Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  Connecticut is in hysteria today.  In case you missed it the UCONN men's basketball team won the National Championship last night.  The women's team was predicted to win but got their butts waxed by Notre Dame so they aren't even in the final.  I was hoping they would be because they would have been playing Texas A&M.  I was all ready to do one of those friendly bets like the Senators do, with Shelley. The loser would have had to send the winner something from their state.  Oh well, maybe next year?

9.  It's curious to me that Southwest Airlines did not do more comprehensive checkups and inspections on their "middle aged" planes. Because 'I'm' middle aged and I know I need more comprehensive checkups.

8.  Speaking of checkups, like a lot of middle aged women I'm looking for the holy grail of skincare products that will remove at least 10 years off my face.  Mr. Helen has a part time job where he's the representative for various products that are put into the commissary on the sub base.  When they want to introduce something new, they send him samples.  Sometimes his store hasn't authorized it to come in, so we get to keep the samples.  This is the latest one he gave to me.  I wasn't sure if I should be insulted that he thought I needed a youth code or excited because this stuff is expensive.  In the end, I promised him that if it made me look 35 again, once they put it in his store, I'd go be the model for it.

7.  In a comment on this blog Lori mentioned that she weighs/measures her food whether she's in weight loss mode or not.  I often do the same. For me it started in 1995 when I joined WW to lose the 60 pounds I'd gained after quitting smoking.  Back then, they really put an emphasis on weighing/measuring.  I've had a scale on my kitchen counter ever since.  Comes in super handy for recipes too.

6.  Spring finally sprang this week.  Around here that means rain.  Lots of rain.  Right now we only have 1 day in the seven day forecast without it.  Which means I'm being kept on the treadmill much more than I want to be.

5.  My last few runs/walks/jogs outside have proven to me, once again, that I'm totally deconditioned from all the treadmill running I was forced to do over the winter.  Right now it feels like it will be forever before I will get my pace and conditioning back on natural terrain.  That messes with me mentally.  Then again, I've always said about half of running is the mental part.

4.  My new running shoes.  Don't they look beautiful and like they're going to make me really, really fast?  First time in around 7 years I've tried something other than an Asics.  I'll let you know how I like them - or don't.

3.  Speaking of running, I'm thinking about not training for any races until I get some weight off.  When you do it properly, training for a race is hard on the body and extra hard when my weight isn't where it should be.  Plus I'm the type that once I get a training schedule I force myself to stick to it, sometimes against better judgement, even when my body is telling me to back off a little. I'm stubborn that way.  Not racing will ultimately be for my own good, right now.  We'll see.

2.  It's going to be very important for me to get in better shape as I progress with Muay Thai.  Things are changing around the dojo and some of the automatic promotions are not happening anymore.  Used to be that simply showing up was enough to get your striped and promoted to your next belt.  Now they've decided to treat it like the real martial art that it is and by the time you are a candidate for black belt, you have to be invited.  If it's the last thing I do, I'm getting that invitation!  Being in great shape will help.

1. Sometimes I think the way to success is to fake it 'til you make it. At the dojo they say habits we train are habits we gain. So even if I don't "feel" like exercising or watching what I eat or disciplining myself to get to bed and get enough rest, the thought is to just do it. Just do it, until it's a new habit. Just do it all the way to success.


  1. Hooray for new Brooks! I love my Brooks Adrenaline shoes. They were my first running shoes and I bought them again when I needed new ones. I tried Asics at the same time but they hurted me.

    Funny thing is that when I don't sign up for a race I get easy on running, I skip runs easily and too often when I don't have train for a race. So a race keeps me focussed.

  2. That would have been fun, if the UCONN women had made it - but at least now you can fully commit to cheering on the Aggies tonight, right?!? ;)

    I like your observation on the airplane and wholeheartedly agree with you (and not just because I'll be stepping on one in a few weeks, either).

    Neat sample kit - I hate to spend the money to see if those age-defying things work, so I'm glad you are getting to test it out. Be sure to take before and after pictures - and do a review! I'd buy this crap...er, stuff, if I thought it really would help.

    Your running shoes are so pretty! I love the color combination. Hope you get to run outdoors soon - rain, begone!

  3. I love what you said about habits. I'm finding so much of my life is just a series of habits strung together - either bad or good. It's recognizing the patterns and using that knowledge for good that's the kicker.

    Love your new running shoes. Even though I'm not running anymore, I find it hard to give up my Asics. In fact, I am due for a new pair.

    And as you would imagine, I'm squarely in the Aggie camp! Go Ags!

  4. Ugh! #5!

    I'm DREADING starting to train for my 5K OUTSIDE. We took a walk yesterday and I did a great job, but the muscles on an indoor workout and the muscles on an outdoor workout: totally different!!!

    Have fun getting your outdoor muscles goin' again. You'll be flyin' soon! I know it!

  5. I'd be lost without my kitchen scale - I notice when I stop using it my portions over time just get a bit bigger and bigger!

    Loved this! "habits we train are habits we gain."

  6. YAY! The Tuesday Ten. :)

    I'm sure you'll get that black belt invitation because you are one determined lady.

    Running is very mental. When I sign up for a race and start working towards that goal I feel under pressure and actually enjoy the runs less. But when I'm just going out there for fun, I enjoy it more.

    Love the new shoes. Very nice.

  7. I heart my kitchen scale and use it all the time, because even if I end up having a shitty food day, they always start out good and I always weigh protein amounts for salads and such.

    Will you hate me if I tell you I was fervently rooting for Butler? 2 of my kids did semesters abroad through Butler, so we feel a certain loyalty. BUT - one of kids 3rd grade teachers went to UConn, so happy about that.

    I've worn Asics for years - even back when I was running. It's my most recent pair that I think has a smaller area under the laces that has given me the numb toe! Your new ones are purty!

  8. I love the Tuesday 10!!! Love the new shoes! How did the Youth Code work? If its good, can you send a vat of it up my way!? :) Have a great day Helen!!!

  9. Nice shoes! I thought they were Saucony at first until I hit the link. I heart Saucony because I love the wide toe box.

    Of course, I am not running right now, either.

  10. I'm no good at faking it until I'm making it. Somehow, being dishonest with myself makes me feel even worse, if that makes sense.

  11. Oh yeah. I love number 1. I need to paste have that tattooed somewhere where I cans it every day... maybe on my lab assistant?

  12. Number 9 made me laugh! Me too!

    Number 1 makes me think of a saying from a therapist that I read about in O magazine. She or he said to "Act as if_______." You fill in the blank and that you can act your way to success. Love that!

  13. I am such a sucker for new creams and potions. My latest was from Philosophy which I took before and after pics of this time, just to see if it worked. So far, I'm still searching :( However, free is always a good thing and it certainly can't hurt any!

  14. I too am looking for a new skin care plan. You will LOVE your Brooks. The running store put me in a pair about 6 months ago and I love them so much!! Have a great rest of your week Helen!

  15. "Because 'I'm' middle aged and I know I need more comprehensive checkups." That sentence made me bust out laughing and the office is dead silent today. I'm still giggling...