Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday Ten: The Award Edition

Because I'm coming off my computer fast of the last 5 days and because Katie J gave me an award just before the long weekend, I figured this would be the perfect way for you to get your Tuesday Ten fix.

The rules for the blog award are as follows: Thank the blogger that gave it to you, post 10 things you don't know about me, and pass it on...

Before I do my 10 I'm going to pass this on to Fran, at Dutch Girl Gets Healthy.  Can't wait to learn more about Fran.

Thanks for the award Katie!

1.  Even though my astrological sign is Pisces and I do so love the water, I pretty much can't swim.  I can float, doggy paddle and keep my head above, but even after lessons, I'm a terrible swimmer.

2.  I like chocolate - a lot.  But when it comes to cake, I prefer vanilla, or carrot, or cheesecake.

3.  Using only my typing skills (and yes I mean typing as in typewriter), I faked my expertise and my way into the first full time job I had,  which set me on the career path I'm still in today:  Executive Assistant.

4.  The older I get, the less judgemental I get. At the same time I find myself becoming very intolerant of silliness, pettiness, or BS of pretty much any kind.

5.  I don't like liver or lima beans.

6.  People say I'm quite outspoken but as I've aged, I hold my tongue more often than not.  I've also been internalizing a lot of stress, (which my doctor keeps telling me is a hindrance to being my healthiest self). 

7.  Shoes have always been my accessory of choice - I have probably 75 pairs.  Through all my ups and downs with weight loss, my shoe size hasn't varied much until the last couple of years.  10 years of running and midlife have added a half size to my foot. 

8.  If someone annoys me on Facebook, before I unfriend them, I hide them (see #4 above).

9.  My favorite color is pink - any shade of pink from light to bright.

10.  I would always choose to live in a more urban setting over suburbs or country.  But if I win the lottery, I'm moving to the beach.


  1. I'm an executive assistant also, and I love pink. I do like chocolate cake though :-)

  2. When you move to the beach, I'll come visit and we'll get some tubes and float the day away...I'm with ya on the terrible swimmer thing.

    With that many pairs of shoes, you should be doing a fashion show so we can drool! Boy, the shopping fun we could have, after the day at the beach, of course. :)

  3. Okay, both you and Shelley are in agreement that I should do a fashion friday - so its a go! I am wearing a super cute outfit today - wasted as I sit in a room full of peole to see if I get picked for jury duty. I think I have told you before, but I only own 5 pairs of shoes - and two of them are running shoes and flip flops! Glad you unplugged over the weekend, I did too!

  4. This is a great way to learn more about you. I can relate to 4 and 5. I too love shoes but I don't think I have 75, now you make me want to go count them though and see!

    I unplugged too and it was wonderful!

  5. "2. I like chocolate - a lot. But when it comes to cake, I prefer vanilla, or carrot, or cheesecake." OOH! OOH! Same here!

  6. Loved the prom pics on Shelley's site! You looked great Helen!

    I agree with the lottery thing - I would definitely move to a beach!

    The power ball in Chicago is up to 200 million for wed. nights drawing - wish me luck!!

  7. I found my superior: someone who has got more shoes than I do :)

    Oh girl what have you done to me LOL I don't do awards often on my blog but because I love you so much I'll make an exception. Could be a couple of days before I post it, have to work on it but I could easily copy some of your things. Number 2, 4, 7 and 9 could be mine.

  8. Hmmm already got 10 things to share with you all :) wasn't that difficult because you don't know a lot about me yet. Curious yet? You'll have to wait till Saturday :)

  9. That's a lot of shoes! LOL

    Love the Tuesday 10. And I want to come visit you at the beach too. :)

  10. I can't wear many styles of shoes but in my next life I'll be able to design shoes and wear them. Just planning ahead.

    I'm also Pisces and can't swim worth a shit. I am a champion floater though.

    Also I hide a lot of people on FB unless they confess to stumps.

  11. How fun to get to know you better Helen! Have a great day.

  12. This was fun! Amen to #s 5, 7, and 9! I can only hope I am a little less judgemental than I used to be...

  13. Hopefully our houses will be close together at the coast so I can join you for said tubing and cavorting!

    I am with you on #2. I don't eat chocolate much though... maybe twice a month?

  14. DAng - that is a lot of shoes! I have 7 pairs and John thinks I have a shoe problem LOL!

    I am going to keep buying lottery tickets so I can have my house in New Orleans and I will save the guest room for you!

  15. ahhhh number 6 can cause all sorts of ailments huh?


  16. I hide lots of people on FB; since I have so many work people and relatives added, I can't unfriend. Hiding is easier.