Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday Ten

10.  Why is is that Mondays always feel like a fresh start?  I've never quite figured out why, but for me, they do. Which is ironic considering how much I look forward to the week's end!  It's even better when it's a Monday where the sun is shining.  Everything looks new and sparkly.  Of course yesterday was our 2nd day of sunshine in a row so it's raining today.  Like I said, it seems impossible to have more than that this spring.

9.  Remember how I said in my Girl Hero bio that soy counteracts thyroid medications?  I've found soy in a place I never noticed before!  I'm considering calling their 800 number to find out what the point of this is.

Why Bumblebee, Why?

8.  Confession:  I don't like Laughing Cow Cheese.  I don't.  Every single time I buy some and try to like it, with the first bite I think, "Ewwwww."  This last time I bought it because I thought maybe the new flavors would appeal to me.  Nope.  Still thinking ewwwww.  I'm not buying it anymore!

7.  My sister, whose husband was killed in a horrifying accident two years ago this month, has begun dating!  We are very happy for her as she's much too young to be alone the rest of her life.   Even our little Jacob had started asking around Christmas, "Mama are you ever going to get a boyfriend?"  I think Gary's family is having a harder time with this - understandable.  But my side is just flat out excited to see her happy and joyous again.

6.  Sometimes I wonder if women ever stop worrying about their weight/shape/appearance.  Mama Helen is about to turn 72 years old.  My sister recently brought said new boyfriend to meet Mama.  The new beau comes from "The Hamptons" which is a very posh and wealthy area of Long Island.  Mama Helen immediately assumed that meant that his mother was not only rich, but skinny.  As she tells Mr. Helen and I about this encounter she said, "All I cared about was making sure I had my girdle on!"  As you can imagine we just about fell out of our seats.  72 and still worrying about looking skinny!

5. Our dojo had their Power Weekend last weekend. This is the weekend where the black belt candidates are tested. Pretty much if you've been invited to take part in that, you're going to pass. But the thing is, it's not a cakewalk. In fact it's hard has heck. In addition to having to know forms and combos and weapons, they are put through a rigorous fitness test. For example one of the sessions, they had to run 2 miles, then they did 41 minutes of sprints, then they had to run the two miles again!

4.  Confession: That terrifies me and makes me wonder if I'll actually go all the way to black belt.  You see, I'm a crockpot runner.  It takes me a while to warm up and get into my "cooking" pace.  Short distances and sprints?  Not so much my thing.

3.  Speaking of fast running, the winner of yesterday's Boston Marathon ran it in 2 hours, 3 minutes, 2 seconds.  Less than 5 minutes per mile for 26.2 miles.  While I admire the athleticism required to do that, I can't even fantasize that I would ever be able to.  Losing 50 pounds and training as hard I could still wouldn't get me there - or to the first woman finisher's time: 2 hours 22 minutes 34 seconds.  Now that's amazing - and epic!

2.  Those elite runners that are able to keep that sort of pace?  They eat thousands and thousands of calories a day.  I guess that would be one good reason to try to run faster.  To be able to eat more!

1.  Confession:  One of the things I'm looking forward to about maintenance?  Eating more food.  Isn't it odd how a person at ideal/goal weight can maintain that and actually consume more calories than a heavier person trying to lose weight?  I can't help it.  I really, really, really like food!


  1. I don't think we ever stop worrying about our weight. It's hard to be content with what we have. That's something I struggle with a lot!

  2. Don't you hate surprise ingredients??? I always wonder why high fructose corn syrup has to be in bread!!! Great list this week. Love mama Helen!

  3. It is my sincere hope that I will have completely given up worrying about how others might see me. I find your Mom's reaction to be sad. My mom does the same thing. She restricts herself from so much because she's "too fat". At 72, she wouldn't attend a school reunion for that reason. So many experiences lost.

  4. Sprints for 41 minutes? I would die. We will not even discuss the 2 miles before and after. Dang...

    So are they putting soy in tuna to up the protein content? Seems fishy to me (haha, you know SOMEONE had to say it!!!). For crying out loud, is NOTHING safe from being messed with??? Now I need to go check my canned chicken.

    I'm ok with Laughing Cow - I like it as a spread on a bagel or mixed in with scrambled eggs. But I don't just bite into a wedge - the texture and flavor doesn't really work for me in that way.

  5. Soy? Am I blind because I didn't see it on the ingredient list but then they say it contains soy. Weird. Soy hides in all kinds of places, huh? I've really kept that in mind since you mentioned it. I take two thyroid meds and I need all the help I can get! No soy.

    Laughing Cow-meh. Take it or leave it. Gouda-I'll take it!

    You'll be able to get that black belt. No doubt in my mind. You're one determined lady and can do anything that you put your mind to do.

    I'd love to be weight-worry free. Mama Helen cracked me up. :)

  6. With a brand name like Bumble Bee, I'm surprised you only get tuna and soy.

  7. I can't fathom that pace either - when I run at 7.5 mph on the treadmill, which is equivalent to an 8 minute mile, just for a MINUTE it seems so fast - have no idea how they can run so fast - but I'd like to eat more calories too! :D

    Thanks for all your support Helen! :D

  8. What the hell does soy add to tuna? That's really bizarre.

    I don't think I can even sleep at 5 mph! Amazing athleticism - and you're amongst them.

  9. I love food too, that's why my weight loss isn't going that fast. I refuse to give up some things. I'm okay with that.

    I heard about the Boston finish. And here I was amazed that the London marathon was won in 2 hours and 4 minutes. They run 20K an hour, I don't even cycle that fast LOL

  10. Soy in tuna??? Oh dear!!! I don't think we EVER stop worrying about our weight/appearance. My Mom is 76, and still thinks about it. That said, she's gorgeous, and I HOPE I look that good when I'm her age!! Very happy for your sister!

  11. I like the French onion L.C. cheese, but not the plain. I always enjoy your list--it's so read and down to earth and makes me think about things. Thanks for sharing! As for the soy in tuna...I wonder if it is in all brands or just Bumble Bee. I will be checking.

  12. I totally am the same way about maintenance. Whenever I am in losing mode, I can't wait until I get to have an ounce of nuts instead of a half! Here's to loving food!

    Funny your point about no matter what age we are that we worry about how we compare. Must find way to stop this!

  13. Maintenance scares the snot of me because I know I can eat more. I think I'll get used to it and then slowly fall back into old, bad habits. And then I'll be so used to eating more that I can't get back in losing mode.

    Despite the fact that I've been successful in maintenance since October 31. And even when I have gained 5lbs, I lost it easily.

    That yo-yo weight experience in my past really messed up my sense of perception I think.

  14. LOL! at the Laughing Cow Cheese. I just discovered it and started liking it...but...I've only tried the queso fresco flavor. Maybe some of the others are "ick." I'll stick the queso fresco just in case. LOL!

    That Boston Marathon info is IN-credible. It takes me that long just to get out of bed in the morning (j/k). Geeeez!

  15. I really like the laughing cow cheeses, but hello? Three of those suckers is my kind of serving.

    Might explain the 50 lbs overweight.

  16. Laughing Cow is an acquired taste, like Better N Peanut Butter. I just cannot have real peanut butter in my house!

    I love that Mama Helen assumed the other woman would be rich and skinny. Because she probably was!