family struggles make me glad my in-laws are 5,000 miles away :)

  3. Family tug of wars aren't fun! I feel your pain, and admire your "battle choosing"!!! 30 people? Yikes. Hope you have a brighter week Helen!!!! Take care of yourself.

  4. Family tug-o-war. We all deal with it. Doesn't make it fun but you are wise to choose your battles.

    Writing and life droughts come along from time to time. I am feeling one with you today. No post from me. Just really nothing to say!

    Your pizza looks sooooo good. Have a good Monday. :)

  5. Woah - 30 people?

    The family tugging is not something we experience too much of. I am much closer to my side of the family that John is to his family, so we tend to do actual holidays with my family. Other than we now live within a few miles of them. Trips to see John's family happen near holidays, but not usually on them.

    What I did not like was that for years it seemed that John and I had to do all the traveling since we didn't have kids and were 'younger'. That gets expensive.

    Happy birthday to Mama Helen!

  6. Wow I would have hid upstairs too if I had been in Mama Helens shoes! I hate big crowds of people, it just makes me want to hide.

    The pizzas look amazing and don't look like my homemade pizza at all. Yours look professional!

    Enjoy your dinner out.

  7. Did Mr. Helen really begin that sentence with the word "wow"?

    The pizza looks amazing.

    I think I get to meet Shelley tomorrow. I'm taking her to the dog beach and maybe over to See's to get some "chemo" to send to her mom.

  8. lol, I can't stand my mother...lmao...I never wrote anything close to that as I was always afraid my mom would read my diary. Mine was mostly a litany of bike riding and which boy I found 'cute'. yeah.
    Hopefully things pick up and get exciting, but not too exciting. Have a great night Helen.

  9. Not having enough food to go around ... isn't that the nightmare of every hostess? No worries about eating too much. Funny. Your pizzas look so wonderful. I bet they smelled like heaven too.

  10. Funny, me too on the diaries when I was younger. I never finished a single one of them. I ran out of stuff to say. :)

    That pizza looks really good. I love the no meat pizza. I'm seriously thinking about swearing off meat, or drastically reducing the intake.

    What kind of crust do you make? Have you ever posted the recipe?

  11. Sweety you say it's same old same old but you did more than me this past weekend and much more fun things too. My highlight was dropping out on a half (yes I'm getting to the point I can joke about it again).

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on yesterday's post. I'm glad I found you on the internet and can call you my blogger friend.

  12. Wow, that is a lot of people for Easter! And I thought I had a full house!

    Yep, part of my Friday was spent cleaning, but I was happy to have the extra day too - but Monday off would have been nice too!

    I didn't mention it on the blog, but our dishwasher died. . . on Thursday! With the way I am a devil in the kitchen, I think half my time was spent washing dishes :(

    We ordered a new one, which will be here by the weekend - cannot wait! :D

    Happy Tuesday my friend - hope the sun is shining where you are :D

  13. Even though you feel "dry" I love hearing what's going on in Helen-land! Even though you are a heathen (want to talk about a family that entirely skipped Passover to be in Disney World? Now, that is one heathen!)

  14. Im with Laurie as when it isnt OUR LIFE its really interesting :)
    and yep.
    Id have hidden upstairs from all.the.people. and adored the 3 person dinner where you can really TALK and just BE as well.

  15. Oh, families! They know how to bring the drama like nothing else.

    My mouth is watering at your pizzas. Both of them!